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This Web Site serves as a clearinghouse for all those who are researching the surname SHUMAN in its numerous spellings, including but not limited to SCHUMAN, SCHUMANN, SCHEMAN, SEWMAN, SHEMAN, SHEWMAN, SHOEMAN, SHUEMAN, SHÖMAN, and SUMAN.

Here you will find links to specific genealogy web pages, items of interest, and other research that may assist you in your quest.

This page represents SHUMANs everywhere, including all the variant spellings listed above. We welcome your interest in this surname, but please remember that the information you find here is for your personal use only. It is not to be sold or re-submitted to libraries or other genealogical entities. We certainly encourage your sharing the information found here with other family members, for their personal use, but we ask you, in return, to consider sharing information about your family with us. The links found here take you to files which contain limited information that, hopefully, will arouse your interest in requesting more information (more generations, notes, sources) about specific families.

If you have SHUMAN connections, please contact James Shuman. The SHUMAN Discussion Group exists to promote the research into family history and to help you locate your own SHUMAN roots in genealogy and history, and to tell your family's story. Won't you join us?

   Some SHUMAN researchers

  A list of SHUMAN Lines
This list contains 40 different lines and the name of at least one person searching each line.

   Early SHUMAN immigrants

  A list of Pennsylvania immigrants
Check this list for 20 individuals who immigrated to Philadelphia between 1728 and 1774.

   New! SHUMAN Family Photo Album

  A collection of Shuman Ancestors and Cousins
This page has just been set up, and is ready to begin receiving your photos.

  Some SHUMAN-related Web pages

  Eclectic Artist's Geneology Site.
This site contains many of the descendants of John Shuman of WV.

  Carolyn Jarrard's Shuman Genealogy.
This site contains many of the long-time Georgia Shuman family.

  The Shuman & Beattie Descendants.
This site contains many of the long-time North Carolina and Florida Shuman families.

  Some Early PA Shumans and Descendants.
This site contains an early PA Shuman family.

  Shuman Family Genealogy.
This site, although still under construction, contains over 2000 descendants in nine generations of Johan 'Hans' Georg SCHUHMANN (SHUMAN).

  Schuman(n)s from the Russia Volga Region.
This site contains information regarding German settlers of the Russia Volga Region from 1760 to the present, especially those who emigrated to the US from 1880 to 1920.

  Check the SHUMAN Archives

Now you can check the Web Page containing the SHUMAN Archives with a simple click! This site contains all the messages that have been posted on RootsWeb regarding the Shuman Family on the Shuman Discussion List.

  Post your own information on the SHUMAN Message Boards

You can check and post messages directly to the SHUMAN GenWeb Boards! This web page contains helpful information on how to use these seven message boards, which are linked to the GenWeb Search Engine. Clicking on the appropriate icon takes you directly to the Board of your choice. Current Boards include: Query, Biography, Obituary, Deeds, Wills, Bible Records, and Pension Records. Find out what has been posted regarding the Shuman Family.

  Have you joined the SHUMAN Discussion List?

Now you can join a discussion group in e-mail format open to anyone who has an interest in genealogy or history related to the SHUMAN family, including any other similar spelling of that surname.

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  Some Pages to Help You in Your Work

  Some Internet Resources
A listing of a few of the more commonly requested kinds of resources, from music to geographic names to virus hoaxes.

  Abbreviations List
A collection of some of the more common genealogical abbreviations, including those for states and European countries. 

  Relationship Chart
An easy-to-use chart to help you find just how you're related to all these other Shumans! 

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