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From: Jean WHEELER
Date: 15 August 1998
Email: [email protected]

I am interested in an obituary for Frederick EADE (my grandfather who lived in Riverhurst Sask). I have been told to check funeral homes in Central Butte or Moose Jaw. Would appreciate the names of these if anyone can help.

Jean Wheeler

From: Brad Uphill
Date: 21 August 1998
Email: [email protected]

I'm trying to track down a grave for my GG grandmother HOCHLANDER, buried circa 1935 in Rock Glen, most likely in the Catholic cemetery. I do not know her first name. Any ideas?

With Thanks,
Brad Uphill

From: Ron Klassen
Date: 22 August 1998
Email: [email protected]

Napoleon WHITEFORD, any information would help. Dates: 1909-1913 in the Willow Bunch Area.

Thank you,
Ron Klassen

From: Carole Murray Williams
Date: 26 August 1998
Email: [email protected]

Thomas MURRAY, wife Sarah and Thomas' sister Agnes McDONALD and her husband Charles were living at Dunkirk in 1926. Understand Dunkirk was near Crestwyn. Anyone with information on these families?

From: James Koester
Date: 31 August 1998
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for JOHNSTONE or JOHNSTON from Moose Jaw. One was formely the mayor of Moose Jaw.

James Koester

From: Peggy Robbins
Date: 08 September 1998
Email: [email protected]

Charles L. ROBBINS lived in Moose Jaw in 1937, he came to visit in Indiana and on his way home stopped at the YMCA in St Louis Missouri, broke his leg, was taken to the hospital where he got pneumonia and died. I have an obit from Indiana but does not give parents names. If someone could find an obit there maybe it would give that. His wife was in Moose Jaw when he died but was on her way to Indiana according to the obit. He died January 10, 1937.
Thanks to anyone who can help.
Peggy Robbins

From: Cliff Rusk
Date: 11 September 1998
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for the ancestors, descendants and siblings of Thomas RUSK & Sarah Jane BELL(E). They moved from Ontario around 1900 to Briercrest, to Moose Jaw in 1901, to Belle Plaine until 1917, then to Caron until 1927 when they moved to Shellbrook. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Cliff Rusk

From: John Jedlowski
Date: 13 September 1998
Email: [email protected]

GRYGAR-Moose Jaw/Regina, but primarily Moose Jaw. Immigrated to Griffith, Indiana, USA at some point in the early 1930's-40's, however some members of family still in area.
Any information would be appreciated.

From: Eric Eggertson
Date: 16 September 1998
Email: [email protected]

Looking for information about my great uncle Frank Charlton CURTIS, born in Stouffville, ON, 22 January 1895 and died in Woodrow, SK, 02 July 1939. Frank was the eldest son of David CURTIS of Stouffville, ON and Minnie Carroll MARCH of York County, ON, who both moved to Wolseley, SK. Frank was a pharmacist in Regina in the 1920's and set up shop in Woodrow in approximately 1927 as proprietor of the Woodrow Pharmacy. He belonged to the Oddfellows Lodge. Frank died of a heart attack in Woodrow at the age of 44. Little else is known about him. Any suggestions for people who might know about Woodrow during the Depression, or written sources of information would be appreciated.
Eric Eggertson

From: Brett Carrigan
Date: 19 September 1998
Email: [email protected]

Looking for the surname BURNS. The family was from Nova Scotia. Lillian BURNS came first to teach (1908-9)? Later brother, Mitchell BURNS, his mother, Katherine (1910?), Mitchell enlisted with the Hazenmore Boys. Any info on family or this group of men. Perhaps it was with the 128 Battalion or the 46th.

From: Kathleen Gloyne
Date: 02 October 1998
Email: [email protected]

I'm trying to find the Name GLOYNE, Know John Norman GLOYNE settled in Montana, but where did brother Frederick go? This was in the 1880's, they were from England, to Canada, to USA. There was some talk that Frederick returned to Canada.

Thank you, Kathleen E. Gloyne

From: Ken Balkwill
Date: 13 October 1998
Email: [email protected]

I am searching for information on distant relatives. Surname - BAKER, James, born April 13 1912 lived in the Congress area. He married PAWHOWICH, Florence. My information indicates they had four children: Russell BAKER, Leonard BAKER, Wendy BAKER, Donna BAKER. I really appreciate this.

Ken Balkwill

From: Toni Gildea
Date: 27 October 1998
Email: [email protected]

I am trying to find any information about my Great Grandparents-Joseph and Martina DESSINGER. They came to a prairie, that was near a river, about 100 miles from Moose Jaw ....from either Ohio, or St. Louis Mo., with about 30 other families....around 1905 or so. I do know that they were there until the end of the war, then Martina left with her seven children, and took the train to Winnipeg., heading towards Detroit Michigan. Joseph stayed behind, and died in Canada, on Nov. 20, 1918. One of the children born there was Alice DESSINGER- born March 21, 1906. and another daughter was born there- Catherine DESSINGER- March 13, 1907, and Emma Josephine DESSINGER- March 8, 1909 and the place of birth for all three is listed as Riverhurst. I am interested in any information anyone can find about the family, land deeds, birth records, obits, etc. Thanks, Toni Gildea

From: Mac McDonald
Date: 02 November 1998
Email: [email protected]

Looking for information on the BURKHOLDER family. Were known to have at least 2 of their 6 kids @ Ogema in 1916 and 1917. I have Ralph BURKHOLDER married to Naomi or Namoa McDonald. Last two kids were Woodrow and John. Another known child was Edward. Naomi died 6-12-1917. Any information please e-mail
Thanks, Mac

From: Anne Thomson
Date: 05 November 1998
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

My name is Anne Thomson and I have a Cousin living in Rockglen, Saskatchewan. Her name is Miss Renira CULL and the last time we contacted each other was in 1994. Unfortunately I moved house not long after receiving her letter, and I lost my favourite Address Book. I was hoping that Renira or her son Andrew would be contactable by E Mail? I've been trying a few searches over the but without any luck - thought you may be able to help?

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