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(from Bryan Guy Taylor 20 December 1997)

Jesse Taylor's parents are believed to be William TAYLOR and Sarah Garrett FOSTER but this is NOT confirmed as of 18 April 1996, I have been told he is but have found no PROOF. I need to find a connection or source to prove their relationship. I have found computer records at the LDS research area. And have contacted the indivual who entered them even though he had my 4th great grandfather Jesse Taylor b. 1791 listed as William Taylor's son he was not sure if Jesse was one in the same as mine. It sure looks like it is though.

William TAYLOR was born about 1749 in Virginia. He married Sarah Garrett FOSTER.

Children of William Taylor and Sarah Foster are:

  1. Jesse TAYLOR born 1791 Wythe or Grayson VA d 12 March 1862
  2. William TAYLOR born about 1780
  3. Joshua TAYLOR born about 1788
  4. Richard TAYLOR born about 1792
  5. Thomas Andrew TAYLOR born about 1793
  6. James TAYLOR born about 1800
  7. George TAYLOR born about 1775
  8. John TAYLOR born about 1777
  9. Nancy TAYLOR born about 1779

Jesse TAYLOR (William) was born 1791 in that part of Grayson County VA that became Wythe County and died 12 March 1862 near Barbourville, Knox Co., Kentucky. He married Nancy GREEN 09 July 1818 in Ashe County VA, daughter of William Green.

In 1814 Jesse was drafted for the War of 1812 at the Grayson County Courthouse into Captain Saunder's 7th Regiment of the Virginia Militia. Jesse served from August of that year until February of the following year in Captain John Trimble's Company which was later taken over by Captain Michael Shivley. They spent most of their time in Norfolk, Virginia. After the war, Jesse apparently spent some time in North Carolina where he probably met, then married Nancy Green 9 July 1818 in Ashe County, North Carolina. They lived for a time in Grayson County and moved westward into Russel and Lee Counties in Virginia. All their children were born in Virginia but not long after the birth of their youngest, they moved to Harlan, Harlan County, Kentucky, shortly before the 1840 census. In the 1850's Jesse applied for and received land warrants for his wartime service, one of which was for 80 acres in Missouri. Many of the veterans eligible to receive such land warrants were themselves too old to make the move west and Jesse, like many others sold his bounty warrants.

According to his widow's pension application, Jesse died 12 March 1862 near Barbourville in Knox County, Kentucky. In 1878 when Nancy filed her pension application, she was living at Boone's Path in Lee County, Virginia. One of the papers in the pension file is an affidavit by Nancy swearing that due to the infirmities of old age. She is unable to appear at a courthouse to have her application sworn to and she further states that she has not been one half mile from home in five or six years.

In 1870, she had been living in Harlan County with one of her sons, and assuming the pension statements are correct, must have moved to Lee County about 1872 or 1873. In January of 1894, Nancy, who like her husband, Jesse, was illiterate, had a letter written for her to the pension office complaining that she had not received her pension funds, stating that she is "92 years old, almost totally blind and suffering for help". She goes on to say, "You will do me great justice by forwarding my claim. The government agent came to see me and found me still alive". The pension file then notes that Nancy Taylor, pensioner, was dropped from the rolls due to death on 17 May 1894. [Sources for Jesse Taylor]

Children of Jesse Taylor and Nancy Green are:

  1. Griffith TAYLOR born about 1824 Norton, Russell County VA died Rosehill, Lee County VA
  2. ?? Benjamin TAYLOR, said to be twin to Griifith
  3. William Riley TAYLOR born May 1820 VA died 11 May 1904 Harlan KY
  4. Benjamin TAYLOR born about 1824 VA md Margaret --?--
  5. Andrew J TAYLOR born about 1826 VA
  6. Nancy TAYLOR born about 1828 VA and married David LEE 1852, son of Stephen LEE and Joicey NAPIER
  7. Irwin Jesse TAYLOR born about 1832 Whitley County KY died Jan 1898 Lebanon KY md(1) Mary Anna MINK, 30 March 1856 Harlan KY; md(2) Mary ZARBERRY about 1866
  8. Mary A TAYLOR born about 1835 VA md Irvin TAYLOR 10 Mar 1858
  9. John Wesley TAYLOR born about 1836 VA died after 14 Feb 1865 Harlan KY
  10. Noah TAYLOR born 27 Nov 1839 VA died 3 Mar 1919 VA md Joicy LEE 1865

Griffith TAYLOR (Jesse, William) was born 1824 in Norton, Russell County VA, and married Catherine GRIMES 21 Feb 1853 in Clairborne County TN. Griffith and his wife both died in Rose Hill, Lee Co., Virginia. As of now [Feb 1995] I am unable to locate a year for either of their deaths. [Sources for Griff Taylor]

Children of Griffith Taylor and Catherine Grimes are:

  1. Andrew Jackson TAYLOR born about 1855 Harlan KY died 1926 Rosehill, Lee County VA
  2. Nancy Jane TAYLOR born 2 Dec 1853 Harlan KY died 25 Jul 1877 Rosehill, Lee County VA
  3. Mary TAYLOR born 1856 Harlan KY died 30 Sep 1858 Harlan KY
  4. Prisilla Elizabeth TAYLOR born 15 May 1858 Harlan KY md Joseph CHEEK, 23 December 1874, Clairborne County TN
  5. Matilda TAYLOR born May 1860 Harlan KY md Earl GERMAN 19 Jun 1876, Lee County VA
  6. Joshua TAYLOR born about 1864 Rosehill, Lee County VA died Lousiville KY
  7. Rachel O TAYLOR born 15 Jun 1867 Rosehill, Lee County VA md Arch B KINDER, 15 Oct 1885, Clairborne County TN
  8. Noah TAYLOR born about 1868 Rosehill, Lee County VA md E. GRIMES, 17 November 1884 Lee County VA
  9. John W TAYLOR born 8 Jun 1871, Lee County VA md Nancy TAYLOR 27 Oct 1893
  10. Frank TAYLOR born about 1872 Rosehill, Lee County VA
  11. Enoch TAYLOR born 28 Sep 1873 Rosehill, Lee County VA died 12 Oct 1961, Gray, KY md Sarah A ELDRIDGE, 1 Nov 1893 Lee County VA
  12. Charles Fred TAYLOR born about 1875 Rosehill, Lee County VA
  13. James TAYLOR born about 1878 Lee County VA

William Riley TAYLOR (Jesse, William) was born May 1820 in Virginia and died 11 May 1904 in Harlan, Kentucky. He married (1) Icella TINSLEY 1836, (2) Nancy LUNDY 7 Mar 1843, and (3) Sarah VAUGHN 19 Apr 1861, all in Harlan County KY.

    William Taylor and Icella Tinsley had:
  1. Martha TAYLOR born 1841 KY md Hiram J HOWARD in 1860 Lee County VA

    Children of William Taylor and Nancy Lundy are:

  2. Leander TAYLOR born 1843 Harlan County KY md Nancy LAWSON
  3. Ducilla TAYLOR born 1845 KY
  4. Burdine TAYLOR born 1847 Harlan County KY
  5. Manerva Jane TAYLOR born 1849 KY
  6. Zachariah TAYLOR born 1852 Harlan County KY
  7. John TAYLOR born 1854 Harlan County KY
  8. Rachel TAYLOR born 1855 Harlan County KY
  9. Nancy TAYLOR born 1856 Harlan County KY
  10. Sarah F TAYLOR born 1856 Harlan County KY
  11. Ruthie TAYLOR born about 1858 Harlan County KY

    Children of William Taylor and Sarah Vaughn are:

  12. William TAYLOR born 1864 Harlan County KY
  13. Anna/Annie TAYLOR born 1864 Harlan County KY
  14. James J TAYLOR born 1867 Bell County KY
  15. Louisa TAYLOR born 1867 Bell County KY
  16. Thomas TAYLOR born 1869 Bell County KY
  17. Margaret TAYLOR born 1872 Bell County KY
  18. Archie TAYLOR born 1874 Bell County KY

Andrew J TAYLOR5-422 (Jesse, William) was born about 1826 in Virginia and married Sabria ELY.

Children of Andrew Taylor and Sabria Ely are:

  1. Sarah TAYLOR born 1858 Harlan KY
  2. George TAYLOR born Jan 1860 Harlan KY

John Wesley TAYLOR (Jesse, William) was born 1836 in Virginia and died after 14 Feb 1865 in Harlan County, Kentucky. He married Martha Jane ELY about 1856 in Harlan County, Kentucky.

The Camp Morton Indiana Register No. 1 and Louisville Kentucky Register No. 4 disclosed the following information: on December 15, 1862, in Jonesville, Virginia, John Wesley Taylor enlisted for service in the Confederate Army during the Civil WAr. He was a private in Company G-A, 1st Battalion of the Kentucky Mounted Rifles. "The records also show that John was captured on October 7, 1863, near Farmington, Tennessee. He was taken to Louisville Kentucky Military Prison for five days ending October 15, 1863. John was the transferred to Camp Morton in Indianapolis, Indiana. He arrived at the camp on October 16, 1863. "On February 14, 1865, John put his mark on an allegiance for his country. On the same document, he was described as having a dark complexion, black hair and hazel eyes. John's height was 5 ft. 10 in. He was released on an oath that he go to Kentucky and remain a loyal man. John was a prisoner of war for one year, four months and seven days." [Sources for John Wesley Taylor]

Children of John Taylor and Martha Ely are:

  1. Leroy TAYLOR born 1858 Harlan County KY
  2. Andrew TAYLOR born 1859 Harlan County KY
  3. Isaac Newton TAYLOR born 8 Jun 1860 Harlan County KY died 3 Sep 1935, Leamington, Essex, Ontario.
  4. Sarah TAYLOR born 15 Nov 1861.

Andrew Jackson TAYLOR (Griffith, Jesse, William) was born 1855 in Harlan, Harlan, Kentucky, and died 1926 in Rosehill, Lee, Virginia. He married Easter ELDRIDGE 13 April 1875 in Lee County, Virginia, daughter of King and Sarah Eldridge. [Sources for Andrew Jackson Taylor]

Children of Andrew Taylor and Easter Eldridge are:

  1. John Newton TAYLOR born 24 Mar 1879, Rosehill, Lee County VA died 16 Nov 1941, Pathfork KY
  2. Nannie TAYLOR md L G CHANCE 6 Feb 1893 Lee County VA
  3. Henry TAYLOR born Lee County VA md Sarah CARMINY 3 May 1902, Lee County VA
  4. Jack TAYLOR
  5. James TAYLOR
  6. Andrew Jackson TAYLOR Jr
  7. Princes TAYLOR
  8. Joe TAYLOR
  9. William TAYLOR md Bessie ROBERTS
  10. Millard Lawrence TAYLOR
  11. Mary TAYLOR born 1877 and Henry HATFIELD
  12. Robert TAYLOR born 1900 Rosehill, Lee County VA died 1949, Rosehill, Lee County VA and married Bessie ROBERTS 12 Aug 1919 in Hancock County TN

JOSHUA TAYLOR (Griffith, Jesse, William) was born 1864 in Rosehill, Lee County, Virginia, and died in Louisville, Kentucky. He married (1) Jerusha in Lee County, Virginia and (2) Nancy SHORT 27 May 1903, daughter of James Short and Jerusha Johnson.

Child of Joshua Taylor and Jerusha is:

  1. Noah TAYLOR born 1899.

Charles Fred TAYLOR (Griffith, Jesse, William) was born 1875 in Rosehill, Lee County, Virginia. He married (1) Martha Belle NICHOLS 1896 in Lee Co. Virginia, daughter of John C Nichols and Sarah Hunley. He married (2) Melinda BARNETT 22 Oct 1910 in Lee County, Virginia.

Children of Charles Taylor and Martha Nichols are:

  1. Noah W TAYLOR born Apr 1897 Lee County VA died 7 Dec 1969 KY and md (1) Vernie and (2) Fannie
  2. Virdie TAYLOR born Nov 1898 Ewing, Lee County VA died 21 May 1979, Fort Wayne, Allen County IN; md James Garfield LEE 8 Aug 1914 in Lee County, Virginia, son of Richard LEE
  3. Ellen Dewie TAYLOR born 7 May 1900 md Edgar AKERS
  4. Sarah Catharine TAYLOR born 5 Jan 1903 Bell County KY died 28 Nov 1972 Lee County VA md William David WILSON
  5. James Oscar TAYLOR born 1904 Bell County KY md Margaret
  6. Rosa Mae TAYLOR born 22 Dec 1907 md (1) Richard GARBER md (2) Cleon LEE

James TAYLOR (Griffith, Jesse, William) was born 1878 in Lee County, Virginia. He married (1) Annie FRY in Lee County, Virginia and (2) Phoebe DANIELS.

Child of James Taylor and Annie Fry is:

  1. General TAYLOR married Martha WILDER

Leroy TAYLOR (John Wesley, Jesse, William) was born 1858 in Harlan County, Kentucky. He married Phoebe LEE 6 Aug 1876, daughter of Stephen and Phoebe HOWARD LEE, in Harlan County, Kentucky.

Children of Leroy Taylor and Phoebe Fee are:

  1. Jane TAYLOR born 1878
  2. Margaret TAYLOR born Oct 1879

Isaac Newton TAYLOR (John Wesley, Jesse, William), always known as Newt, was born 8 Jun 1860 in Harlan County, Kentucky, and died 3 Sep 1935 in Leamington, Essex, Ontario. He married Charity MIRACLE 1877 in Kentucky. [Sources for Isaac Newton Taylor]

Children of Isaac Taylor and Charity Miracle are:

  1. Isaac Newton TAYLOR Jr. born 11 Jan 1884 Brownies Creek, Harlan County KY md Jane Rachel Catherine DANIEL
  2. Lucinda Jane TAYLOR born 1 Oct 1878 Brownies Creek, Harlan County KY died 1 Nov 1912 Tipton, Paulding County, Ohio married John Floyd DANIEL 20 Nov 1896 in Pineville, Bell County KY son of Isaac Daniel.
  3. Leroy Jasper TAYLOR born 7 Aug 1881 Brownies Creek, Harlan County KY died 13 May 1972 Tillsonburg, Oxford, Ontario md Joicey Priscilla DANIEL 16 Mar 1901 in Harlan County KY
  4. Mary Catharine TAYLOR born 3 Mar 1886
  5. James Henry TAYLOR born 2 Mar 1890
  6. Sampson TAYLOR born 20 Nov 1891
  7. Lucy Anna TAYLOR born 8 Oct 1894
  8. William McKinley TAYLOR born 16 Sep 1901
  9. Theodore Roosevelt TAYLOR born 9 Jul 1904

John Newton TAYLOR (Andrew Jackson, Griffith, Jesse, William) was born 24 March 1879 in Rosehill, Lee County, Virginia, and died 16 November 1941 in Pathfork, Kentucky, aflling off a logging truck. He married Mary Katherine CHEEK 14 December 1898 in Lee Co., Virginia.

John Newton Taylor was a logger. Grandpa's sister Lizzabeth told me he was a kind man and that he used to sit the children down at night and read to them out of the newspaper and Bible. She also remebers John Newton Taylor reading to them about a new invention called a television. Great Aunt Lizzabeth said "he died before he ever got a chance to see one". [Sources for John Newton Taylor]

Children of John Taylor and Mary Cheek are:

  1. Lloyd TAYLOR born 7 Mar 1914 Jonseville, Lee County VA died 28 Oct 1994, Belleville, Michigan married Helen Rose NORRIS in 1942 daughter of Grady NORRIS and Nettie WRIGHT. Grandpa said he was a coal miner, instead of logger like his father "because Lumber's made two dollars and twenty five cents a day and coal miners made three dollars and fifty cents a day, so I was a coal miner". I remember him to be very loving and to have a kind heart. I also remember getting off the schoolbus everyday to find Grandpa waiting for me so we could go water our pony. Grandpa passed away in his sleep at the age of 80 years old. He is laid to rest beside Grandma Helen [Norris] [Taylor] Schiller in London Cemetery in London Township, Monroe Co., Michigan. This Cemetery is on Plank Road. Grandpa was very kind man and loved baseball.
  2. Trent TAYLOR married Victoria ELDRIDGE
  3. William TAYLOR born 1 Aug 1902 died 18 Sep 1992 Rose Hill, Lee County VA md Gracy HOBBS
  4. Hettie TAYLOR born 3 Sep 1904 VA died 19 Dec 1939 Bakamy, KY md Houston GILBERT, 1936
  5. Irene TAYLOR born 1908 Rosehill, Lee County VA died 3 Mar 1938 Rosehill, Lee County VA md Bill CHEEK
  6. Frank TAYLOR born 1909
  7. Lillie TAYLOR born 1913 Wise County VA died 28 Sep 1995 Milan, Monroe County, Michigan married George HOWARD
  8. Lizzabeth TAYLOR born 1917 Jonesville, Lee County VA md (1) Robert RUSSEL and (2) Bernie HALL
  9. Elsi TAYLOR born 1920 married Bill AYERS 12 Oct 1935 in Hagort, TN
  10. Nannie Lee TAYLOR born 25 Dec 1921 Rosehill, Lee County VA married Cecil HAMMONS 6 May 1939 in Pineville, Bell County KY son of William Hammons and Martila Roberts
  11. Mable TAYLOR born 1924 VA died 22 Mar 1991 Middlesboro KY md Sam FARMER
  12. Gladys TAYLOR born 2 Jul 1927 Pathfork KY md Timp KEYS

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Isaac Newton Taylor
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HCoD = Harlan County Death Records
H* = Harlan County Marriage Records
t = tombstone
5-#### = number in Harlan Connections

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