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The families presented here represent the combined work of many people. Primary among them is Fr. Adrian,O.C., David Lickteig, who began researching his own family in the mid-1930's. Fr. Adrian apparently was able to read and write German, Latin, and naturally American English.

Although the several families are German; there are also two Irish families, my own ancestors, and one which seems to originate in Luxemburg. Many others have shared their work with me and grateful thanks are here provided. For newcomers to this hobby, I would like everyone who sees this to understand that none of us can do it alone. It takes a tremendous amount of help.

Primary contributors to this data base, in addition to Fr. Adrian, O.C. are: Ron Wellman, who helped me set up my first data base and who shared his work; Joe Goldberg, who provided a hard disk when one was greatly needed; Therese Lindquist, who is webmaster for Anderson Co., KS and aided in ways she does not know; John Obereutter, who provided data on his and the Volz family; Lois Miller, who compiled the Hastert Family Tree; William Hartledge who provided a lot of help in the Louisville, KY area and Bill Polzel, who completed the Campbell family.

Mistakes, ommissions and errors are mine. Please enjoy this present to the last year of this century and thank you to Rootsweb for providing the space for all the various Trees.

The major family Trees are as follow:

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