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From:Isla Evans
Date: May 2002
Email: [email protected]

Looking for SKS (some kind soul) who could look up an obituary for my great uncle and long-time resident of Regina, WILLIAM CHARLES MAGUIRE, who died on or about December 5, 1952. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Date: May 2002
[email protected]

I am looking for information about my grandparents who were married at Fort Qu'Appelle in the early 1860's. Their names were JAMES SOUTHLAND DAVIS and MARY LEEPER. Anything about them would be appreciated. Thank You.


From: Trevor Illingworth
Date: May 2002
[email protected]

I am researching two brothers, JOHN AND HENRY ILLINGWORTH who immigrated to Regina from West Yorkshire before World War 1.


From: Marlene Young
Date: May 2002
[email protected]

I am trying to locate an uncle by the name of LIONEL CATHRO. It is believed he lived in Regina in the late 1920's. He practised dentistry in Prince Albert, SK., until his death here, in the late 1930's. Lionel was married to my father's sister, and there are no relatives alive that can give me any information on him. He is not buried in Prince Albert, as I have checked with the local cemeteries. Cathro is not a common name in this area, but I have been told there were CATHRO's living in Regina and that he may have been from there.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am doing the family genealogy and would really like to fill in this "blank".
Thank You Very Much.


From: Mike Brownlee
Date: January 1999
Email: [email protected]

Looking for records of the Brownlee family in Regina. My grandfather's
brother settled there, probably at least 50 years ago. His name was Robert.
I visited once when I was very young, probably in the 50s.

I would like to get in touch with them.

Appreciate any help.


From: Marilyn Shaw-Guisset
Date: January 1999
Email: [email protected]

Requesting a look-up from the Births, Deaths and Marriages Regina
newspaper 1883-1889, vol/page 30. Seeking details of Crawford GENGE,
died 1887 in
Saskatchen. Any information would be appreciated.


From: Tom Dickieson
Date: 21 March 1999
Email: [email protected]

Robert Dickieson (the patriarck) had a farm in the Buffalo Pound Lake/Findlater area from somewhere in the neighborhood of 1915 until the late 1950's when health required divesting of the property. I am seeking any and all information on the family from the years up to about 1950. My personal info takes over thereabouts. Some names that may help: Flora Christina (wife of Robert). Children: Robert Gordon, Florence May, Oriole Jean, Daisy Isabell and Ralph Edwin (my father).

From: Linda Herman
Date: 22 April 1999
Email: [email protected]

I have a question for you. Is there a Regina Genealogy Society and do they have records of vital statistics. I am wanting to have a death cert looked up...I do not need a copy, just the information.

A child Shirley Wessels was both born and died in 1929. She is buried in the Regina Cemetery. Her father is William J Wessels...I am trying to find out more about him and his family...I believe he is one of my Wessels from

Is there anyone I can contact who would be able to look at this record for me...I doubt that a birth record would be I believe they have to be 100 years old before they can be viewed.

Appreciate any help you can give me.

Linda Herman

From: Mike Damm
Date: 24 April 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for ANNA CAHOON who married a BERNARD CAUGHEY (MCCAUGHEY)and they had two children that I am aware of. ROSE ANN and WILLIAM JOHN CAUGHEY (MCCAUGHEY). ANNA CAHOON, had a brother, JAMES CAHOON who was in Regina, Saskatchewan around the time of 1920. His
children that I know of are: JAMES CAHOON, JOSEPH CAHOON, MARGARET CAHOON (SWAN), and WILLIAM CAHOON. I hope someone can help me!

From: Jean Stukesbary
Date: 13 May 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for WICKWIRE & BACHE connections. My Esbon John WICKWIRE died in Tugaske in 1912 & is buried there somewhere. His wife Mary Elizabeth WICKWIRE died around 1915 in Mawer. They had a daughter Minnie Wickwire BACHE living in the Wellbank in 1913.

From: Gaelynn Wall
Date: 14 May 1999
Email: [email protected]

Searching for relatives of Angus McDonald and Isabella O'Hara who settled in the Semans region when they first moved up from North Dakota. Children were Hazel, Edna, George Earl, Ethel, James, Robert Clifford, Verna, Joseph and Fred.

From: Richard Flynn
Date: 01 June 1999
Email: [email protected]

Looking for information about Ben Kinsey, a doctor, who farmed about 6 sections of land near Elbow and Loreburn in the early 1900's. He married and later divorced Pearl Flynn.
Richard Flynn
Columbus, OH

From: Carol
Date: 07 June 1999
Email: [email protected]

Henry Ward Clay m. Ruby Thankful Webb on 28 Feb. 1900 in Berwick, Iowa. Their children were: 1.)Martha Esther Clay b: 3 Sept. 1901 in Berwick, Iowa m. Sydney Aylmer Wilson from Carlyle, Sask. Canada; 2.)Gerald Webb Clay b: 15 Jan. 1904 in Berwick, Iowa. m. Reta Theresa Bietz on 1 Dec. 1926 in Regina, Sask. Canada; 3.)Herbert Leslie Clay b: 27 Jan. 1906 in Berwick, Iowa. m. Matilda Jane Cameron on 15 Feb.1928 in Regina, Sask. Canada; 4.) Henry Jason Clay b: 23 Sept.1911 in Creelman, Sask. Canada ; 5.) Allen Russell Clay b: 17
Feb. 1914 in Des Moines, Iowa; 6.) Emery Ward Clay b: 5 July 1918 in Fillmore, Sask. Canada : 7.)Hazel Audrey Clay b: 3 Sept. 1923 in Fillmore, Sask. Canada.
Looking for any surviving children still living in the Regina area. The grandchildren were:l.) Ronald Jason Webb b: 12 Aug. 1928 in Carlyle, Sask. Canada; 2.) Sydney Aylmer Wilson, Jr. b: 20 Mar. 1930; 3.) Hazel Geraldine
Clay b: 28 Nov. in Regina; 4.)Larry Grant Clay b: 15 Sept. 1933 in Meadow Lake, Sask. Canada; 5.)Ruby Norene Clay b: 19 Feb. 1929 in Fillmore; 6.) Harry Cameron Clay b: 11 Nov. 1930; 7.)Earl Leslie Clay b: 20 April 1932 in Griffin, Sask. Canada.
Also, if you can find any pertinent biographies on either of these cousins, I would be much appreciative.
Thanks in advance.
Carol (nee WEBB)

From: Aaron Sluchenski
Date: 09 June 1999
Email: [email protected]

If anyone knows any information on a baby girl born Nov4,1944 at the Regina General Hospital,named Shirley Lynne Williams/Murray, Please contact me via e-mail. This baby girl grew up to be my mother, and we would like to know a little about her background. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.

From: Bob Mitchell
Date: 30 June 1999
Email: [email protected]

KNELSON. I am looking for any information regarding PETER KNELSON and his wife MARIA REIMER KNELSON. They were living in the Lucky Lake and RUsh Lake area in 1910 plus or minus a few years. Any infomation would be helpful.

From: Pat Greffard
Date: 15 July 1999
Email: [email protected]

My Grandfather was a orphan. (John Frederick Netzel d. 1929) He worked for awhile with an uncle - MEISNER or MEISSNER who owned & ran a General store & Post Office in HOLDFAST, Saskatchewan in the early 1900's. I would appreciate hearing from anyone from Holdfast, Sask or better yet someone who is related to MEISNER. John F. Netzel managed & worked in a Barber shop in Keeler, Saskatchewan
till about 1919. He then moved to Moose Jaw & married Mary Martha Webb.

From: Gottfried Erhardt
Date: 28 July 1999
Email: [email protected]

Looking for any information on homesteading for the George Erhardt family Settling in Duval, Lastmoun Valley in 1904 or thereabouts. Can you supply us with information or web or E Mail numbers.
Gottfried Erhardt

From: Margaret Hornsby
Date: 03 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

Looking for information on J.W. Jones who lived in Riverhurst, Sask. His/her mother was Emma (Hornsby) Jones. Emma lived in Owen Sound, Ontario and came west after the death of her daughter, Lottie (Jones) Moon.
She lived with J.W. Jones of (Bryceton?) and Riverhurst districts before going to Mission, BC to live with another daughter, and this is where she died. I am trying to fill in some empty branches on our family tree.
Emma (Hornsby) Jones
b.May 29, 1855 (Grey County, Ont) -
d.January 04, 1944 (Mission, BC)

Date:06 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for any information on the Robert J. King family. Robert was a carpenter in the Regina area and passed away on March 27, 1955. He was married to Mary Frances Kennedy. They had two children: Constance and John Gregory. Constance passed away in Regina on March 20, 1971. John was a navigator for the Royal Canadian Air Force and was killed during World War II. He is buried in Madras, India. He was married but his wife or any other family is unknown.
Any suggestions you might have would be appreciated.

From: Dave Crump
Date: 17 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

I was born in Regina June6, 1966 mother gave me up for adoption, my name at birth was Kimberly Lyn Smallwood, I hope someone can give me any information on the name Smallwood. I would greatly appreciate it. I
would like to to find out about health info as well as my birth family.

From: Joyce
Date: 17 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

Where would I locate an obit for James B. Ranson,deceased I believe on March 6, 1965 from Lang,Sask.? Also, where would I find obits for Frederick Garratt, deceased on June 3, 1942 in Forward, Sask., buried in Khedive. Thanks for your time, Joyce

From: Janette M Beggs
Date: 18 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am trying to gain information about Agnes Chalmers (originally from Dumfriesshire Scotland), she married a Mr Clive (originally from Stranraer, Scotland. They married in 1912 and their golden wedding anniversary was
written of in the newspaper. There was also a photograph of them which I have. Agnes was my Grandmother's Aunt. She and her sister, now almost 89 and 91 are still alive and we would like to get in touch

From: KM Goulden
Date: 26 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

LARSON- am looking for birth mothers family. All I know is that her parents came from Norway in the early 1900's. She was 20 years old when she gave birth to me in 1938. She was unmarried and gave birth to me in
Regina Saskatchewan. She has 4 brothers and 5 sisters. She was born in 1918. She was Protestant.
My name on the birth certificate was Kathleen Marie Larson. Any help is appreciated.

From: Edna Layton
Date: 22 October 1999
Email: [email protected]

Looking for long lost friend! Joan SAYER (nee COPELAND). Born 1961, lived in Kindersley, moved to Regina Beach, Married Vern SAYER, two boys, worked for the Co-operators in Regina. Have lost touch with her and would like to locate her if possible
Thanks for any help!

From: C Beidler
Date: 23 October 1999
Email: [email protected]

Would like any information on:
Everett Donald CLARK born Maxim Saskatchewan Canada 20 Jan 1910 and died 27 Jan 1973 Chelan WA His father and mother were Albert George CLARK born in Canada and died in 1938 in WA. He married Cora Smith. His sister's and brother's were:
George CLARK d 1957
Opal CLARK d 10 Oct 1988
Vern (Ollie) CLARK
Margaret CLARK
Female CLARK

Also, would anyone be able to tell me when I could write to get Everett Donald CLARK's birth record?
Thank you,
C Beidler

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