Autobiography of Ralph John Wesley Howard


(Page 11)


trip was completed, and another one started. A horseback rider was visible and approaching; I had been looking at him instead of watching the plow and it dove into the ground. By the time I got it cussed loose, he had arrived and asked me what I was doing. I told him nothing, just passing the time. I said, "Just hold the plow a minute while I do something". He was a pretty big man, nearly twice my weight. He grabbed the plow handles and I slapped the mules with the reins. The plow started to slide and he elevated the handles and applied his whole weight. The plow dove into the ground and the mules stopped so quickly that the momentum nearly threw him onto their heels. A position a person should shun unless he wants to be murdered. I didnít want him murdered. I didnít want to hold my job and I knew if I laughed, I would lose it Ö and that was the nearest to impossible task I ever accomplished. He was quite determined and made more attempts which all ended the same way. When he got enough, he said, "We will get my lead team and put in front of the mules." I said, "Okay."

We went to the ranch and got them and when we returned he said that we would leave both teams hitched to the wagon, and chain the plow to the rear axle. Iíll drive and you hold the plow. "Okay", said I.

We made a beautiful start, the plow slid as easy as ever until I raised the handles and applied weight to the share; then the plow dove through the ten inch crust and turned a furrow three times the depth the plow was built to stand. It didnít go far until the share hit something that threw it out of line with the power applied and the beam bent trying to bring it back into line and that was that! Goliath couldnít hold a plow in line with a bent beam. We arrived at the ranch at dusk with the plow and the camp.

After supper, he said, "What are we going to do now?" I said, "Your guess is as good as mine." I didnít tell him that I would soon be back in Manhattan. I was sure that I needed some protection against agriculture or the livestock business.



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