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Early PA

The following SHUMAN names are taken from the book A COLLECTION of upwards of THIRTY THOUSAND NAMES of GERMAN, SWISS, DUTCH, FRENCH and other IMMIGRANTS in PENNSYLVANIA from 1727 to 1776... by Prof. I. Daniel Rupp, reprint of the second revised edition with an added index, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., (no date).

In some cases, the book contains both the original German text along with the translation, but not the actual signatures. The passenger's names are given as they were spelled in the source's compilation. All of these immigrants arrived at the Philadelphia port. This information was collected by Bruce A. Shuman.

 Date of Arrival  Ship's Name  Ship's Captain  Passenger's Name
 4 September, 1728  Albany  Lazarus Oxman  Philip Shöman
 25 September, 1732  Loyal Judith  Robert Turpin  Johan Shuman
 19 September, 1738  The Thistle  John Wilson  Joh. Jacob Schuhmann
 27 September, 1740  Lydia  James Allen  Arnold Schuman
 27 September, 1740  Lydia  James Allen  Johan Peter Schuman
 14 September, 1749  Two Brothers  Thomas Arnot  Johan Peter Schuman*
 15 September, 1749  Edinburgh  James Russel  Stofel (Christofel?)
 15 September, 1749  Phoenix  John Mason  John Matheas Shöman
 19 September, 1749  Patience  Hugh Steel  Hans Georg Schuhmann
 26 September, 1749  Ranier  Henry Browning  Joh. Peter Scharmann
 13 August, 1750  Edinburgh  James Russel  Johan Henry Shöman
 12 September, 1750  Priscilla  William Wilson  Johannes Schuman
 27 September, 1752  Anderson  Hugh Campbell  Wilhelm Friedrich
 29 September, 1753  Snow Rowand  Arthur Tran  Philip Schuman
 14 September, 1754  Barclay  John Brown  Johannes Schuman
 30 September, 1754  Neptune  ---- Ware  Johannes Schuman
 27 October, 1764  Hero  Ralph Forster  Johann Schuman
 27 October, 1764  Hero  Ralph Forster  Rudolph Schuman
 16 October, 1772  Crawford  Charles Smith  George Shuman**
 21 June, 1774  Nancy (Brigantine)  Thomas Armstrong  Herman Schuman

*could the same Peter Schuman have arrived a second time, or is this a different man?
**could Hans Georg have returned to Europe and arrived a second time?

The following observations are of interest:
Passenger ships, at this time in history, typically arrived in the fall of the year (perhaps to coincide with harvest time, perhaps due to weather patterns or political constraints), and with the exception of 1749, not more than two SHUMANs arrived in any single year. The one apparent exception to the fall arrivals seems to be the Nancy, but this was found to be a military ship carrying only the one passenger.


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