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What kind of service could a volunteer provide?
If you are or have been a resident of an area around Kamsack and would be willing to answer questions for persons abroad or in other areas of North America such as: My grandfather worked at a certain company, could you tell me if it still exists? My homestead is at this location, does any of the original homestead still exist?

If you have a Saskatchewan Resource for the Kamsack area that you would be willing to do lookups from such as an 1981 history book of an area, or if you are available for cemetery look ups, still photos of tombstones, photos of the area, or old homestead , public records/ newspapers lookup and copying please post it here.
Thank you very much for submitting this volunteer service
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If you are providing another volunteer service, such as Cemetery look ups, Still photos of tombstones, Photos of the area, or old homestead, Public Records/ newspapers lookup and copying.
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