Autobiography of Ralph John Wesley Howard


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desperation, I tried to sit up in bed, I couldnít make it work. It sure looked like I wasnít going anywhere and was well on my way. I made another effort and nearly made it. I rang for the nurse and told her I needed more watermelon. I ate it and slept for hours and woke up starved for watermelon. Uncle Len had an abundant supply in his garden and was selling them at the market. My next try at sitting up, succeeded and I started to look for my wearing apparel and failed as usual. The Maternity gown that I was wearing was big enough to hold a whole litter like me but it wasnít going to keep me in bed much longer. A couple of watermelon later, when nobody was looking, I got my feet off the bed and in contact with the floor, and I tried to stand up. I couldnít quite make it. My left leg gave a twist or something and began to feel numb with pain and stiff. I made another try, and pain or no pain I was on my feet and fairly straightened up. I had to hang on to the back of a chair to keep from tipping over, but I remember thinking, "Now Canada, you just be patient, if the melons hold out, I will soon be your responsibility.

The next day the left leg did not feel good but I got inside my britches and navigated across the room and made a face and played peek-a-boo with the nurse, and returned to port. The melons held out in spite of all I could do to the contrary. My leg kept on swelling and was stiff and pain some but I went further every day, and soon I could make it to the Little Vermilion River, where I used to lead the cows and horses down to drink, twenty-two years before.

The trees were twelve inches in diameter that had only been fishing pole size beforeÖ "Now Canada, itís this way, I have a brother Frank up there on the South Saskatchewan River. He is working for the Smart and Johns Ranch, two miles above the Saskatchewan Landing. Iím writing him for living expenses and transportation and as soon as it arrives Iíll be on my way".

Mother returned to Kansas, Bert worked on a threshing rig through the season, and then sold the ponies and returned home to his family.

Frank sent the money and I arrived at Saskatchewan Landing. The nearest railroad point to Saskatchewan Landing was Swift Current, some 35 miles away. I came out to the Landing with the mail carrier (it cost me four dollars). When he went into the Post Office, I followed. The office was a store and a ranch house. There were two men and presently two more entered. They seemed to be looking me over pretty close

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