Howard Family Tree

Howard Family Tree

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Hercules. With him came his five children and three brothers.

To this party is traced the ultimate ancestry of this branch of the Howard family, the first of the American line being Thomas Howard, born in the Colonies in 1643. He was a son of Thomas, the senior Howard of the Hercules party or a con of one of the three brothers.

1st. Generation

Robert Howard born in England: about 1623.

2nd. Generation

Thomas Howard I: born in 1643 in Bridgewater, Mass. Married to Martha Howard.


Thomas Howard II was born on January 17, 1699 in Lyn, Mass.

John Howard was born in 1671, in Lyn, Mass.: married to Priscilla Jones.

Elizabeth Howard was born in 1673: married to John Perkins.

Nathan Howard I, was born in 1675 in Lyn, Mass.: married (1) Abigail Peas (2) Hanna Spencer Caukins.

Benjamin Howard was born in 1686 in Lyn, Mass.

It is shown that Thomas Howard II, served in the early Colonial Wars. On November 15, 1667, he married Ruth Jones, daughter of Thomas and Mary Jones, at Gloucester, Mass. He moved to Enfied in 1682 and died there in 1700.

Nathan Howard I, will was dated May 1, 1741 in New London, County of New London and Colony of Conn. He married Abigail Peas on January 8, 1699.


Thomas Howard III, was born on February 24, 1700 in Lyn, Mass.

Ebenezer Howard was born on April 15, 1702 in Lyn, Mass.: married Elizabeth Mayhew.

Ruth Howard was born on January 20, 1703 in Lyn, Mass.

Abigail Howard was born on May 15, 1706 in Lyn, Mass.

Mary Howard was born on February 1, 1707 in Lyn, Mass.

Anna Howard was born on February 13, 1709 in Lyn, Mass.

Jemima Howard was born on April 26, 1712 in Lyn, Mass.

Abigail Howard (nee: Peas) died on November 4, 1712, at the age of 29 years. Nathan Howard I and Hanna Spencer-Caukins were married on November 26, 1717 in New London, Conn.


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