List of Cemeteries located in Walworth County.

(Cemeteries that have been inventoried are indicated with a square or red dot;

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Bethany Lutheran Cemetery; 4.5 miles northwest of Selby (Sec. 11-124N-77W)

  Bethlehem Lutheran; East of Lowry

  Hope Valley (Hoffnungstal Lutheran), north of Java

  Lutheran Cemetery; 1.5 miles south of Lowry

  Merkel; 2 miles south, 1/2 mile west, 1/2 mile south of Glenham

  Old St. Paul's, northeast of Java

  Peace Lutheran, northeast of Java

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Akaska Cemetery; 1.5 miles north of Akaska

Bangor Cemetery; 5 miles south, 1 mile west and 1/2 mile south of Selby

Evarts; 6-7 miles southeast of Mobridge (moved to Mobridge City Cemetery)

German Congregational

Glichtstal Lutheran

Graceland Cemetery; 2 miles east of Mobridge main street

Greenwood Cemetery; 1 miles north of Grand Crossing, Mobridge


Lutheran Cemetery; 6 miles north of Mobridge (moved to Greenwood Cemetery)

Mobridge City Cemetery; 1 mile east main street

Old German Congregational

Old Zion

Peace Congregational

Pilgrim Congregational Cemetery, Lowry

Selby Memorial Gardens (Previous Selby Union Cemetery)



St. John's Congregational

Theodore Lutheran; Hwy 12 west of Bowdle, 6 miles south, 1/2 mile east Hwy 47


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