Scandinavian Canadian Land Co. Townships 32,33,34,35 and Ranges 1,2,3,4,5,6. West of the 2nd

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Townships 32,33,34,35 and Ranges 1,2,3,4,5,6. West of the 2nd


Terrance Jestin tj
of Naicam Saskatchewan

Thanks go out to Terrance Jestin
who donated this map to be put online.
This is a dedication in memory of
Karl Gustaf LUNDBERG and his four LUNDBERG daughters:
Karl Gustaf LUNDBERG
and his wife Hannah.
and his four LUNDBERG daughters:
who also were local Homesteaders in the Preeceville area
and his two other daughters who were Homesteaders in the Naicam area:
Mrs. Oscar JOHNSON(Tilley LUNDBERG )
and Terrance's very own G-grandmother: Mrs. John QUAID (Annie Rebecka LUNDBERG)
both of Naicam, Saskatchewan.

At very top edge of the map towards the left side where the Assiniboine River leaves the map in a north easternly direction this is the "Quarter Section" of Karl Gustaf LUNDBERG (and his Danish wife) Hannah from Torup, Halland, Sweden who Homesteaded shortly after the Map was made. The quarter Section is divided by the Assiniboine River and is located four miles north of Ketchen, Sask. (not shown on map) and about one mile east.

L.J. Lubiniecki,
Sturgis Sask.

A special thanks also go out to L.J. Lubiniecki, and his family who gave permission for this map to be put online.

Dedication to all the Homesteaders
whose names appear on this MAP

with "Special Thanks" to ALL our Pioneers whose hard work built Saskatchewan.

An appeal goes out to preserve documents such as this one...
Does anyone have any documents such as
Old Telephone Books, Henderson's Directories and City Directories, Pioneer photos, letter, books, Town Directories, Co-op membership Books, Credit Union and Elevator Books, Grain Companies, Church Books , and Cattle Brand Books, School Records, Church lists, Homestead maps etc.
These are ALL documents listing names of residents of a community which should be preserved. Placing these records online, or duplicating them would help prevent losses of primary source documents for family genealogists. These could either be given to the Museums, Archives, Societies, Family History Centers or placed online here directly or by becoming a "Look up Volunteer".

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J. Adamson
Thank you for entering 1215 Homesteaders and their respective homesteads into the database and putting them online.
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