Potter Burials

Cemeteries and Burial Plots

Cemetery Description
Appomattox Cemetery or German Burial Grounds

On the SE corner of the NE 1/4 of 11-119-77, was organized in 1886, according to S.D. Hist. Resource Center records. It was registered at the Potter County Court House, June 21, 1890, with Ferdinand Renner, Grantor; C.F. Ditmar and J.B. Mann, trustees; and signed by Justice of the Peace, W.W. Provine.

Bartels, Adolph F., Anna, 2 Infants, Marie, John Henry, Johann Ludwig, Katherine Dorothy, Kathryn Elizabeth, Louis Henry, William A.
Copp Cemetery English, Walter, Welch
Elfsborg Cemetery Almos, Falk, Haydenburk, Johnson, Nordstrom, Peterson, Sagerstrom, Westburg, 2 unknown settlers.
Forest City Cemetery This cemetery was abandoned in 1896, there were 8 burials, only one is known - Mary A. Brehl
Gettysburg Cemetery Organized in 1888, by 1942 there were over 800 burials at ths cemetery, 101 of which are unknown. Full records are kept by Luce Funeral Home (502 East Commercial, Gettysburg, SD)
Hanson Family or Fayette Cemetery Anderson, Hanson, Halverson, Johnson, Koepp, Rud
Lebanon Protestant Cemetery Brokaw, 352 burials, must check the Potter County Historical Assn records.
Pembroke Cemetery Black, Blakeley, Cook, Diers, Flad, Graf, Harer, Hembd, Herron, Jost, Kunstle, Lea, Maas, Manfull, Nagel, Schwartz, Stevins, Taleff, Wilkinson, Williams, Zuber, 30 unknowns
Petro Family Plot Petro
Prarie Grove Cemetery Anderson, Aldrich, Austin, Brooks, Cook, DeWitt, Erickson, Flyte, Hinckley, Hull, Johnson, Ludowisy, Miller, Parker, Porter, Ring, Sloat, Tanner, Thelin, Thompson, Udahl, 18 unknowns
Sacret Heart Cemetery O'Brian. this is a Catholic cemetery with 122 graves. Luce Funeral Home has records
Springs Cemetery Ada, Beach, Berge, Christenson, Carlson, Dahlhoff, Dale, George, Griese, Hawkins, Hawkinson, Hixson, Holbert, Inks, Johnson, Keller, Kreeb, Kruen, Lemon, Merkle, Miller, Munyon, Murdy, Myrann, Nafus, Nelson, Nicholson, Nold, Nylander, Penrod, Peterson, Ragatz, Raphael, Vail, Wertman, Westman, Wick, Yost, 13 unknowns.
St. Anthony's Cemetery 302 burials by 1941. Records kept by St. Anthony's Parish in Hoven, SD
St. Mary's Cemetery, Lebanon Breen, Collins, Cooper, Dahlquist, Dienslake, Duffy, Ellenbecker, Grubbe, Keltgen, Mattz, Meskel, Morgan, Wahle, Wickert, Wiederholt, Wolforth, 1 unknown.
Tolstoy Community Cemetery Trefz, 170 burials. Records on file with the Potter County Hist. Assn.
Tolstoy Lutheran or St. James Cemetery Blumhardt, Cramer, Erlenbusch, Gehring, Goehring, Gross, Grosz, Hettich, Jacobs, Johannsen, Kunkie, Opp, Rieger, Scheelhaase, Trefz, 1 unknown.
Tolstoy Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery Bieber, Blumenschien, Bollinger, Dufloth, Huber, Lout, Meier, Stotz, Trefz, Wolf, one unknown
Isolated Burials The following burials were not in any known cemetery. Dreblow, Dufloth, Hatch, Holy, McNeil.

(From: Potter Count People, Pictures and Progress 1883 - 1983, page 337- 341, with permission)