St. Joseph's Colony - Bride School District

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      Bride School District No. 2591

      Prairie Legacy - Grosswerder and Surrounding District - Page: 95

      1. Built in 1911 on SE 28-38-28 by A. J. Waters and Howard Cotton with help from Others.
      2. First teacher was Miss. Harriet Donnelly (the later Mrs. Hugh Kerr). Sher lived with her Father and Brother at the time.
      3. First Members of the school board was following gentlemen:
        • William Bride
        • B. F. Green
        • William Lewis
        • Hugh Kerr
        • Albert Cave
      4. Some of the teachers from 1911 to 1921 were
        • Miss Ellen Cameron
        • Lillian A. Reed
        • Dorothy Feenie
        • Leo Joseph Suttle
        • Ross R. Sanders
        • Nellie MacDonald
        • Juanita Hazelwood
        • Bessie Mowat
        • Clara M. Hunter
      5. In 1953, the school closed and the students were being bussed to Macklin.

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