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Volunteers are needed to do lookups. If you have books or other resources for the Regina Region and are willing to do lookups, please email the Regina Gen Web Host with the information. Thanks.




 Ploughshares and Prairie Trails

Dilkie and District

[email protected] 
 Penzance Prairie Profiles

Penzance and area

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 Holdfast History & Heritage

Covers history of the town of Holdfast

[email protected] 
 From Buffalo Grass To Wheat: A History Of The Longlaketon District

Covers: Longlaketon, Silton, Earl Grey, and a bit of Craven and Lumsden

[email protected] 
 Heritage of the Wheatlands Tuxford and area

Including school districts of: Bloefield, Buffalo Lake, Clinton, Fairwell, South Lake and Westlake

[email protected] 

Marquis Memories RM of Marquis #191

 Including school districts of Barton, Westlake and West Marquis

[email protected] 

Imperial Review - 1983


R.B. Adamson 

Prairie Progress commemorating the Macrorie District

 Macrorie District

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Cemetery photographs (seasonal)

 Regina and one hour radius as available

Trina Sich  


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