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      Broadacres, Saskatchewan Sacred Heart Cemetery
      Site by Robet Ell
      Leipzig, Saskatchewan New St. Pascal Cemetery


      Leipzig, Saskatchewan New St. Pascal Cemetery
      Incomplete Listing. Includes pictures of headstones.
      Luseland, Saskatchewan Luseland Catholic Cemetery


      Updated was sent to me by Alex Weinmeyer.

      Pascal, Saskatchewan Old St. Pascal Cemetery
      Taken from Births and Deaths Records.
      Unity, Saskatchewan Pleasant View Cemetery
      Incomplete Listings
      Heart Hill's Area, Saskatchewan St. Donatus Catholic Cemetery Listings Taken from Heart Hill's Local History Book.
      Primate, Saskatchewan St. Elizabeth's Catholic Cemetery
      Incomplete Listings
      Denzil, Saskatchewan St. Henry's Catholic Cemetery
      Incomplete Listings
      Salvador, Saskatchewan St. Henry's Catholic Cemetery
      Site By Robert Ell
      Tramping Lake, Saskatchewan St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery


      Compiled by Adeline Sanoy
      Tramping Lake, Saskatchewan St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery
      Collected by Kelly Mitchell
      Wilkie, Saskatchewan Wilkie Cemetery (Town Cemetery)


      Compiled by Several People. Includes Wilkie Register.
      Revenue, Saskatchewan St. Charles Catholic Cemetery
      Compiled by Kelly Mitchell
      Landis, Saskatchewan Landis Cemetery
      Stan Hingston
      Handel, Saskatchewan Handel Roman Catholic Cemetery
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      Handel Notes and Half Notes
      Compiled by Handel New Horizons
      St. Joseph's Cemetery Scott, Saskatchewan
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      Scott Town Registers

      Burials Not in Cemeteries

      This includes farm burials.

      1. Rizo Coleff -- Lost in a blizzard Decemeber 23, 1911. Found April 6, 1912, on Sec. 25, Twp. 34, Rge. 26. ~11/9/99
      2. George Melrose Danbrook (son of George and Edith Danbrook) was born 1911 and died in 1912. He was buried on the homestead. Part of the fence and four maple trees are still standing, showing the remains of the little grave. Hopefully it will remain untouched. - From Heritage of Hope: Denzil Saskatchewan. ~12/18/99

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