Turner County People

People of Turner County

This page is intended to serve as a repository for Turner County biographies, obituaries, photographs, etc. If you would like to make additions, send them here.

Many of the Turner listings below link directly to biographies in the Fallen Sons of South Dakota in WWII database at the South Dakota WWII Memorial Website.


Almond, Donald D. Hurley
Andersen, Glenn A. N. Viborg
Anderson, Floyd W. Irene
Becker, Roland D. Marion
Bertelsen, Swan & Christina Irene
Brandt, Herbert E. Parker
Christensen, Charles E. Viborg
Christopherson, Harry E. Viborg
Dickerson, Mrs. Earl Irene
Downer, John M. Freeman
Elpert, Lawrence B. Dolton
Fleeger, Harry J. Parker
Gunderson, Marvin L. Hurley
Haines, William J. Hurley
Harmon, Floyd R. Centerville
Herlyn, Lloyd V. Marion
Hoard, Eugene F. Centerville
Jennings, Bernard W. Davis
Jorgensen, Hans & Christine Viborg
Jurgens, Bertus J. Chancellor
Keehn, Thomas Parker
Knorr, Robert E. Marion
Lane, Leo A. Centerville
Larsen, Earl R. Viborg
Larson, Wayne H. Viborg
Lien, Arnold M. Centerville
Loe, Rex V. Hooker
Logue, Hugh E. Parker
Long, Howard C. Viborg
Long, Lester L. Jr. Parker
Lund, Orville J. Parker
Lund, Peter M. Centerville
Masters, George & Hattie Childstown
Michael, Victor H. Parker
Morgan, Con Centerville
Mulhair, James J. Parker
Newby, Isom H. Parker
Nielsen, Donald L. Hurley
Nold, Mary E. Parker
Overgaard, Arthur & Frederica Viborg
Overgaard, Christian & Margreta Viborg
Peters, Neil A. Viborg
Peterson, John M. Viborg
Preheim, Henry Parker
Roach, Harriet K. Hammond Turner
Rundell, Lloyd C. Hurley
Ruth, Carl F. Hurley
Sahmel, Walter C. Hurley
Sedelmeier, Ralph L. Centerville
Wallace, Donald O. Hurley
Westerman, Delmar W. Chancellor
Wirt, Arlie E. Parker
Wirt, Dain E. Parker