Heirs of Enos Hensley©

Harlan County Kentucky Circuit Court Records
Kentucky State Archives - Box 200
D. H. Smith - Petition in Equity agst Enos Hensley Heirs filed April 2 - 1885
D. H. Smith, Plff
Gilbert Hensley
Asher Hensley, W A Hensley
Lewis Hensley, Levi
Hensley, Emeline
Hensley, Margaret
Hensley, Mary Hensley,
Martha Hensley, Levi
Hensley Jr., Tilda Hensley,
Crilly Hensley, Cordelia
Dean & John Dean
        The Plff D H Smith states that on the 5 day of June 1876 one Enos Hensley Father of defendants executed & delivered to Noble Smith his promissory note whereby he undertook & promised to pay said Noble Smith one day thereafter the sum of $17.85 said note is filed herewith as part hereof accompanied by the affidavit required by law. That shortly after the execution of said note said Enos Hensley died intestate and no admin has ever qualified as his estate and he left no personalty to be administered. He left the defts Gilbert Hensley, Asher Hensley, W A Hensley, Lewis Hensley, Levi Hensley, Emeline Hensley, Fielding Hensley, Tilda Hensley a daughter of Nikolas Hensley decd who was a son of said Enos, Critty Hensley a daughter of Harry Hensley decd who was a son of said Enos, Cordelia Dean & her husband Jno Dean who was a child of Louisa Hensley a daughter of said Enos, as his only heirs - That since the death of the old man, Fielding Hensley has died leaving Margaret Hensley, Mary Hensley, Martha Hensley and Levi Hensley, his only heirs.
The petition goes on with some detail about the note and the land and then states:

        That deft Margaret, Mary, Martha, Levi Jr, Tilda & Critty Hensley are infants above 14 years & have no statutory guardian.

from the above we have:
Enos Hensley died "shortly" after 5 June 1876 and before 2 April 1885
that he had children:
Fielding (died after Enos but before 2 April 1885) leaving children Margaret, Mary, Martha and Levi
Nicholas (predeceased father?) left daughter Tilda
Harry (predeceased father?) left daughter Critty
Louisa (predeceased father?) left daughter Cordelia who married John Dean

Adding information from the 1860, 1870, and 1880 census:
Enos Hensley born ca 1816 NC died before 1880 census
Caroline born ca 1823 NC living in 1880 census
with children:

  1. *Emeline born ca 1840 NC
  2. *Louisa born ca 1842 (married Samuel Hensley Jr)
    with son Burton age 2 and daughter Cordelia age 5, living with her parents in 1870
  3. *Lewis born ca 1843 NC (with wife Emily in 1870)
  4. Nancy born ca 1846 NC (not found in 1870, perhaps deceased)
  5. *Henry born ca 1849 NC (Harry) (daughter Critty with mother Mary in 1880)
  6. *Fielding born ca 1851 NC (widow Jane with children in 1880)
  7. *William born ca 1853 NC (W A)
  8. *Nicholas born ca 1854 NC (with wife Manerva in 1880)
  9. *Gilbert born ca 1856 NC
  10. Mary born ca 1859 KY (not found in 1870, perhaps deceased)
  11. *Asher born ca 1860 (after census)
  12. Levi born ca 1863

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