Howard Family Tree

Howard Family Tree

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the sea of incredulous faces to recover his dignity and allow his shaking to abate. His countenance gradually changed from one anger to one more favorable to agriculture. He spoke calmly, "What is it, Miss Xcie?" The little red head rose to her feet and said "Why did you make all those horrid characters on the board, Professor? They donít look good to me, the two is only pint size and not in line with the H and the O, is directly under the right side of the H; does its position indicate that it is the Mother or something? "Miss Xcie, donít you remember that our lesson yesterday dealt with nomenclature of the elements and their components; and we, learned that for the sake of brevity, in the study of chemistry symbols were used to represent the elements and some of their compounds. In this instance H2O represents and is water." "Ohí, says Miss Xcie, "I see", and resumed her seat. The boss, then express his agricultural ability to this extent. "Of course, our State being bone dry, water was a beverage, is not popular. But it is our greatest solvent. It will and does extinguish fire if applied in sufficient volume. It can and does dilute whisky or alcohol in any proportion. It is important to plant and animal growth. And in the coming election, one candidate has dreams of acquiring the complete regalia advocating the unlimited monetary coinage of gold and silver alloyed with 75% pewter; if elected. He will try and do something about this bone-dry business. At present, there is nothing in circulation worthy of comment, except an article that occasionally drifts down the avenues of Commerce from our neighbor country to the north labeled "Moonshine, Maple Leaf or Aurora Borealis." It is well to leave the sampling of this article to the more advanced talent. It has very complex molecule and is not subject to diffusion! Thus relieved, the boss recaptured his glasses and chalk and executed this effigy c.o. "Now, says he. Can one of you guess what that one is? A stalwart member that lived now the Kaw Valley from Wamego relieved his cramped legs. Getting to his feet, and making a few remarks, "I donít know what company manufactures that stuff, apparently it contains two ingredients but to me, it suggests nothing but two percent and is inferior to our home made cider as far as kick goes." The hieroglyphics on the blackboard were arranged like this, H2O and CO, I donít know what use if any, the boss would make of them; the bell rang and our class dismissed. Possibly he intended to add more to his puzzle and make it look like thisH2O and CO equals H2CO . If he did, it would only be more confusing at that time.

There was one question classroom strategy answered for me that day to my complete satisfaction. If at any time present or future, I could afford protection, I knew the make, and pattern, the company that manufactured them and the individual weapon that I would prefer. Of course refer to the red headed specimen of the human

The Howard Clan webpages submitted by Patrick K. Best The Howard Clan who were some of the original homesteaders of the North Bend District. It is hoped that you and many more people enjoy this history that this clan went through everyday to strive to live and provide a great part in making the history of Saskatchewan come alive.

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