Scandinavian Canadian Land Co. Historic Map Townships 32,33,36,35 and Ranges 1,2,3,4,5,9. West of the 2nd

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Scandinavian Canadian Land Co.
(Historic map)
Shaded land: for sale.
Land marked "0" Vacant Homesteads.
Map shows settlers of 1904 and 1905 and previous.
Townships 32,33,34,35 and Ranges 1,2,3,4,5,6.
West of the 2nd Meridian. Surnames beginning with E
SURNAME Given Name Quarter Section Section Township Range Black map White map
EASTHAM Wm H. SE 24 35 2 Black | White
EAY Robt. NW 20 35 3 Black | White
EDBURG J. SW 2 33 2 Black | White
EKBLON E. SE 28 34 2 Black | White
ELLERARS ELLERAAS Anton SW 24 34 6 Black | White
ELLERARS ELLERAAS Peter NW 24 34 6 Black | White
ELLERRS ELLERAS Arnie NE 22 34 5 Black | White
ENGLISH J.C. NW 16 34 2 Black | White
ENGLISH M. NW 15 34 2 Black | White
ENJE Jones NE 14 34 5 Black | White
ENJE ? Carl NW 14 34 5 Black | White
ERICKSON E. NW 6 34 1 Black | White
ERICKSON E.G. SE 23 34 2 Black | White
ERICKSON John NE 4 33 5 Black | White
ERICKSON Peter G. SW 10 34 1 Black | White
ERIESON John N. NW 4 35 4 Black | White
EVERSON E.J.H. SE 22 35 6 Black | White
EWACHOFF W. SE 16 33 2 Black | White

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Tsp33-Rge6 | Tsp33-Rge5 | Tsp33-Rge4 | Tsp33-Rge3 | Tsp33-Rge2 | Tsp33-Rge1

Tsp32-Rge6 | Tsp32-Rge5 | Tsp32-Rge4 | Tsp32-Rge3 | Tsp32-Rge2 | Tsp32-Rge1

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