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In 1882, a devastating flood wiped out the settlement of Telegraph Flats and resulted in a new townsite being surveyed on the high platheua between the two Rivers. This in itself presented problems. People had settled on the flats and businesses had appeared wherever a person had the urge to fence off a plot of ground. The new survey had streets running through houses, farm yards and businesses places. Avenues were the widest in the Dominion of Canda and provided ample room for modern day increased traffic.

A survey of the townsite tended to move the business centre to an area in close proximity to the Saskatchewan River on the north and along its banks, industries flourished in the way of a brick yard, sawmill, saddle shop and a ferry landing.

The years 1910-1914 were boom years for the new settlement with the establishment of a modern business and shopping centre, the location of several small industries and the construction of fine homes, schools and churches.

As the population figure reached 5,000 North Battleford became incorporated as a city in May of 1913, with prospects of a bright future and continuing rapid growth. Unfortunately, North Battleford entered upon its new phase as a City with very heavy debt burden. The demand for modern facilities is a rapidly expanding community and the general slow-down caused by the First World War proved costly. These factors along with the depression of the "Dirty Thirties", and a Second World War, kept North Battleford's position nearly static until 1943.

Following the cessation of hostilies, all urban Canadian communites experienced rapid expansion and North Battleford was no exception, doubling its population in ten years. Since then, a steady growth has continued, providing North Battleford with excellent business, cultural and recreastional facilities.

Source: History of The Battlefords from 1874-1914.

This page is intended to share little tidbits of historical information. Things like if a town was named something else in the early years. Name changes of school districts, this sort of thing. Incorporation dates, railway info, etc.

If you have something you would like to contribute, please feel free to email me and I will get it posted here.

Cavell was formerly known as Coblenz. It changed names in 1919.

Needwood School formerly called Zimmer School.

Lett previously known as Swift Current Trail School.

Landis used to be called Daneville.

Duperow formerly called Lydden Post Office.

The first post office in the Kelfield area was called Gettysburg, and was north-west of the village site.

'Chisolmville, North Battleford' is an address which appeared on a birth record c1910. If anyone knows the location of this locality or post office in what is probably the electoral district of North Battleford, please e-mail us at Battleford Gen Web. (Thanks to David researching in this area for this info!)

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