The Norrie Family of Warman, Saskatchewan

The Norrie Family of Warman, Saskatchewan

James Bowman NORRIE and his wife Jessie moved to Warman, Saskatchewan in 1912. James, born in Inverury Scotland, was a Chelsea pensioner when the family immigrated to Canada in 1892, homesteading in Broomhill, Manitoba. After 20 years of hard work and poor luck farming they moved to Warman, SK where they owned and operated a hardware store for a few years. Jessie McKenzie Norrie, age 67, died May 27, 1919. James Bowman Norrie, 75, died August 22, 1921. Both are buried at Warman, Saskatchewan.

J.B. Norrie was President of the Returned Soldiers' Welcome and Aid League in November 18, 1916. The League sent Christmas greetings from Warman to the soldiers who were away from home during World War I. The League also presented gold pocket watches to the returning soldiers in 1918.

A month before he died, in July, 1921 the citizens of Warman, Saskatchewan presented J.B. Norrie with a walking stick.


The children of Jessie and James Bowman Norrie were:






Alex Norrie

Dec. 10, 1871

Ardersier, Scot.


June 10, 1968, McCreary, Man.


Henrietta (Etta) Norrie

c. 1873 in Scotland

Nov. 2, 1893, Broomhill, Man.


Thomas Henry DUKE

James Bowman Norrie

Nov. 9, 1875, Kent, England


Died young?


John William Bowman Norrie

March 18, 1880 in Gibraltar.


July 12, 1880, Gibraltar


Eleanor (Nellie) Norrie

June 14, 1881, Aberdeen, Scot.

April 27, 1906,

Melita, Manitoba

June 14, 1943,

Fertile, Sask.

John (Jack) BALDWIN

Catherine Mary (Katie) Norrie

Sep. 18, 1882,

Aberdeen, Scot.

Dec., 30, 1902

Broomhill, Man.

Sep. 30, 1923,

Dewdney, B.C.

Hezekiah (Ky) TINGLE

John McKenzie Norrie

May 24, 1888, Aberdeen, Scot.

Dec. 3, 1921,

Saskatoon, Sask.

June 28, 1973, Saskatoon, Sask.

Isabella WIGHT

Jessie Norrie

April 24, 1890,

Aberdeen, Scot.


March, 1892,

Aberdeen, Scot.


Robert McKenzie Norrie

June 22, 1891, Aberdeen, Scot.


June 20, 1973,

Dauphin, Man.


Barbara (Babs) Isabell Norrie

July 3, 1896, Broomhill, Man.

Aug. 5, 1914,

Warman, Sask.


William TITLEY

Jessie Margaret Norrie

Dec. 13, 1899, Broomhill, Man.


c. 1995

Abbotsford, B.C.

  1. William MONTGOMERY
  2. Alf WALKER


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