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When this web site began, the plan was to eventually include information about the Shuman surname from any sources at any time, making this something of a one name search page for Shumans.

As more information was received, this site continued to deal primarily with the descendants of John Shuman (PA 1764-WV 1832), and other sites were established by other researchers for other Shuman lines. This site continues to expand information on John Shuman descendants, and the data has been refined on numerous occasions.

We invite you to browse the links and feel free to make suggestions. If you have Shuman information you would like to see listed here, send an e-mail and we will include it as soon as possible.

John Shuman was born in Lancaster County, PA on or about 11 December 1764. He married Elizabeth Smith, who was born in Germany in 1772. John died in Monongalia County, WV in 1832, and Elizabeth died in Marion County, WV in 1858. John may possibly have been married once before, to a Lucinda (?). His Will lists 13 children: Catherine, Mary, Joseph, Rachel, Letitia, Benjamin, John, Jacob, Hannah, Elizabeth, Sophia, David and Joshua. Accounts differ as to which, if any, were by Lucinda. Some say Elizabeth's first was Benjamin, some say Joseph, and some say all were hers. Mary's death record, supplied by her son Daniel Kendall, lists her parents as John and Lucinda Shuman. For ease of reference, all are listed here as children of John and Elizabeth.

Possible Ancestors and Siblings of John Shuman

Settlement of John Shuman's Estate

Shuman/Kendall/Cunningham Marriages

The Children of John Shuman

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 Now! There’s a Shuman Family Discussion List
You can subscribe to the Shuman Discussion List free of charge, and join a growing number of researchers interested in genealogy or history related to the SHUMAN family, including any other spelling of that surname. Discussions regarding the areas in which SHUMANs are known to have originally lived, or migration patterns, immigration, heraldry, historical sketches, settlements, census data, wills, family Bibles, vital records, web sites, etc. as relates to SHUMANs is encouraged, as well as discussion of collateral families.

Here's how to subscribe: Send a message to that contains (in the BODY of the MESSAGE) the command "subscribe" and no additional text (if you have difficulty removing your signature lines, you can put the word "quit" on the line after "subscribe").

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 Other Shuman Genealogy Sites
Although a number of genealogy sites for other lines contain a few Shuman entries, here are two with a considerable number of Shuman entries. If you discover others, please let me know.

 Carolyn Jarrard's Shuman Genealogy.
This site contains many of the long-time Georgia Shuman family.

 The Shuman & Beattie Descendants.
This site contains many of the long-time North Carolina and Florida Shuman families.

 The Schumann Genealogy Page.
Glen Gohr has traced this line back five generations to Warenburg, Russia, where his wife's German-Russian ancestors lived.

 The RootsWeb Message Boards:
    The Schuman Genealogy Board.
    The Schumann Genealogy Board.
    The Shuman Genealogy Board.
    The Shumann Genealogy Board.
These sites accept message posting; they're a good place to ask questions about your "brick wall" — and also look for possible connections with other researchers.

 The Shuman Genealogy Forum.
This site also accepts message posting; it works much the same as the RootsWeb sites.

 A Collection of Good Genealogy Sites
You will find here a list of some of my favorite genealogy web sites. I think you will like them, too.

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 As a courtesy, I have posted a copy of Virgina Phillips' Migration Routes from PA to VA, since she has announced that she will be going off-line for a few weeks.

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