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Minnehaha County, SD

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I have scanned obituaries from my lookups and posted them here.
It does not represent all obituaries on any given date.
    If you would like to submit your own obituaries, send them along.

    Proof read them to make sure they are complete and have a death date.

    Scanning them at 200 dpi makes them ideal for our use. If you have many,
    please save them in a ZIP file and submit them all at once.

Not finding what you are looking for, give me their
information and I will see if I can find one.

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Addy, Harry K.

Allgaier, Florence
Aman, Pauline
Andrews, Christina Murie
Austen, Anna

Baack, Hermina

Backus, Mildred A.
Bailey, Jane Elizabeth
Baker, George M.
Baltzer, George
Barber, Mary
Bartholow, Cecil D.
Beck, Charles, Mrs.
Beck, Charles, Mrs.
Becker, Fred E.
Beers, Kevin Dale
Belt, Thelma L.
Bennett, Tina A.
Berdahl, Anna Josephine
Bietz, Lori E.
Blumer, Marie L.
Bombeck, Frances Marie
Box, Leah Helen
Braly, Byron
Brander, Eleanor Marie
Brander, John August
Brander, Martha A.
Brander, Selma A.
Brander, Sylvia A.
Bray, Jenny
Braunesreither, William G.
Bronson, Richard
Brosz, Melitha
Brown, Frank A.
Brown, Frank A., Mrs.
Bucher, Clifford V.
Burger, Alice Josephine
Burger, John J., Mrs.

Camper, Margaret

Carter, Estella W.
Chaussee, Julia M.
Christianson, Harley Andrew
Clark, June M.
Clikeman, Nita
Coldman, Salome C.
Cook, Emily
Cook, John Garland
Cooke, Josie S.
Coy, Mary E.
Cramer, Bernard A.
Cramer, Joan M.
Cronk, Nicholas Miles
Cunningham, Andrew F.
Cunningham, Bertha
Curtice, Blanche M.

Dahl, Haakon Melvin

Danielson, Sylvia A.
Davis, Madge F.
Deady, Jenny Mae
DeBoer, Ben
DeBoer, Henry
DeBoer, William
Delaney, Frances
Delaney, Francis T.
Devereaux, Richard A.
Dilday, Charles (Mrs.)
Dow, Haakon
Dow, Haakon Melvin
Dow, Mathilda R.
Dubbe, Arthur C.
Dubbe, Clarence
Dubbe, Conrad C.
Dubbe, Dora M.
Dubbe, Ella
Dubbe, Hilda K.
Dubbe, Louis H.
Dubbe, Marie
Dubbe, Maynard
Dunbar, George A.

Edrich, John F.

Egan, Lucille
Ehrich, Dora M.
Eichmann, Arthur
Elam Winifred I.
Emme, Joan M.
Engen, Martha
Ernesti, Ruth
Esselink Jennie

Favor, Frances

Fleming, Margaret
Freestone, Mark Grant
Freidel, John
Frerking, Vera
Frost, Abigail
Fry, John L.

Garrow, Arthur G.

Girton, William Thomas>
Grotewold, Lewis 'Tot'
Guenthner, Esther

Halverson, Chieko

Hamelstrom, Harry Edward
Hancock, Jane Elizabeth
Hands, Alva
Haney, Leona
Hanish, Mary J.
Hansen, Evald
Hansen, Frances Marie
Hansen, Lottie
Hanson, Marie L.
Harrington, Claude Newcomb
Harrington, Neva
Hedeland, Bendik
Heimensen, Erwin J.
Heldt, Annie H.
Hengel, Mary
Hengel, Mike
Herbold, Mabel
Heyer, Dorothy
Hildring, Robert
Hicks, Alma
Hollenbeck, Blanche M.
Holmes, Ida M.
Holten, Anna Marie
Hougnon, Mary M.
Howe, Samuel A.
Huisman, John

Ingalls, Joseph Howard

Ingalls, Ruth
Ingalls, William G.
Iverson, Ida

Jacobson, Julia M.

Jameson, George Norton
Jameson, James
Jameson, Margaret
Jans, Reka
Jensen, Marie Evelyn
Jensen, Neva
Jensen, Olga
Jobe, Alfred C.
Johensen, Arne
Johnson, Albert
Juran, Hermina

Karns, Mae

Karns, Milo Leroy
Kearney, Olga H.
Keith, Katherine G.
Kellgren, Selma A.
Kellogg, Floyd
Kenyon, Lee Turner
Kern, Lydia
Key, Tina A.
Kiepke, Josephine Marea
Killian, Hattie
Kimball, Madge F.
Kirkham, Madeleine
Kleespies, June M.
Kottman, William H.
Kruger, Richard E.
Kryger, Ida M.


Lane, John D.

Lang, Maisie Ruth
Larsen, Minnie
Larson, Stanley O.
Lebens, Elizabeth
Lenderts, Reka
Lettow, Emma
Liebsch, Mary E.
Linde, Olga H.
Lloyd, Ellis
Lloyd, Ellis (Alternative)
Lovett, Henry
Lower, Edward H.
Lower, Edward H. (funeral)
Lower, Ella M.
Lower, John E.
Lower, Mary M.
Lyman, Louis
Lyons, Florence

Madison, Evelyn Florence

Maher, G. E. (Mrs.)
Mannes, Anna Marie
Mannes, Marie Evelyn
Mannes, A. M., Rev.
Manning, Alvin W. Jr.
Manning, Herbert Coolidge
Masker, Salome C.
Mason, Beatrice H.
McDonald, Urban S.
McGregor, Winifred I.
Menzel, Lewis J.
Merry, Emma
Merry, Emma
Milne, William G.
Mix, Leslie B.
Moe, Anton J.
Moe, Anton J., Mrs.
Moon, Mae Leona
Morrison, Ben W.
Morrison, Elaine A.
Morrison, Thelma L.
Moxness, Lottie
Muchow, Ella
Murphy, Martin J.
Mushrush, Lloyd

Nelson, Alma

Nelson, Nels
Nelson, Olina T.
Nelson, Olina T. (Fun.)
Nesheim, Anna
Nesheim, Gordon
Nesheim, Beatrice H.
Nesheim, Carmen B.
Nesheim, Ida
Nesheim, Lloyd P.
Nesheim, Mildred A.
Nesheim, Milferd
Nesheim, Perry
Niblick, Alice Marilyn
Nielsen, Minnie
Nold, Annie H.
Norgaard, Emma
Norton, Abigail
Norton, Charles L.
Norton, Nellie

Oehmen, Barbara Elizabeth

Oehmen, Donald R.
Ohnstad, Joyce M.
Oldenkamp, Jennie
Olsen, Christina Murie
Olson, Bertha
Olson, Julia M.
Opperud, Martha
Oulman, Eugene J.

Patterson, William Dean

Pearson, Elinor
Peaslee, Eleanor Ann
Peters, Barbara Elizabeth
Peters, Emma
Peters, Florence
Peters, Harold P.
Peters, Leah Helen
Peters, Sidney J.
Peterson, Andrew
Peterson, Ava
Peterson, Edwin
Peterson, Grace
Peterson, Henry
Peterson, Joseph Blake
Peterson, Martha
Peterson, Nellie
Phalen, Dennis
Phelan, Sarah Jane
Phelps, Mary J.
Pickert, Matt C.
Pipgras, Harry T.
Pliska, Joseph
Pollman, Elizabeth
Prince, Nita
Proehl, William (Rev.)
Proehl, William (Pic)
Puckett, Mae Leona
Pugh, William
Purcel, Alice Josephine

Quinby, Katherine G.

Quirk, Lydia E.

Reader, Madeleine

Rehder, Marie
Riley, Patrick
Roethler, Joel Todd
Rossow, Mabel
Rust, Evelyn Florence
Ryan, Charles

Sachs, Charles

Sande, Frances
Scharffenberg, Esther
Schilt, John Sr.
Schilt, Maisie Ruth
Schultz, Anna
Schultz, Henry J.
Schuman, Eva Leota
Schweitzer, Richard Leo
Selnes, Jack
Selnes, Jenny Mae
Sessions, Margaret L.
Shilliam, Emily
Sigafoos, Mrs.
Silvia, Geraldine Louise
Simonson, Mathilda R.
Simpson, Sarah M.
Skinner, Clara
Smith, Emma W.
Smith, Ross
Snyder, Thomas
Steenholdt, Justin Lee
Steffensen, Annie M.
Stoebner, Melitha
Stormo, Herbert Milo
Stormo, Herbert Milo (photo)
Strom, Elizabeth
Strom, Foeder Frederick Samuel
Stubbe, Fred A.
Sunde, Leona

Taylor, Clifford N.

Teslow, Harry
Thackaberry, Mary Agnes
Thompson, Clara
Thompson, Mary
Tracey, Ruby Ann
Trigg, Paul M.
Tuff, Alfred

Ust, Julia Viola

Viet, Grace

Wagner, Dorothy

Wagoner, Mary
Wagoner, Ruby Ann
Wagoner, Sarah M.
Waldref, Estella W.
Wallin, Daryl
Walline, Martha A.
Weidlich, Leonard A.
Wendt, Carl D.
Wendt, Lilah
Wendt, Virgil N.
Wheeler, Mae
Winterbower, Ralph
Witt, Hulda Natalie
Wood, Eleanor Marie
Wood, Lilah

Yost, Leslie B.

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