Southeastern Kentucky Genealogy & History
Southeastern Kentucky Genealogy & History
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Welcome to Southeastern Kentucky Genealogy and History. This site attempts to both gather its own data and family research information for the region as well as linking to other excellent resources. It focuses on Harlan County and its "children", Bell (1867) and Leslie (1878) Counties but the very nature of the region and its history and genealogy overlap significantly into the surrounding counties.

Outline map of Southeastern Kentucky counties In 1792, when Kentucky became a state, most of this region was part of Lincoln County which had been formed in 1780 from Kentucky County, Virginia. In 1800, most of it became Knox County. Just seven years later, in 1807, Clay County was formed from parts of Knox, Floyd and Madison Counties.

Harlan County was formed from Knox County in 1819. Perry County followed two years later, in 1821, formed from parts of Clay and Floyd Counties. In 1842, Letcher County was formed from parts of Perry and Harlan Counties. Twenty-five years later, Bell County was formed shortly after the Civil War, in 1867, first as Josh Bell County, shortened to just Bell County about 1872. The last change made to boundaries in Southeastern Kentucky was the formation of Leslie County in 1878 from portions of Harlan, Clay and Perry Counties.


This site contains several main sections. All of which are searchable by using the search engine below. Of primary interest initially to most researchers are the Family Files and Data Files for the Southeastern Kentucky region. NEW!!! We are beginning to develop a section to collect and compile African-American genealogical data from the area. If you have any additional ideas or information for this collection, please contact me.

There is also a Civil War area, focusing on the the war as it affected Southeastern Kentucky and including rosters and other documentary files. Regional maps are also being brought online. At the moment these are only listed where they directly apply but eventually there will be a map page listing as well.

Soon to be added is a Research Resources area which will feature research methods and resources for the often difficult Kentucky mountain county researcher.


The Following the Footsteps Columns©
[originally published from December 1986 to January 1990
in the Harlan Daily Enterprise Penny Pincher]

are being posted to this web site. It will take some time to get the over two hundred columns converted, uploaded and listed. A few will have editorial notes regarding added information or corrections. There is a Main Index Page listing them all as they are uploaded and, as time permits, certain ones will be specifically linked from the family or data file index pages as appropriate. A few others dealing with general history will be listed under the historical section.


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