Chockley King
Chockley King©
from a group photo
taken at
Black Mountain Academy
in 1896

information from Kathy Welder

Chockley C. Jefferson King
Son of Woodard P. King & Elizabeth Capps

Chockly C. King was born 1838, in Wayne Co. N. Carolina. He followed his brother Offie, to Breathitt Co. in 1857. There he wed Martha Jane Astrop and they had a son William Jesse born 1859.

Chockly and Martha Jane had about 3 or 4 children together. In addition to William Jesse, there was a daughter Mirriah and a son Samuel Porter, born in 1863 Breathitt Co. It was about the time of Sam's birth that Martha Jane died, possibly in childbirth. It was also the time of the Civil War. Chockly and Martha Jane lived near the Elliot Burgess family, an apparently childless couple who owned a farm near Paintsville, Kentucky. Chockly placed his children into the care of the Burgess family and went off to the Civil War.

He joined the 39th Kentucky Union Infantry and is listed in the Company Roster as Pvt. Chockly King of Company A. The Regimental Flag of this unit is a "flying Eagle", with 32 stars above, a baton in one claw & and olive branch in the other. It is on a blue background. It is this very same flag that was seen by Chockly and which he followed into the "Battle of Paintsville". This battle took place in April, 1864, between the 39th Kentucky and the 7th Battalion Confederate Calvary. A Casualty Report dated April 13, 1864 has "Chucklet King, wounded in the left leg".

He was discharged at Louisville from service, date unknown. Following his discharge, he decided to leave his three children with the Elliot Burgess family and made his way back to Harlan Co. where he met and married late in 1868 to Kissiah Brewer. Kissiah was the daughter of Jeremiah Brewer and his second wife, Mary Blevins Brewer. Mary Blevins was the sister to Elizabeth Blevins, wife of his brother, Offie King.

Chockly and Kissiah had the following children:

  1. Henry b. 1869 Harlan Co. wed Parlee Kelly, children: William, Elijah, Silas, James Garfield, Maude b. 1903 wed Columbus Middleton
  2. Anny b. 1872
  3. Boyd b. 1873 died 2-22-1922 buried at Laural Branch Cem. Everts, Ky.
  4. Emily Jane b. Dec. 1877 wed Emmet Stewart by 1898, children: Verda, Sarah b. 1900 wed John Rasnic, Delbert b. 1902 wed Anna Crowell, Cecil b. July 1904, Dona b. May 1907 wed Elbert Travis (all born Pennington Gap, Va.) Golden Kathleen, Fredrick b. 1909 wed Evalina Jones, Lucille April 1911 wed Charles Province, Walter b. Mar. 1913 wed Louise Holbrook, Frank b. Feb. 1915 wed Treva Burden.
  5. Offey b. 1880 wed Ella F. in 1901, children: Clifton & Rebecca
  6. Garfield b. 1881
  7. Alice b. 1888
  8. Rebecca P. b. 1890
There may have been two other children, not found. The birth dates above may not be correct for all children. Chockly is listed in the Harlan Tax list for years; 1869-1875, as well as several of his brothers, all living in Harlan Co.

Chockly has not been located in the 1880 census or the 1900. He does appear in the 1896 Harlan group photo, so he has not gone far from the Harlan area. The Photo was taken as part of the American Missionary Association. This was part of the Black Mountain United Congregational Methodist Church. His date of death is believed to be before 1911 and possible buried near Middlesborogh, Ky. Whitely Co.

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