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      St. Michael's Parish
      Tramping Lake, Sask.

      • Fr. Schweers O.M.I.
      • Fr. Guth O.M.I.
      • Fr. Krist O.M.I.
      • Fr. Hermandung O.M.I.
      • Fr. Emil O.M.I.
      • Fr. Schweers O.M.I.
      • Fr. Schnerch O.M.I.

      The first settlers resettled from the United States in 1906. Mass was first said on August 15, followed by the first procession of the Blessed Sacrament. The little church of sod was built on N.W. 28 - 36 - 21 in July. Blessed in September on the feast of St. Michael. The following year the rectory was built and the missionary took residence. The missions of Ermine and St. Francis were attended from here.

      The parish developed rapidly and a more permanent structure for a church was built on the same location in 1910. With the coming of the railroad in 1913, the townsite sprouted many business enterprises. With the death of the pastor, the parish remained vacant for two years and was cared for from Scott. Plans were carefully laid for a new church in the townsite and became a reality in June 1922, with Christmas Mass celebrated in the new building. The year 1924 brought the Ursuline Sisters into the public school.

      Religious Vocations

      • Ursuline Sisters of Prelate
      • Sr. Benedicta (Elizabeth Gutenberg)
      • Sr. Veronica (Mary Louise Heit)
      • Sr. Bernadette (Anna Mary Hoffart)
      • Sr. Helen (Rosa Hoftart)
      • Sr. Martha (Magdalen Lang)
      • Sr. Celestine (Eleanore Weran)
      • Sr. Georgina (Mary Johner)
      • Sr. Scholastica (Catherine Johner)
      • Sr. Boniface (Amelia Johner)
      • Sr. Beatrice (Magdalen Frehlich)
      • Sr. Dorothy (Gertrude Bartsch)
      • Sr. Rose (Barbara Frison)
      • Sr. Imelda (Magdalen Burgart)
      • Sr. Romana (Regina Jochim)
      • Sr. Jane (Elizabeth Jochim)
      • Sr. Benigna (Catherine Frehlich)

      Notre Dame Sisters of Leipzig

      • Sr. Bernarda (Elizabeth Reiter)
      • Sr. Eleonore (Magdalen Reiter)
      • Sr. Damian (Catherine Reiter)
      • Sr. Hyacinth (Rufina Reiter)
      • Sr. Bernice (Julia Volk)
      • Sr. Mary Ellen (Rosie Volk)

      (who settled In Tramping Lake In 1906)

      Burgart, Andreas (family of 4); Bertsch, Peter (f. of 7); Frehlich, Joseph (10); Ganie, Joseph (4); Gutenberg, Anton (3); Gutenberg, Joseph (single); Halter, Anton (8); Halter, Engelbert (4); Heit, Lambert (5); Heit, Philip (6); Heit, Igniatz (6); Hoffart, Bernard (8); Hummel, Philip (7); Jochim, Geo. (8); Johner, Johannes (7); Kraft, Phil. (6); Lang, Anton (3); Lang, Felix (2); Lang, Johannes (7); Laschire, Jos. (6); Laturnus, Mary (8); Meier, Lorenz (4); Reiter, Heinrich (2); Reiter, Joseph (8); Reiter, Georg (4); Sali, Jacob (4); Sander, Georg (3); Sander, Michel (6); Simon, Cyril (6); Senger, Phil. (6); Sitter, Mich. (6); Schwab, Wend. (8); Volk, Peter (5); Tucbscherer, Magd. (6);Wagner, Jos. (5); Weber, Phil. (4); Weran, Stephan (8); Zlgler, Franz (5); (in all 210)

      Outstanding Lay Persons (Tramping Lake)

      Bohn, Catherine, teacher 194355; Driscoll, Helen, R. N. 1933-36; Driscoll, Lucie, R. N. 1935-38; Frison, Edward, B.A. (Saskatchewan), teacher 194655; Frison, Joseph P., teacher 1933-52; Frison, Leo, B.A., B.Ed. (Saskatchewan), teacher 1947-55; Frison, Sebastian, Choirmaster 194755; Gawrie, Jessie, teacher 1923-33; Gawrie, Robert., B.A. (Dalhousie); Heit, Anton, Returning Officer 194955; Heit, Apollinia, teacher 194055; Heit, Martha, teacher 195455; Hoffart, Angela, teacher 195255; Hoffart, August, trustee of Larger School Unit 194550; Hof fart, Beatrice, teacher 1950-54; Hoffart, Jctn, B.A. (Manitoba) M.B.A. actuary; Hoffart, Marcella, teacher 1951-55; Hoffart, Martha, R. N. 1948-55; Hoffart, Monica, R. N. 1953-55; Hoffart, Rita, teacher 1951-55; Gutenberg, Aemilia, teacher; Gutenberg, Anton, Reeve of Mariposa Munic. 1920-35; Gutenberg, Eva, R. N. 1944-47; Gutenberg, Mary, R. N. 1944-54, supervisor 195455; Gutenberg Florence, teacher 1941.-43, R N. 194855; Lang, Helen, R. N. 194955; Lang, Regina, teacher 1932-53; Meier, Adrian, Sec. of Larger School Unit 194548; Reiter, Kasper, choirmaster 1942 47; Helter, John B., teacher 193655; Rlmmer, Gab., Justice of Peace 193045; Schill, Florence, teacher 1938 43, R N. 194347; Schill, Mary Lou, R. N. 1933-37: Senger, Pius teacher 194855; Senger Raymond, teach. er 1954-55; Simon, Aemllia, teacher 1946-51; Tuchscherer, Magdalene, teacher 1944-55; Yolk, Annie, R. N. 194055; Yolk, Magdalena, teacher 193145; Wahl, A. E., choirmaster 1918-42; Wahl, Genovieve, B.A. (Seattle), R. N. 193743, instructress 194355; Wahl, Helen, R. N. 1948-55; Weber, Andy, teacher 195254; Weber, Eugene, teacher 195255~ Weber, Theodore, teacher 195255.

      With Canada's Fighting Forces

      Bartley, Peter; Bohn, Everen and Sylvester; Borschneck, Joseph and Conrad; Burgart, Joseph; Fetsch, Frank; Fluney, Robert; Frehlich, Joseph; Frison, Edward and Leo; Gowrie, Bruce, Jacob, Robert and Thomas; Gutenberg, Andrew and Joseph; Halter, Anton and Philip; Heit, Casper, Lambert and Tony; Hoffart, Frank P., Peter and Stanley J.; Johner, Jack; Lang, John; Lorer, Alois; Meier, Adrian and Philip; Helter, Tony; Roth, Wendelin; Sander, John and Sebastian; Schan, George; Scherr, Alex; Schill, Donald, Norman and Wilfred; Schwab, Karl; Segmour, Delbert; Simon, Joseph; Sitter, Mathias; Stolz, George, Stanislaus and Peter; Yolk, John; Wahl, Edward and Leo; Welter, George, John, Joseph and Peter; Weber, Frank.

      Contributed by Robert Ell.

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