Howard Family Tree

Howard Family Tree

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James Franklin Howard was born on November 27, 1914 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.

Elsie Irine Howard was born on March 9, 1915 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan (married Wesley Shinkie).

Grace Gertrude Howard was born on March 18, 1916 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.

Joan Howard died at the age of 9 years old.



The name of HOWARD is of Saxon origin and is one of the most ancient of all names. There was one Howard (Hereward) who was living in England during the reign of King Edward (957-993).

Sir John Howard was the grandfather of Sir Robert Howard (born in 1384) , who made the Howard name illustrious by his marriage in 1405 to Lady Margaret Mowbray (born in 1387 and died in 1425), whose line of descent was claimed from King Edward I, and through him, Philip, one-time King of France. Lady Margaretís father was Thomas Mowbray, First Duke of Norfolk, England.

Bridgewater, Mass., was the first inland town in the Old Colony, and the Howard family played a leading part in its settlement and subsequent and growth. The family name at the date was spelled Hayward, the spelling now in use being adopted in 1700.

On April 19, 1894, the old Bridgewater Historical Society was organized. Its object is the "collection, preservation and publication of material which shall contribute to the history of the colonial township of Bridgewater." In 1900, a building was erected, in memory of the original proprietors and early settlers of Bridgewater, and stands upon land contiguous to the site of the first meeting house and burying place of the early proprietors, and within the limits of the homestead of John Howard, an original owner and was given to the society by Francis Edward Howard, one of his descendants.

The southerly end of the building is set apart as a Howard Alcove. All papers, books and relics to the Howard family that are, or may come into the possession of the Society, are to be keep in the alcove.

John Howard, at the age of fifteen, came from England with his brother George and settled in Duxbury. He lived with the family of Captain Miles Standish, who came from Shorely. Lancashire, England. Later, John and George, moved to Bridgewater, where John married Martha Howard, daughter of Thomas Howard, one of the original land proprietors of Bridgewater, who came in 1635 from Sandwich, County of Kent, England, on the ship

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