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1909-1910 1928-1965

The original SJOLIE school house was located on the SW corner of N.W. 18-36-29 W2nd owned by John M. Sjolie, from which the district got its name.
The school was moved to this site in 1927 in order to have access to a main road.
In 1937, a new modern school was built, which also served the community as a social center. During the 36 years the school district was in operation the children of 40 families were taught by 28 different teachers.
Family names: Mike Foushe; Valentine Gessner; Michel-John, Miller, Henry, Otto, Walter; Josef Wehner; Michel Stroesser; Charlie Bunz; Frank Ortlieb; Taphorn-Ben, George, Minnie, Frred; Ed Thoen; Bill Meeker; Ben Bornhorst; Joe Schreindorfer; Ludwig Gossner; Peter Peppel; Henry Tebbe; Timmerman-Victor, Joe; Walter Lucksinger; John Koldeweihe; Thiemann-Clem, August, Leo; Merkosky-John, Nick; Frances Dunne; Carl Kiefer; Dora Richels; Albert Hogemann; Steve Kraus; Mark Painter; Ben Abeling; Steve Komarnicki; Andy Leveque.
Erected 1995 by the former Sjolie School Pupils and the R.M.of Leroy no. 339.
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