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      Alfred Knowles School

      SD No. 4149

      Established as the Reed Lake School District No. 4149 on March 19, 1919. Name chaned to Alfred Knowles School District No. 4149 on May 29, 1919.

      The homesteads of the district called their first school meeting Tuesday, February 18, 1919. The name selected was the Reed Lake School. Then on May 29 of the same year it was changed to Alfred Knowles School District, No. 4149, in memory of Alfred Knowles, who was killed in action in WW I. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. David Knowles. I understand a Mr. Simmons built the school, and while so doing boarded at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brownlee.

      Mr. Jack Murray was appointed to oversee the building. The school had a cement basement with a room for a kitchen. There was a furnace in the basement and a room to store coal. There were also cloakrooms for both boys and girls, also inside toilets for both boys and girls. This indeed was a very modern school. The school was used for dances, fowl suppers, card parties and church services.

      The school nurse visited the school giving innoculations and Small pox vaccinations to the chilren. There were many good teachers who left their mark on the pupils. Also many of the pupils did well for themselves in life.

      The little Red School House was indeed a place of Learning.

      Mrs. Agnes M. Walker was the first teacher and Mrs. Beatice Vollett was the last teacher, teaching until the end of June, 1960.

      Miss Mabel Woods was the teacher when on December 12, 1955, a severe snow storn came up and some fhte children and teacher spent the night in the school.

      The school was sold and moved away, however the school yard with the trees is still there.

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