MINER County, South Dakota Genealogy

MINER County South Dakota Genealogy


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Homestead Claims
Wells, Flavius M. Homestead # 19938 S half NW qr & N half SW qr of Section 19 Township 108 Range 57 Witness: Deo. D. Baldwin; Harvey G.. Hollister; Benjamin M. Button; William A. Baldwin all of Carthage, Miner Co., Dakota Territory Register: Geo. B. Everitt Willman, Mary W. SE 1/4 Section 30 Township 109 Range 56 Witness: Pierpont McNair; F. A. Whitney; Herman Howland; J__? Daley all of Carthage, Miner Co., D.T. Register: M. W. Sheafe
Contested Tree Claims
Daniels, Thomas Tree Claim # 2568 July 11, 1879 NW1/4 Section 8, Township 106, Range 55 Contested by James Otter, Sept. 14, 1881 Denny, Charles G. Tree Claim # 4407, May 20, 1880 NE1/4 Section 27, Township 106, Range 56 Contested by Gustay Schulz, Sept. 19, 1881 Lobdill, Stephen C. Tree Claim # 4301, May 12, 1880 NE1/4, Section 15, Township 106, Range 56 Contested by Lafayette F. Means, Sept. 8, 1881 Miner, Hyatt P. Tree Claim # 3234, April 20, 1881 SE1/4, Section 1, Township 106, Range 57 Contested by John W. Harth, Sept. 12, 1881

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