Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery near Prud'homme, Saskatchewan  
near Prud'homme, Saskatchewan
The graves are organized by rows.  The following last names are found in this graveyard.
Bidulka Blue Hawryluk Hrycan Knihniski
Perozuk Roslinsky Tompalska Tompalski Vanozhyra

Last Name First Name/Middle Name  Birth Date  Death Date Additional Information 
Row 1     
Hawryluk Nikola 1884 1974 spouse of Hawryluk Helen 
Hawryluk Helen  1886 1978 spouse of  Nikola Hawryluk 
Perozuk  Maxymus 1888 1970 spouse of  Josephine Perozuk 
Perozuk  Josephine 1906  spouse of Maxymus Perozuk 
Blue  Glenda daughter of Getrude Hrycan 
Hrycan  Gertrude mother of Glenda Blue 
Row 2
Tompalska Julia 1892 1908 sister of Rose Tompalska
Tompalska Rose 1894  1908  sister of Julia Tompalska 
*Roslinsky Paraskevia 6 Nov. 1836 26 Jun. 1933 
Tompalski  Joseph 3 Jun. 1887 5 Apr. 1983 spouse of  Helen Tompalski 
Tompalski Helen  15 Feb. 1892  6 Aug. 1929 spouse of Joseph Tompalski 
*Bidulka Stefan 21 Aug. 1924 21 Nov. 1924 
Tompalski  Jan  1854  1935
*Tompalski  Ksenya 1862  1941
*Bidulka  Anton 1896 1984 spouse of Yoanna Bidulka 
*Bidulka  Yoanna  1903  1990 spouse of Anton Bidulka 
Row 3
Bidulka Frank Edward     17 Oct. 1923 spouse of Johanna Genowefa Bidulka
Bidulka Johanna Genowefa  6 Aug. 1932   spouse of Frank Edward Bidulka
*Vanozhyra Anna  1859  1938  
*Vanozhyra Hrinko  1897  1993 
Knihniski Josephine  1897   1993

* translated from Ukrainian

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