MINER County, South Dakota Genealogy

MINER County South Dakota Genealogy

If you have pictures or post cards that you would like to share of Miner County or the residences of Miner County, I would love to add them to this page so others can enjoy.

If you would like your pictures listed here please contact Lynette Trainer and they will be added. Thank you.

To those that do share their pictures, I would like to say a big "THANK YOU".

This is a picture of downtown Roswell. Shared by Pamela.

The people are (from left to right) unknown, Herman Albert Kenyon, Keith Cyrus Kenyon, unknown.

This picture is shared by Allen Kenyon.

My family the Lewis and Charles Clan came to Winfred, South Dakota around the spring of 1880. James Lewis and his bride Maria Ellis and his mother Elizabeth Lewis Charles and her new husband Thomas Charles and their son William moved from Fillmore County, Minnesota.
They shipped what they brought with them on the railroad which stopped at Flandreau. James unloaded and hauled their on wagon drawn by oxen teams, 7 miles south and 1 mile west of Winfred.
In Oct. of 1880 he sent for his wife, daughter's Hannah, Mary, son's John, Phil and baby William. He met them also at Flandreau and took them to Winfred to the sod house he had built that spring and that is where they lived. There were in the blizzards of 1881 and 1888.
I have letters telling of the neighbors cattle dying and how the Lewis clan was spared.
My grandmother Sara Lewis Kennedy was born 7 Sept. 1891 in Winfred, SD.
I promised my mother before she died in Jan. 2000, I would continue since she was orphaned at the age of 13 and really never knew about this side of her family.

William Lewis, age 21.Gomer Lewis.Agnes Lewis.
Born: Sept. 26, 1890 Winfred, SD.
Buried: Sept. 27, 1970
Black Hills National Cemetery

Sara Lewis Elizabeth Lewis.James Lewis.
Born: Sept. 7, 1891Born: Sept. 16, 1824, Wales Born: Dec. 12, 1846, Wales
Winfred, SD.2nd Wedding PhotoDied: 1920 Winfred, SD.
Married William Boyd KennedyMarried: Thomas Charles

These pictures and story are shared by Becky Wright.

Home of daughter Gertude - Howard, South Dakota.
Susan Garrett Butts - 90th Birthday Party - March 17, 1916
Can you help identity these lovely ladies?
Photo shared by Ralph Berghuis

The picture on the left is James Homer and three of his six children. Back row on the left is Thomas, and William on the right. Sitting to the right of his father is Joseph. Thomas married Mary Ann Homer, William migrated up to North Dakota and was known for his windmills that he built, and Joseph who was the oldest of the three sons fought in the Spanish-American War, but he never married.

The picture on the right is Mary Ann Homer, cousin and wife to Thomas Homer. She died very young, shortly after her fourth child was born, both mother and child having typhoid fever.

Photos shared by Linda Wolff

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