George Brittain Family of Harlan Kentucky

by Holly Fee (Timm) - originally published in Harlan's Heritage IV,
Weekend Edition of the Harlan Daily Enterprise, February 28, 1987

Often referred to as the "Father of Harlan County," George Brittain was born about 1768 in Wythe County, Va. By 1800, he had moved from Virginia to the part of Kentucky that was to become Harlan County.

By May of 1804, he owned 200 acres on Martins fork. This was probably the same tract of land on which he built his fine home at what is now Browning Acres. He reputedly built a race track and kept a fine string of race horses.

Brittain served as a colonel in the War of 1812 and was active in early civic affairs in what was then Knox County. He served from that County in the Kentucky State Legislature from 1813 to 1814 and was instrumental in the establishment of Harlan County in 1819. He was also active in the local Home Guard, or Militia as it was often referred to, and that is probably where he acquired the title of General George Brittain.

Brittain continued his civic activities after the formation of the County and acted as the first County and circuit court clerk. Most of the official County records of the 1820's were written or recorded by him and his signature is on the 1820 census and tax records.

His farm, located about a mile and a half south of the present city of Harlan, served every fall as a Methodist camp meeting ground in the 1830's and probably hosted as well other community gatherings. In later years, this farm became known as the Skidmore Farm and continued to host such events as the annual Fourth of July celebration long after the Brittains had sold it to the Skidmore family.

George Brittain was the son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Parks Brittain. Nathaniel Brittain was born about 1740 and died Oct. 17, 1776, while serving as a private in the Eighth Virginia Regiment in the Revolutionary War.

Nathaniel is said to have been the son of James Brittain who came to the American colonies in the 1700's from Wales. This James Brittain is said to have had seven sons who all served in the Revolution. Nathaniel and Elizabeth Parks Brittain had five known children besides George: James, who married Nancy Chadwell; Levi who married Nancy Daniel; Parks who married first Elizabeth King, second Sally Leonard and third Sarah Price; William; and Mary, who married James Gray.

James and Nancy Chadwell Brittain settled in Lee County, Va. Some of their descendants have also lived in Harlan County. Levi and Nancy Daniels Brittain lived in Knox County. They are the ancestors of many of the Brittain families in Knox and Clay counties.

George Brittain married first in the 1790's to Mary Bailey. She was born about 1772, probably in Henry County, Va., and was the daughter of Carr and Mary Turner Bailey. Mary Bailey Brittain died when her five children were still young.

Within a few years of her death, George married Nancy Posey who was born about 1796 in Georgia. She was the daughter of Benjamin and Susannah Posey. Susannah was the daughter of David and Elizabeth Turner Chadwell.

After Benjamin Posey's death, Susannah married Daniel O. Daniel. She was left considerable property by her first husband and by her father and in 1839 in Claiborne County, Tenn., she wrote a will leaving various amounts of money and property to her children, several of whom lived in Harlan County.

Nancy Posey Brittain died in 1881. She spent most of her last years in her son, Carlo's household. In 1850, her nieces, Mary and Nancy Lankford, are living with her and her husband George Brittain. They were daughters of her sister, Temperance and Benjamin Lankford. Mary was born about 1829 and married Benjamin Franklin Irvin and Nancy was born about 1825 and married John Sturdevant. Both were born in Claiborne County, Tenn. Nancy and John Sturdevant were living in Owsley County in 1860, with them was Nancy's daughter Jerusha, said to have been fathered by Enoch Osborn.

George Brittain wrote his will June 4, 1846, in which he named his wife, Nancy; his sons Carr, James, George and Carlo B.; his daughters Sally Goss, Mary Goss, Louisa M. Watkins and Drucilla S. Lyttle; and his grandson George B. Turner who was the only child of his deceased daughter Elizabeth Anne. He not only owned large tracts of land, but also many slaves.

Census records list him as owning 24 slaves in 1840 and 15 in 1850. Many of these slaves are said to have died in a typhoid epidemic which may explain the sharp drop in numbers between 1840 and 1850. George Brittain died Oct. 31, 1850. His will, which was probated in November of that year, specified by name certain of his many slaves to each of his heirs.

By his first wife, Nancy Posey, he had four children, Elizabeth Anne, Carlo, Louisa, and Drucilla.

Carr Brittain, oldest child of George Brittain and his first wife, was born between 1793 and 1799. The Harlan County marriage books, recopied late in the 19th century, list his marriage to Caroline Marsee as being in 1837, but it is thought to be incorrect as she is believed to be the mother of Carr's two daughters, Julia Anne born about 1827 and Lucy Anne born about 1832. Caroline Marsee Brittain was born about 1801 in Virginia.

Listed in Carr and Caroline Brittain's 1850 household is a two-year-old boy named Chadwell. In that census record he is listed as a Brittain but in 1860 he is listed as Chadwell Noe. His relationship, if any, is not known, but he does not appear to be a son of Carr and Caroline's

Carr Brittain died by June 25, 1864, when sale and appraisal bills were filed in Harlan County regarding his estate.

Julia Anne, oldest daughter of Carr, married about 1851 to Benjamin Berry Lankford, who was born about 1827 in Claiborne County, Tenn., son of Benjamin Lankford and Temperance Posey, sister of Carr's stepmother. Benjamin Lankford served in the Civil War in the 47th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, Company F, under the command of Captain Henry Skidmore. His brothers Robert and William, served in the same Company.

Robert died at Camp Nelson in December of 1863 and William was transferred to Company K of the same outfit. Benjamin, left alone in the company, deserted Jan. 26, 1864, and is listed as never having returned to his unit.

Julia Anne and Benjamin Lankford had nine children. Their oldest child, Caroline, was born about 1851 and died Aug. 13, 1852, at the age of one.

James Ewing Lankford, oldest son of Julia Anne and Benjamin was born Aug. 15, 1853, at Mill Creek. In 1876, he married America Farmer. They had at least one son, Henry, born in 1879. James apparently died by 1885 when America married Nathan Mitchell.

Their third child, Drucilla Lankford, was born about 1855 and died March 1, 1859, at the age of four.

Carr Lankford, fourth child of Benjamin and Julia Anne, was born about 1858. He married first, in 1882, Catharine Howard. They had four known children, Ewing, born Nov. 11, 1883, married in 1907, Emily L. Fee; Agnes, born Jan. 28, 1885, married 1904, Robert Middleton; Gilbert born Dec. 25, 1887; and Franklin, born March 17, 1890.

Catherine Howard Lankford apparently died by about 1890 when Carr married again.

By the second wife, Eveline he had Milford, who was born in October of 1891, and married in 1912 to Laura Fee; Louannie born Sept., 1894; Noble born May 1899 and Beckham born about 1903. Carr Lankford died by 1910.

Alabama Lankford, fifth child of Benjamin and Julia, was born about 1862. In 1877, she married Burdine Jones. According to a Harlan Circuit Court case in 1904 involving the heirs of George Brittain, Alabama and Burdine's children appear to have been Bud, Green, Milford and Morgan.

Benjamin and Julia had four more children, Jefferson, born about 1863; Edward, born about 1866; Lucy J., born about 1869; and Elizabeth, born about 1873. Only two of Benjamin and Julia's children were still living in 1900.

Carr and Caroline Brittain's second daughter, Lucy Anne, was born about 1832. About 1848, she married William T. Hall. They had nine children. Their oldest son was Carlo Brittain Hall, born in October of 1850. The name of his first wife is not known. In 1900, he and his second wife Nancy, were living near Mount Pleasant, now the city of Harlan.

William T. and Lucy Anne's oldest daughter was July Ann. She was born Feb. 11, 1853, in Harlan County. In 1902, she married John C. Clem. She died Nov. 12, 1914, of tuberculosis. The remaining seven children of William T. and Lucy Anne Hall were Louisa, born about 1855; George, born about 1858; Mary, born about 1861; Robert, born about 1864; Nancy, born about 1867; John, born about 1868; and William, born about 1873.

James Brittain, second son of George Brittain and his first wife, Mary Bailey, was born about 1801. He first married Jane Ely, born about 1820, daughter of William Ely and Rebecca Saylor. Prior to their divorce in April of 1850, they had three children who remained with their father as was frequently the case in 19th century divorces. There is additional information on Jane Ely after her divorce from James Brittain in the article tracing the Saylor family which appears elsewhere in this special edition.

In 1853, James Brittain married Lavina Shepherd. This marriage was apparently short lived as she is not listed in James' household in the 1860 census.

Carr Brittain, oldest child of James and Jane Ely Brittain was born Jan. 1, 1843, and died Aug. 6, 1913. He married Jan. 10, 1867, in Lee County, Va., to Sarilda Jane Ball, daughter of Arthur and Nancy Daniels Ball. Sarilda Ball Brittain was born Sept. 14, 1851, in Virginia and died May 3, 1932.

Carr and Sarilda Jane Ball Brittain had seven Children; Nancy Brittain was born Sept. 3, 1869; She first married Allen Smith and they had a son, William Smith, born Feb. 17, 1889, and died Sept. 21, 1903. Nancy married secondly to William Eads, son of Nancy B. Eads.

James Floyd Brittain, oldest son and second child of Carr and Sarilda, was born April 8, 1872. He first married Martha Scott and second, Charlotte Fee, daughter of Abner Fee. James Floyd Brittain had 10 children; Laura Jane, born May 1, 1896; America Sarah, born Sept. 12, 1894; Nannie V., born Sept. 9, 1905, and married Wheeler Cole; James R.; Roy Lee; Ruth Mae, born Aug. 23, 1906; Ella, born Oct. 8, 1907, and married Roma Lee Bowman; William, born May 26, 1911, and married Mamie K. Long; John H.; Josie Lee born May 18, 1912.

William Arthur Brittain, third child of Carr and Sarilda, was born July 19, 1873, and died Dec. 23, 1948. He first married Joyce Lee by whom he had two daughters, Jane, born July 4, 1894, and died November 12, 1896, and Mary, born Aug. 2, 1896. William A. Brittain married secondly, in 1901, Jane Hensley, born about 1880, daughter of G. and C. Hensley.

Sallie W. Brittain, fourth child and second daughter of Carr and Sarilda, was born Sept. 14, 1876 and married Milton Scott. Milton and Sallie Scott had eight children: Hannah, who married Frank Brown; Willie; Geneva who married Rufus Middleton; John H., who married Fannie Middleton [see note]; Nannie Lee; Oscar; Obie; Pearl, who married Fannie Smith.

George Henry Brittain, fifth child of Carr and Sarilda, was born June 16, 1880, and died April 18, 1936. In 1901, he married, in Lee County, Va., Victoria Selby. They had five children. Annie, born May 26, 1903, and married Floyd Hamblin; Nannie; Lee who married Reuben Saylor; Frank; Charlie.

John Lewis Brittain was born Oct. 6, 1884, and died Aug. 30, 1957. John and his wife, Mary Jane Hensley, had eleven children: Sarah M.; Mary Jane; George W., born April 12, 1912, and married Mary Bowlen; Philip Carr, born March 3, 1922 , and married in 1942 to Martha Fee, sister of the Charlotte Fee who had married Philip's uncle James Brittain; James Arthur, born May 29, 1925, and married in 1947 to Annie Taylor; Robert Lee, born April 14, 1930, and married Corrine Taylor; Franklin d., born Nov. 29,1932; Arnold F., born March 29, 1935 and married Alma Gibson; Samuel; Campbell; and Jesse W., born June 3, 1939.

Martha Alafair Brittain, youngest child of Carr and Sarilda, was born June 25, 1896. In 1915, in Lee County, Va. She married Robert F. Campbell, who was born in 1895. They had five children. John E., born July 16, 1916, and married Georgia Helen Matlock; James Arthur, born March 14, 1919, and died Sept. 8, 1919; Anna Elizabeth, born Sept. 23, 1927, and married Sewell Davis; Harvey, born Sept. 9, 1930 and married Bobbie Foster; and Pearlie Irene, born July 31, 1932, and married Leonard Campbell.

William Brittain, second son of James and Jane Ely Brittain, was born Feb. 25, 1845. In 1870, in Harlan County, he marrried Rebecca Jane Cole, born June 11, 1852, daughter of Eliza Cole.

It is known from census records that this Cole family was a least part Indian. Probably Cherokee. By 1922, William and some of his children were living in Pulaski County he died in 1932.

William and Jane Cole Brittain had seven children, the youngest of whom, Martha Ellen, was born Feb. 24, 1887, and died June 27, 1890. Their oldest son, Carr Brittain, was born June 15, 1867. He married in Harlan County, in 1888, to Martha Fee, born Aug., 1871. She was the daughter of Stephen and Mary Forrester Fee. Carr and Martha Fee Brittain had 12 children.

Their children were: Mary Jane, born May of 1889, and married Bradley Napier; Nathaniel W., born Dec. 28, 1890, and died Jan. 24, 1912; Arminta E., born June, 1894, married Columbus Scott; William W., born Dec., 1892, died June 30, 1984, and married Vesta Ivey; Nicia, born Jan., 1896, and married Daniel Hensley; Georgia Anne, born Jan., 1898, and married Marion Smith; Pearl, born Feb., 1900, and married Sophia Davidson; Frank, who married Anna Osborn; Josephine, who married Wilson Hensley; Mae, who married Clarence Scott; Grant, who died young; and Naomi, who married Joe Hensley. James G. Brittain, second son of William and Jane, was born about 1868. He married Nancy Middleton. By 1922, he was living in Pulaski County. They had eight children. Lawrence; Ora Mae, who died young; Carl, who died young; Roxie; Bill; Ada; Ruby; and Rufus. Araminty Brittain, third child and oldest daughter of William and Jane, was born Sept. 20, 1869, and died in 1925. On July 15, 1886, she married James Harrison Eads, newspaper editor and Publisher. James and Araminta Eads had 10 children: Simon Nathaniel, born Dec. 25, 1887; Bertha Faith, born Nov. 20, 1889; Pheba Grace, born Nov. 20, 1889, died 1932, twin to Bertha; Arthur Dewitt, born April 10, 1892; Roy William Brittain Duffy, born July 12, 1894; Mark Anderson Carr, born Jan. 4, 1897, died 1973; Henry Paul, born March 23, 1900; Hiram Gilbert, born June 3, 1904; Sarah Lee, born Jan. 19, 1907; Granville Pearl, born May 16, 1912.

Carlo B. Brittain, fourth child of William and Jane, was born Sept. 7, 1874, and married on Feb. 18, 1897, to Josephine Roark, widow of Gilford Fee.

Ezekial ‘E.C.' Brittain was killed in a slate fall Jan. 3, 1922. E.C. and Laura had eight children. Martha Ellen, born about 1902, and married General Fee and later, Charles H. Baker; William Ray, married Mary Bowman; Carr, born about 1908, and married Susie Johnson (Carr died by August, 1936, when his widow, Susie, married John Fee) Nellie, married Ples Hickey; Chloe married Victor Thruman and after his death, John C. Risner; Carlo, died at the age of three; Elmer; Josephine, who married Smith Gilbert.

Franklin Hiram Brittain youngest son of William and Jane Cole Brittain, was born Oct. 29, 1879. He married Hannah Stepp and moved to Pulaski County with his parents. They had nine children: Earl, Ethel, James Estill, Rebecca, Henry, Madge, Clyde, Carl who died young, and Harold.

Caroline Brittain, only daughter of James and Jane Ely Brittain, was born about 1847. In 1873, she married James Garret Hensley.

George Brittain, son of George Brittain, and his first wife, was born about 1807, according to deed regarding his share of the estate of Carr Bailey, inherited through his mother, he was living in Jackson County, Missouri in 1835.

He was apparently still living in 1846 when his father named him in his will. As he does not appear in any of the later deeds regarding George Brittain, Sr.'s estate, he probably died early in the 1850's, leaving no heirs.

Very little is known about Sally and Mary, George Brittain's daughters by his first wife, Mary Bailey. They were both born between 1800 and 1810.

Sally Brittain married Hezekiah B. Goss and Mary married Alexander Goss. Both couples settled in Greene County, Tenn. Hezekiah Goss was deceased by 1844.

Elizabeth Anne Brittain, oldest daughter of George Brittain by his second wife, Nancy Posey, was born about 1817. On Christmas Eve, 1835, she married her cousin, William Turner. Elizabeth Anne died March 13, 1837, three days after giving birth to their only child George Brittain Turner.

William Turner was born June 10, 1812, son of William and Susannah Bailey Turner. He was a prosperous farmer and merchant in the county and actively supported the development of the schools. In 1851, William Turner married again to Minerva Brittain. Minerva was the daughter of Elizabeth Anne's cousin Chadwell Brittain, and his wife Sallie Brittain who was a cousin of both Elizabeth Anne and of her own husband, Chadwell.

Chadwell Brittain was the son of James Brittain and Sallie Brittain was the daughter of Parks Brittain. James and Parks Brittain were brothers, sons of Nathaniel Brittain, as was the ancestor of the Harlan County Brittains, George Brittain.

George Brittain Turner, only child of William and Elizabeth Brittain Turner, was born March 10, 1837. Until he was 10 years old, he lived with his grandfather, George Brittain. About 1847, he moved to his father's home and worked for him in his store.

In 1854, he married Margaret Crump, born about 1835, daughter of John G. and Eliza Watkins Crump. John G. Crump came here from Bedford County, Va., and served for many years as clerk of both the Circuit and County Courts.

George B. Turner was a successful trader, merchant and lawyer and was active in Democratic politics, holding several County offices. Margaret Crump Turner died June 5, 1897. George B. Turner married for the second time in 1901 to Dixie Lee Mitchell. He died Oct. 2, 1915.

Seven of George and Margaret Turner's 10 children were dead by 1911 and at least several of them died in childhood. These seven were included: William Turner, born about 1858; Carlo B. Turner, born Dec. 1, 1859; George B. Turner, born Oct. 26, 1861; Robert E. Turner, born about 1864; John K. Turner, born about 1868; Eliza Turner, born about 1871; and Green Turner, born about 1873. Nancy Elizabeth Turner, oldest daughter of George and Margaret Turner, was born in May of 1855. In 1876, she married Moses Wilkerson Howard, son of James G. and Matilda Howard. Moses W. Howard was active in local Republican politics and served for many years as circuit court clerk. Moses and Nancy Howard had seven children.

Their oldest son, George Turner Howard, was born Oct. 23, 1877, and died Nov. 8, 1942. In 1901, he married Nannie Jane Smith. They had six children: Edwin Brittain Howard; Nina Louise Howard, married John McKinley; Virginia Maud Howard, married Dr. Clement R. Jones; Moses Wilderson Howard; Robert Smith Howard; George Turner Howard, Jr.

Margaret Matilda Howard was born in 1879. She married Isom Jones. William James Robert Howard was born in October of 1880; Rella Catherine Howard married Wade Skidmore about 1898. The son of Milard and Mary Ella Spurlock Skidmore, Wade was born in November of 1873. He was elected County superintendant of schools in 1900, but only served two years of the four year term as he died in 1902. They had three children: Merit, Walter and Edith. Elhannon Murphy Howard, Jr., was born Aug. 5, 1886. In 1907, he married Martha "Mattie" Eager, daughter of George Washington Eager and Letitia Skidmore. E.M. Howard, Jr., was one of the founders of the Harlan Hospital.

Georgia Lillian Howard was born in July of 1889. She married A. C. Jones.

Mary Louise Howard, youngest daughter of Moses and Nancy Turner Howard, was born in October, 1892. She married George Ward. Louisa, second daughter and sixth child of George B. and Margaret Turner, was born about 1866. She married William Z. Gilbert. Susan M., youngest child of George and Margaret Turner, was born in March of 1876. In 1902, she married Hiram C. Howard.

In the Harlan County Court orders for the November term of 1866, Martha Farley charged George B. Turner with the paternity of her son Henry G. Farley. The case was continued and that following spring, she agreed to dismiss the case with Turner paying her $50.

Henry G. Farley later took the name of his alleged father and in 1900 is living at Wallins Creek as Henry G. Turner. He was born May 14, 1865, and died Dec. 12, 1928, in Rockcastle County.

About 1886, Henry married Alabama Long, daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Lansdown Long. She was born in April of 1867 and died in 1949 in Rockcastle County. Henry and Alabama Turner had nine children: Arlene, Mintie, Martha Ellen, Amanda, Abby, Frank, Annie, Nora and Mattie. Henry Turner's maternal grandparents are thought to have been Thomas and Margaret Farley.

Carlo B. Brittain, oldest son of George Brittain by his second wife Nancy Posey, was born Oct. 20, 1819, and died Jan. 8, 1888. His first wife was Sally Hamblen, born about 1825 in Virginia, probably a daughter of Francis Hamblen. Carlo and Sally Brittain had seven known children. Their oldest daughter was Elizabeth Anne, who was born late in 1849 and married Levi Hoskins.

Nancy, second daughter of Carlo and Sally Brittain, was born Feb. 25, 1852, on Martins Fork. She married Creed Fulton Smith. About 1856, Carlo and Sally Brittain had twins, John and George. John died in infancy.

Mary Louisa Brittain, born April 1, 1858, first married Henry Lewis and then married John Jones.

Drucilla Brittain was born Dec. 5, 1859. She married Dec. 2, 1876, in Lee County, Va., to Thomas P., son of J. P. and Sallie Graham. Thomas and Drucilla Brittain Graham had three children by the 1880 census: William C., Madison P. and Sarah A.

Sallie, youngest child of Carlo and Sally Hamblen Brittain, was born July 27, 1864, and died Oct. 24, 1948. She married June 17, 1880, to Hiram Cawood.

Hiram and Sallie Brittain Cawood lived their entire lives in Harlan County, mostly at Cawood. Hiram Cawood was born Feb. 12, 1860, the son of John and Louisiana Jones Cawood. He had first married and then divorced Lucretia Skidmore, by whom he had one child Green B. Cawood.

Hiram Cawood's father, John, was killed, reputedly one of the many victims of the Turner Howard feud. Hiram and his mother, as administrators of John Cawood's estate, authorized the payment of $100 bounty to W. S. Hensley for the arrest of John S. Helton and Tip Day.

Hiram was named for his maternal grandfather, Hiram Jones. He died at Cawood on Feb. 11, 1934. Hiram and Sallie Brittain Cawood had 11 known children.

Their oldest son, John, was born July 2, 1881. In 1904, he married Rosa Howard. Rosa died Aug. 6, 1983.

Carlo Cawood, second child of Hiram and Sallie, was born Feb. 25, 1882, and died Dec. 17, 1973. He married April 15, 1905, to Ora Cornett. He was a banker and a veteran of the Spanish-American war. Carlo and Ora Cawood had two sons, Edward L. and Eugene C. Cawood. William Proctor Cawood was born Sept. 13, 1883, and died May 10, 1964. In 1909, he married Daisy L., daughter of George W. and Rachel Ball. William P. Cawood was a doctor and with Dr. E. Murphy Howard, operated the Harlan Hospital.

Robert L. Cawood, fourth child of Hiram and Sallie Brittain Cawood, was born July 11, 1885. He married Flora King.

Joanna Cawood was born July, 1889. In 1905, she married Ewell V. Pope, son of Moses and Jerusha Skidmore Pope. They had four children: Abram, Louise, Lee Rose and James.

George Chad Cawood was born June 9, 1892, and died June 3, 1986. In 1919, he married Nancy daughter of Nelson and Cammie Osborne Skidmore.

James S. Cawood was born June 9, 1896. In 1920, he married Verda Ledford.

Joe Wheeler Cawood, born Aug. 12, 1898, married Dora Shell. Bruce Cawood, born Feb. 27, 1901, married Mary Day.

Susan ‘Sudie' Cawood was born Sept. 30, 1903, and died Feb. 10, 1983. She married James Wash Ledford, son of John and Nancy. They had three children: Cawood, James V. and Eloise.

Oscar Cawood, youngest child of Hiram and Sallie, was born July 10, 1906. He married Rena Rutherford.

Sallie Hamlin Brittain died shortly after her daughter Sallie's birth. At about this time, Carlo moved to the section of Knox County that became Bell County in 1867. Carlo B. Brittain then married secondly to Susan Lydia Burch, born about 1834. In 1870, Carlo B. and his second wife, Susan Lydia Burch, were living in Bell County. Also in their household were Carlo's son, George, and daughter, Sallie, by his first wife. Carlo and Susan had four children: Carlo B. Jr., born Jan. 16, 1867, and died April 30, 1920, Mamie Baldwin; Bruce, born about 1869; and Sudie who married John A. Ward.

Carlo B. Brittain, Sr., married for the third time to Sarah McNew. They had one daughter, Lucy, who married Marion Howard.

Louisa M. Brittain, next to the youngest daughter of George Brittain and his second wife, Nancy Posey, was probably born about 1820. In 1839, in Harlan she married Albert G. Watkins. Albert and Louisa Watkins settled in Tennessee where he served for 12 years in the state legislature. Louisa is thought to have married for a second time to William spencer.
Drucilla Posey Brittain, youngest child of George Brittain, was born about 1826. She married David Yancey Lyttle on July 15, 1844 in Harlan County. David Y. Lyttle was born Jan. 27, 1818 in Russell County, Va. He was the son of Harrington and Susanna Bays Lyttle and was well known in the Kentucky mountains as a defense attorney. David and Drucilla Lyttle moved to Clay County about 1856. After the Civil War, he represented Clay County in the State Senate (1867-1871). Drucilla died Nov. 13, 1865, in Clay County and David married secondly, in 1866, to Ellen, daughter of Curtis Jett. Also living in their household in the 1850 census of Harlan County were James Lyttle, age 17, and Mary Lyttle, age 11, both born in Virginia, and Larkin Bailey, age 26. James and Mary Lyttle are possibly David's younger brother and sister. Larkin Bailey was a teacher and, as was the custom, was probably taking his turn boarding with the Lyttle family.

David and Drucilla Lyttle had nine children: Two of these, Louisa and William died in infancy.

George Brittain Lyttle, their oldest child, was born about 1845. He served in the Confederate forces in the Civil War and was later a Spanish professor.

Dale C. Lyttle was born about 1847 and died in 1882. He was a farmer near Manchester in Clay County.

Carlo B. Lyttle was five months old at the taking of the census in June of 1850. In 1878, in Clay County, he married Isabella Garrard, daughter of General Theophilus and Lucy Garrard. Carlo was known as Colonel C. B. and was a lawyer like his father.

Carlo B. and Isabella Lyttle had nine children. John Dishman Lyttle, who died as a young man; Theophilus T. Lyttle, born in 1881; David Y. Lyttle, born in 1882, like his father and grandfather, a lawyer; Emma Lyttle, who married John Lucas; James M. Lyttle; Lucy Lyttle, who married C.B. Donnelly; Carl Lyttle died in infancy; Helen Lyttle, who married J. M. Kieth; and Drucilla Lyttle, who married John C. Whit, Jr.

Nancy C. Lyttle, oldest surviving daughter of David Y. and Durcilla Lyttle, was born about 1856. She married A. J. Hacker, an attorney from Manchester.

John James Lyttle was born about 1858. He became a merchant in Topeka, Kansas, where he died in 1901.

Sallie Lyttle, youngest daughter of David Y. and Drucilla, was born about 1860, after the taking of the census in June. In 1878, she married Harvey L. Hatton of Barboursville.

Robert Lee Lyttle, the youngest child of David and Drucilla, died in 1891, at about age 30.

By his second wife, David Y. Lyttle had four daughters, Malva, Cassie, Lenora and Margaret. He died in 1907 on his Cedar Craig farm near Manchester.

NOTE: per an email from their son, Mac Scott, John Henry Scott's wife is Fannie Belle Spurlock [not Middleton]. His list of Salle Brittain Scott's children agrees with the one here and he adds some dates and detail:

  1. Hannah Scott born 10 October 1895, md Frank Brown/Clark. "He was a brown, but these people raised him and he went by their name Clark, and their children were named Clark."
  2. Geneva Scott born 29 Jan 1897, died 1981, married Rufus Middleton
  3. Willie Scott born 18 October 1900, died 1918, never married
  4. Nannie Scott, born 2 December 1903
  5. John Henry Scott, born 2 Mar 1906, died 2 Jan 1978, married Fannie Belle Spurlock, born 21 Dec 1906, died 17 Jul 2001
  6. Obie Scott married Gladys Davis
  7. Oscar Scott married Mabel Cottrell
  8. Pearl Scott born 2 Sep 1915, died 28 Mar 1986, married Fannie Smith
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