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      Ackerman School No. 4229

      Prairie Legacy - Grosswerder and Surrounding District - Pages: 63-64.

      1. Meeting for a school district was called June 7, 1919.
      2. The school was built on SE 29-36-28 W3rd
      3. The school opened April 15, 1920 with the following children in attendances:
        1. John, Frank, Ethel, Annie and Gabriel Walter, the children of Frank and Christina.
        2. Martin, Peter and Joe Schlosser, the children of Matt and Francis.
        3. John, Vincent and Nick Wandler, the children of Karl.
        4. Elisbeth, Peter, Christina and Amelia Sieben, the children of John Henry and Apollonia.
        5. Mathilda, John and Clem Ermantrout, the children of William and Nellie.
        6. Arcadrous, Edelwald, Lydia and Meinard Ackerman, the children of Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Ackerman.
      4. First teachers from 1920 to 1930, in order, Anna Maude McKenna, Joe Frank, Mr. Blair, Margaret Jessie McKellen, Mr. Cleave, Mr. Walsh, CL Chapin, Mary D. Gillis, Helen Baldu, Marion Kienlen and Catharina Miller.
      5. List of Residents; Peter Baier, M. Fairman, Joe Sieben, John H. Sieben, Jacob Sieben, Alex Sieben, Mike Scherger, M. J. Scherger, Goerge Atkinson, Henry Sieben, John Thomas, Nick Walz, Fred Backus and Fred Martin.
      6. List of Remaining Residents; Edward A. Sieben, Blause Baier, Stanley Hollman, Dennis Walz, Wendlin Walz, John A. Scherger, and Adolph P. Sieben.
      7. The school closed in 1959 and were sent to St. Mary's.

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