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John Jones5-4115 was born about 1774 in Virginia, son of Revolutionary War veteran Stephen Jones. John had two or three wives, one of whom is certainly the sister of Luke Noe as John's sons Speed and Mastin Green were heirs of Luke Noe's in 1890 Harlan County deeds. In 1814, John is among the heirs of Michael Risener, perhaps because of a wife's ancestry. His wife in the 1850 census is Sally, born about 1785 in North Carolina, she appears to be neither the Noe nor the Risener heir. But, it is possible that it is one and the same wife, Sarah Noe, and that her mother was the Risener connection.

It is this researcher's surmise that about 1800, John Jones married a daughter of Michael Risener who was deceased by 1814, and perhaps earlier. That either before or after the birth of Wiley about 1812, John married a daughter of John Noe. John and the Noe daughter had several children, all of whom except Mastin Green and Speed were deceased by the 1890 deed series (the division went to surviving children of Luke Noe's brothers and sisters). This wife's death was perhaps about 1832 for in June of that year, John Jones deeds land to John Noe Snr, one and one quarter acre where Noe now lives perhaps to ensure Noe's home since his daughter had deceased. That about 1833, John Jones married for the last time, to the Sally sharing his household in 1850, by whom he had the one child.

John died sometime before the October 1870 term of the Harlan Circuit Court(1) and after the 1860 census. One undocumented source states 1863 for a year of death.

    Children(1) [placement by mother tentative]

    by first wife [Risener heir?]

  1. Hiram Jones 5-4028 born about 1801 Virginia md about 1825 Rachel Ely who died Feb 1890.
  2. Polly Jones born about 1803 Virginia md Wilkerson Howard5-2597
  3. [John] Jackson Jones born 4 December 1806 and died in 1875 md 1831H*A/176 to Sarah Green
  4. Edmund Jones born ca 1807 d by Oct 1870
  5. Wiley Jones [probable(3)] born about 1812 md 1831 Sally Hendrickson

    by second wife --?-- Noe

  6. Luke Jones born about 1820 died before his father, without issue. About 1847, he married Jane Sergent5-7241 born about 1826, daughter of Ephraim and Deborah Byrd Sergent.
  7. Speed Jones born about 1824 md Mary SERGENT, sister to his brother Luke's wife.
  8. Sally [Sarah] Jones born about 1822 KY died 1859H* md Ewell Venable Unthank5-4118
  9. Fanny [Frances] Jones born about 1827 md#1 Andrew Forgey Coldwell md#2 Jarvis Jackson. Fanny died in 1882.
  10. Mastin Green Jones 5-1831 born about 1828 Kentucky md Sarah E Lane
  11. Martin Jones born about 1828 died before 1870 md Mary Eager
  12. Mark Jones5-4139 born about 1829 died before 1870 md Celia

    by third wife Sally --?--

  13. John Jones Jnr born about 1834 and died about 1899; md 1854H* Martha daughter of Ezekiel Creech.

John's children are listed in a Harlan Circuit Court case regarding the disposal of land left in his estate. The land referred to is that which John purchased 24 April 1820 from George Brittain [Harlan County Deed Book A, page3]
(2) The placement of this Wiley Jones as one and the same as the Wiley Jones, son and heir of John Jones Sr is not definitive. Other candidates though appear to be eliminated and naming patterns of children appear to support this conclusion BUT several of these Jones families were closely related. Deeds regarding the actual sale of the land in the Circuit Court case may confirm that Wiley Jones of Laurel County is in deed John Jones Sr's son.

source notes
1850 district 1 hh 568
1860 hh829

HCoD = Harlan County Death Records
H* = Harlan County Marriage Records
t = tombstone
5-#### = number in Harlan Connections

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