St. Joseph's Colony - Falconhurst School District

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      Falconhurst School District No. 2708

      Grosswerder and Surrounding Districts

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      • School was built in 1911. West and South of Primate, Saskatchewan.
      • First teacher was M. G. Halbert.
      • 28 Students in attendance.
      • First trustees were Mr. R. B. Sheppard and Mr. R Seney.
      • When a school was built in Primate, the Falconhurst school was moved to a new location. The school at this time then had 40 to 45 students from grades 1 through 9.
      • The school was closed in 1951 and the students were sent to Primate.
      • First organizational meeting was held on November 14, 1910.
      • Second meeting was held to discuss how to raise money for building of the school.
      • The school was built on 5-38-27 W3rd.
      • First students were: Adam Weinkauf, Mike Schroh, Mike Weinkauf, Clare Gartner, John, Pete and Joe H. Stang, Mary Stang, Lizzie Stang, Annie Stang, Mary Prediger, Ann Prediger, John Gartner, Alex Gartner, Emmanuel Stang and Florence Stang.

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