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Hello and welcome to the Kindersley Gen Web Project
Kindersley, Saskatchewan Look Up Volunteers
  1. The following is a list of reference works in the Kindersley, Sask area which volunteers are willing to search for specific entries. To ask for a look-up, please click on the name by the reference.
  2. Abuses of the kindness of these volunteers will probably cause them to withdraw their names so please don't ask for all references to a common name, or for a time-consuming research.
  3. Requests MUST be SPECIFIC: give as much detail as you can. Do not ask a volunteer to do anything outside of their area or to do anything for which they have not volunteered. NO general surname searches or vague searches.
  4. Volunteers may or may not be willing to obtain copies of the relevant pages. If they are, expect to reimburse expenses. .You WILL be expected to reimburse expenses incurred: fresh video, postage, copy cost, print fee..
  5. This site, the webmaster or Roots web is NOT responsible for the transactions between volunteers and requests for information in any way..Rootsweb is dedicated to providing data to the online genealogical community as well as to provide support services to online genealogical activities.
  6. . You may want to consider purchasing your own copy of relevant resources to aid your research, if it is available.
  7. If you wish to volunteer: sign up
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