Aroma Lake

          Aroma Lake SD No. 2280

          New brick school was constructed on SW 15-38-19 in 1909 and used until 1960.

          First teacher was Miss Katharina Rowe.

          Aroma Lake School District #2280
          Of the Northwest Territiores, Saskatchewan


          On December 3, 1907, Walter Jose of Rosthern, wroe to the Department of Education requesting (with all the sections mentioned) to organized a school district and to send the proper documents. On January 2, 1908, J. W. Kenny wrote to the Deputy Commission of Education, stating that they had a few problems with an individual from outside the district who wanted permission to open a school at once. He requested a 14 x 16 frame building on section 22 be used until a suitable building could be built.

          Then in January of 1908 the Department of Education received a petition from Aroma Lake rate payers to form a school district.

          The population of this proposed district was 72, of which 26 were children. The actual number of residents were 24 of which 17 were Protestant and seven Roman Catholic. Memebers of the committee who signed the first petition were: A. Wilkie, R. Luxton and J. W. kenny. The declaration was signed before a Justice of the Peace, George W. Philips.

          The first school meeting was held at the residence of A. Wilkie on February 5, 1908. Fifteen men signed the declaration. They are the following: R. Luxton, J.W. Kenny, C. Bartsch, J. Delainey, A. Wilkie, H.H. Wilkie, M. Gerlinsky, A. Gerlinsky, J. Schiminosky, Joseph Merkowsky and Jacob Merkowsky. The four men running for the office of trustee were: JW. Kenny, J. Delainey, R. Luxton and W.F. wilkie. The poll was then opened for the election of trustees and the results were Kenny, Delainey and Luxton.

          In 1909, a new brick school was constructed on the SW 15-38-19, NE of Leipzig and west of Coblenz. Aroma Lake school received its name from a nearby lake. The cost of constructing the building was approximately $1500.00.

          The first teacher to teach at Aroma Lake was Kathleen Rowe.

          The last teacher to teach at Aroma Lake was Emma Frey. This school remained in use until 1960 wjem tje stidemts were tramsferred Leipzig. After the closure of the school Henry Frey purchased the building and moved it to his farm for grain storage. Henry's brother, fred purchased the teacherage and moved it to his farm.

          Source: Chain of Memories - Leipzig and District 1905-1990