Abraham Locke Family
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Abraham Locke	
b: June 26, 1777 in Mongomery County VA	
d: June 15, 1852 in HARLAN, KETTLE ISLAND, KY	

First Wife: Rachel Laughlin	b: 1775 in PENNINGTON VA		
Children by first wife:
Abraham Locke	
   b: November 01, 1795 in PENNINGTON LEE VA	
   d: August 16, 1872 in HARRISON, PREWE, OHIO	
  md: Margaret Ots	b: June 22, 1815		
Johe Locke	
   b: August 16, 1796 in LEE, PENNINGTON, VA	
   d: August 04, 1882 in MIDDLEBOWRNE, TYLER, W VA	
  md: Mary			m: September 09, 1814
Matthew Locke	
   b: September 21, 1798 in LEE, PENNINGTON, VA	
   d: May 17, 1814 in BARBOURVILLE, KNOX, KY	

Second Wife: Sarah Margaret Page			
Children by second wife:
Mary Magdalena Locke	
   b: December 31, 1830		
Thomas Marsee Locke	
   b: December 25, 1831 in HARLAN CO KY	
   d: January 22, 1910 in LAUREL CO, FARISTON KY	
  md: Mary Ward	
      b: December 12, 1832 in HARLAN CO, KY	
      d: May 20, 1920 in LAUREL CO, FARISTON KY	
     md: January 22, 1852 in HARLAN CO, KY OLD CUMBERLAND CHURCH

Third Wife: Catherine Keziah Ball	
   b: November 10, 1774 in RUTHERFORDTON, RUTHERFORD, NC
   d: February 26, 1808 in LEE, PENNINGTON, VA	
  md: April 04, 1802 in LEE COUNTY VA
Children by third wife:
Washington Henry Locke	
   b: June 02, 1803 in Lee County, Pennington, VA	
   d: September 03, 1872 in Fannin County , Tx	
  md#1: Mary Pritchard	
      b: 1804 in GLASGOW, BARREN, KY	
      d: June 26, 1831 in HARDIN, ELIZABETHTOWN, KY	
     md: February 01, 1821 in HARDIN, ELIZABETHTOWN, KY
  md#2: Mariah Mary Hoback	
      b: February 01, 1813 in HARDIN, ELIZABETHTOWN, KY	
      d: September 13, 1882 in FANNIN, RAGSDALE, TX	
     md: February 03, 1832 in ELIZABETHTOWN, KY
John Zebediah Locke	
   b: July 14, 1804 in LEE, PENNINGTON, VA	
   d: December 16, 1849 in VEVAY, SWITZERLAND, INDIANA	
  md: Mary Chapman			m: July 18, 1831
Keziah Catherine Locke	
   b: March 06, 1806 in LEE, PENNINGTON, VA	
   d: May 12, 1874 in CAMBRIDGE, GUERSNEY, OHIO	
  md: John W. Neal	on March 14, 1839
Mary Elizabeth Locke	
   b: April 30, 1807 in LEE, PENNINGTON, VA	
   d: June 29, 1819 in BARBOURVILLE, KY	
William Abraham Locke	
   b: February 22, 1808 in LEE, PENNINGTON, VA	
   d: September 09, 1882 in CLINCH RIVER, VA	
  md: Elizabeth Jims	on January 07, 1826
Sarah Caroline Locke	
   b: February 22, 1808 in LEE, PENNINGTON, VA	
   d: July 16, 1896 in HARLAN, KETTLE ISLAND, KY	
  md: John Noes		on October 11, 1824
Samuel Locke	
   b: September 29, 1810		
  md: Sarah Hendrickson	
      b: April 07, 1822 in 1883		
     md: July 27, 1848
Samuel P Locke?	
   b: February 14, 1812	
   d: December 16, 1885	

Fourth Wife: Annie Neal		
   d: 1830	m: July 07, 1820
Children by fourth wife:
Elander Locke	
   b: June 06, 1816 in KNOX, BARBOURVILLE, KY		
Martha Anna Locke	
   b: September 20, 1821 in HARLAN, KETTLE ISLAND, KY		
Lucy Ketsy Locke	
   b: February 08, 1823 in HARLAN, KETTLE ISLAND, KY		
Alexander Locke	
   b: November 21, 1827 in HARLAN, KETTLE ISLAND, KY		
  md: Mahala Warren	
      b: December 1830 in CLAIBORNE COUNTY TN	
      d: July 03, 1879	

submitted by Donald Locke LOCKEroots@aol.com
Locke Family Genealogy http://members.aol.com/LOCKEroots/
see also Will of Abraham Locke

HCoD = Harlan County Death Records
H* = Harlan County Marriage Records
t = tombstone
5-#### = number in Harlan Connections

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