Jefferson King
Thomas Jefferson King©
from a group photo
taken at
Black Mountain Academy
in 1896

Thomas J. Jefferson King 5th son of Woodard P. King & Elizabeth Capps

Jefferson was born 1843, possibly in Ashe Co. NC, the last child of this couple born in North Carolina. He was raised in Harlan County and died there. Jefferson served in the Harlan Co. Battalion, Company "C" in 1862. Also in this unit was his younger brother, Allen Felix King. When the Harlan Battalion disbanded, Jefferson and his brother Felix both joined the 49th Kentucky Union Infantry formed in June of 1863 and based at Camp Nelson Union depot in Jessamine Co. Both were assigned to Company "D". This Company set out for Somerset, Kentucky on Oct. 28th 1863. On Oct. 30th younger brother Allen Felix King was pronounced dead at Camp Nelson. He was barely age 16. The circumstances of his death are unknown to me, but it must have been a sad day for his brother Jefferson.

In 1866, Jefferson married Anna Bailey, who was born 1838 in Harlan Co. She was the daughter of Wright Bailey, born 1809 in Tennessee. His wife and mother of Anna was Mary Bailey, daughter of Andrew & Anna Kelly Bailey. It seems these Bailey's were cousins. Wright Bailey, father of Anna Bailey King, was the son of William Bailey & Elizabeth Thompson. Whereas, Andrew Bailey father of Mary, mother of Anna Bailey King; Andrew was the son of John Bailey, a Rev. War Vet as was William. So John Bailey was the father of both William and Andrew. Andrew himself was a vet of the War of 1812. Minter Bailey was the brother to Anna Bailey King and served in the Civil War, the 49th Company "E", with Thomas Jefferson.

    Together Thomas Jefferson and Anna had the following children:

  1. Mary Polly born about 1869
  2. Hannah born about 1871 md 13 Feb 1911 John Calhoun LANKFORD [photo]
  3. Andrew born about 1874
  4. Offie born about 1876 died 1906 wed Sarah HUFF, died 1929

    Anna Bailey King died, date uncertain, but Jefferson married again to Lavinia, who is believed to be the mother of the following children:

  5. Granville born about 1896
  6. Elijah born about 1898
  7. Sarah E. born about 1900
It is likely there were more children yet undiscovered. The date of death for Thomas Jefferson King is sometime after 1910.

from Kathy Welder

HCoD = Harlan County Death Records
H* = Harlan County Marriage Records
t = tombstone
5-#### = number in Harlan Connections

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