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Jan. 5, 2000 - Am looking for any information about a James L. Jarvis and wife, Vesta that had a hardware house in the 1880's-1890's. He and his wife moved from Langford to Brookings around the turn of the century. They had a daughter, Ruth V., who is rumored to have been adopted, b. 6/17/1898. Any information would be greatly appreciated.--Robin Coe

Harding, Peters

Jan. 6, 2000 - Plese send any information available on: Champlin Peters - Married to Matilda Harding. Had about seven children: Ruby, Minerva, Ford, Charles, Olive, Bernice, Julia. Minerva was my wife's grandmother and was born in 1900 in Britton, S.D. I see his name on the land owner's page but I don't know his date of birth, parents etc.etc.etc. Thanks for anything you can steer me to. J. Lynn Elliott

Besse, Karr

Jan. 8, 2000 - BESSE, Asa married: Pearl Karr. sons: Nyle Besse, Ivan Besse. -- David Cravens


Jan. 17, 2000 - Bundrock. Send any replies to


Feb. 6, 2000 - I am looking for information on a Setbacken Ranch during the period of 1910 to 1920. My great-grandparents stayed there for a while on their way to Washington State. My great-grandmother, Emma Loantha Nelson (Knight, Bacon) had contracted TB and the family was moving from Michigan for her health. My great-grandparents, Alfred & Emma Nelson had a daughter, Mina Nelson who was born in Veblen, Marshall County. I would appreciate any information about the Setbacken Ranch. Maybe it was some kind of Sanitarium or hospital. -- Rick Ackley

Couser, Fillmore, Kimball

Feb. 13, 2000 - COUSER, John T. married to Raechel Fillmore Looking for his date of birth and death, where buried, had land in McKinley Township, Marshall County, South Dakota. His son, John A. COUSER, was my grandfather, married to Anna KIMBALL. Any info would be helpfull My e-mail is My name is Evelyn (COUSER) Volk

Albrecht, Filmore, Morris, Pulfrey, Reisdorph, Seligman, Smalley, Spencer, Teske, Tople

Feb. 16, 2000 - Looking for information on Douglas, Maude, Carl {John Carlyle}, Mary, Lela, Annie,, Eva, Marian {bess}, Lawrence,Ruth, Nina, Hazel, Inez, Blanche, Sarah {Nettie}, Julia & Viola Morris. They married FILMORE, WASSENAR, TESKE, PULFREY, SPENCER, TOPLE, ALBRECHT,SELIGMAN, REISDORPH, and SMALLEY. Lived in and around Britton, Langford and Claremont area. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Feb. 18, 2000 - Do you have any info on the name HEMEN? Fred Hemen was around in the late 1800's. Any info o the name Hemen would be apreciated. Thank you, Travis Hemen


Feb. 25, 2000 - While doing family history I found Reuben WIEDMEIER, my husband's cousin is said to be buried in the Britton Cemetary. I do not have a year for his death, he was born the 9 Aug 1918 and his wife's name was Luella. Would you have access to any of those records? I appreciate any help you might afford., Thanks Mary Wiedmeier, 3121 St. John's Ave, Billings, MT. P.S. Reuben's father, Martin Wiedmeier, was my husband's uncle.


Feb. 27, 2000 - George Stace emigrated to the United Sates and Died we believe in Marshall 1st January 1856. My wife is very interested to find out if he had any descendents anywhere in the U.S. we would be very grateful for any information on this family. Michael McCarthy


Mar. 8, 2000 - Is there record of burials for : Ulysses Grant HAYS and his wife Jennie Alice HANAN HAYS in or near Britton SD in Marshal co? They were married June 14,1887 in Il but went to SD in the early 1900's and died there He in 1931 and she in 1951 but need the mo and yr, and an obit for each if they are availabale. Thanks Helen Johnson


Mar. 11, 2000 - My grandfather WILLIAM (BILL) E GORMAN was born in Britton SD. I am looking for any information on Bill, or his brothers BRITT or JOSEPH. Any help would be appreciated. --

Halvorsen, Kettleson

Mar. 3, 2000 - The Halvorsen family lived in or around Langford, SD, and owned the Langford Hardware Co. for a number of years. They definitely owned it in 1909, and may have owned it before that, and may have owned it until the mid-1940's or later. I do not, at this point, know the first names of the parents of the family (one possibility is Andrew Halvorsen who settled in that area on 01/20/1885). They settled in the area sometime in the 1880's. One son in the family was named Hans (could have been short for Hanson), and the other might have been Emil. It was a large family and I do not have the other siblings' names. Hans later married Emma Kettleson, and they had several children and moved to TN. I would very much appreciate any help you could give me in this matter. Thank you, Scott Adams

Mar. 13, 2000 -

Thank you for the reply. I have more specific information on the hardware
store that was partially owned by the Halvorsen's in 1909. It was called
"Langford Hardware Co.," and the owners are listed as Halvorsen, Hult &
Palmquist. This was taken from a 1909 business directory for Langford.
Finding relatives of Arthur Hans Halvorsen, whose father has Hans Halvorsen
(possibly Hanson), is very important to Arthur. 

Here is some additional information to post, if you would:

Family name: Halvorsen (Could possibly be spelled Halvorson or Halverson on
certain records)

The Halvorsen family most likely settled in Marshall county (Second Most
Likely County: Brown).

Facts: Hans (Could also be Hanson) Halvorsen came with his family from Oslo,
Norway when he was 4 or 5 years old and settled in South Dakota with his
large family around 1874-1884. DOB: 07/14/1871. Place: Oslo, Norway. SSN:
411-20-8021. DOD: 06/30/1960 in TN.

Possible name and date of settlement for Hans' father: Andew Halvorsen
12/26/1889. We are uncertain if this is Hans' father, but these are the
records that we are looking for. Perhaps the census records would indicate
if Andrew had a son named Hans or Hanson.

Fact: This family owned the Langford Hardware Company in Langford (Marshall
County), SD for many years. I am certain that they owned it as early as
1909, but do not know how long they owned it. They were also farmers and
owned farm land through the Homestead Act. 

Hans had a brother, possibly named Emil (not sure of the spelling). It would
be great to find out the members of Hans' direct family, including his
brothers' names, and his father's and mother's name.

Facts: Hans' first wife: Emma Halvorsen (Maiden Name: Kettleson). Hans &
Emma had three children in Langford, SD: Esther (born 12/30/1909 in
Langford, SD), Raymond (born 06/19/1912 in TN), and Charles Halvorsen (born
04/06/1914 in Portland, TN). They possibly adopted a daughter named Blanch
(Not sure of the spelling). As you can see Hans moved to TN sometime during

[Paragraph omitted to protect living individuals.]

Arthur claims to have grown up in both Aberdeen and Huron, SD, when he was
very young. We are not sure if this is true, but would like to find any
information about his father's side of the family. Supporting documentation
is very important for our purposes.

Please let me know what you find...and thank you!

Scott Adams

Carlson, Franzen

Mar. 19, 2000 - I'm looking for any information on settler Sven John (or Johan) CARLSON (believe later changed surname to FRANZEN). He married Mary Carlson and had children: Lillian, Harold, Robert, Evelyn, Ruth and Jeanette Franzen. I believe his father in law was Johan Gustav Carlson. Information requested is from Marshall County, SD. I'm particularly looking for birth/death/marriage information. Thank you very much. L. Berglin

Johnson, Teter

Mar. 20, 2000 - I am seeking information on Rev. Joseph C. Johnson and Isthmena Johnson adopting a son from "Iowa Children's Home" August 1894. Child's name was Charles Albert Teter, my Grandfather. Any information would be helpful and most gratefully appreciated. Thank you for your time. Charlene Smith

Bloodough, Johnson, Langan

Apr. 4, 2000 - Seaching information of Charles Wesley Bloodough owning land at Stena township Marshall Co. SD 1887, He came there from Herkimer CO. NY or Hillsdale Co MI. believe he held land with Lars Johnson and John Langan. He was born 1859 in Herkimer Co. NY. Any information would be appreciated. email


Apr. 22, 2000 - PETERSON (Norwegian)- I am searching for descendents of Russell J. Peterson born 1912 in Veblen, SD and his brother, Laverne T. Peterson born 1918. There parents were: Albert J. and Caronia Peterson. Albert J. Peterson was a merchant and owned the general store. His brother, Jasper Peterson, worked with him as a store manager. Both Albert J. and Jasper Peterson, were born in Grundy County, Illinois. I have much information to share. Constance Peterson Dye

Alpaugh, Alspaugh

May 7, 2000 - Need any information of family of Stephen Alpaugh/Alspaugh living Senta Marshall County South Dakota year 1888 he acquired land that year and also land in year 1898. Bernadine

Harding, Miles, Miller

May 13, 2000 - I am doing research on my great-great grandmother, Matilda Andrews Harding Miller Miles. She (Matilda Miller) received 60 acres in 1901 in Marshall County. She married Samuel T. (Paddy) Miles, Sr. in November 1903 or November 1904. Samuel T. (Paddy) Miles died in 1919. Matilda had previously been married to Christopher Miller (he later changed his surname to Harding). Matilda had several children with Christopher -- Charles, Minnie Harding Bliss, Christina or Tina Harding Peters, and Edward. Please write me for further information. I will be anxious to hear from you!! Charles is my great-grandfather. Matilda is my great-great-grandmother. Thanks, Sue Austin


May 15, 2000 - Looking for Morris family. Parents were Douglas and Maude, they had 13 children, John, Mary, Lela, Annie, Evaline, Marian, Lawrence, Ruth, Nina, Hazel, Inez, Blanche, Sarah, Julia, & Viola. -- Linda Harms


May 15, 2000 -Am looking for information on Gertrude Gladys McDonald born October 10,1892 in Britton, SD. Also Lillie Maude McDonald born July 2, 1886 in Britton, SD. Also, Robert Earl McDonald born September 25, 1888 in Pleasant Valley, SD and died February 29, 1932 in Madison Lake, SD. --


June 4, 2000 - I am Myla Miles Tolmie. I am the granddaughter of Linville and Hattie Miles, formerly of langford SD. My father was Quentin "Kenny" Miles. I am doing some research into the Miles and am stuck on James Miles. Do you have any information on him? I have the Woodruff side (Hattie's side) traced back to 1505 england but those Miles' sure are hard to find!!! If anyone has any info please let me know. Thanks for any info. -- Myla

Haagenson, Hagenson, Sander

June 5, 2000 - I am seeking ancestry and other information on the following ancestor: Peter HAAGENSON (surname later changed to HAGENSON), born 15 Oct 1891, Veblen, Marshall Co., SD, died July 1967, Audubon, Becker Co., MN. He married Annie SANDER (born 13 May 1888, Renville, Renville Co., MN, to L.Sander, died Aug 1969, Audubon, Becker Co., MN). -- Rob & Susie Muir

Beach, Jones, McKinney, Ross, Wallace

June 6, 2000 - You could list me for people looking up any of these surnames: John S. Jones, Mary Jones, Margaret Wallace and sons, Benjamin or Matthew McKinney, Clayton Ross, George and Jenny Beach, Margaret Bingham Wallace, Lily Nye McKinney. -- Susan Wismer

Cooley, January

July 5, 2000 - Surnames: Cooley, January (Janvier) --


July 16, 2000 - I have a menu from Hunter's Diner, Fort Sisseton, SD dated September 20, 1925 with the chef listed as Tillie CARPENTER. She is my grandmother. I would love any information you can provide of her time in Marshall County Name: Tillie [Olson] CARPENTER (born 22 Aug 1890, Dows Iowa) Spouse: Abrahan "Lloyd" CARPENTER (born ? 1889, Latimer, Iowa) Child: William Lee Carpenter (born 6 June 1928, Webster, SD). Thank you. -- Laura Pruden


July 29, 2000 - I am looking for information on WORMDAHL, Mildred. Born: 02/09/1922 in Britton, South Dakota. I don't have much more information on her ancestors, but I do have some information on descendants to try and verify a match. Thank you. -- Bonnie Davidson

Anderson, Baldwin, Munger, Reid

Aug. 5, 2000 - I am looking for members of the Munger family: William Warren Munger, b. Sept. 4, 1882. His father, Warren Munger (or William Warren Munger) b. 1854 His mother, Alice Baldwin, b. ?, died 1890 Brothers Oren and Charley Married Anna Matilda Anderson in Britton, August 1906. William Warren Munger lived with a Reid family after Alice Baldwin died and the elder Warren Munger left the family. -- Meg Castle, Wm. Munger's granddaughter

Jackman, Sibley

Aug. 8, 2000 - JACKMAN, SIBLEY; Searching for death records of Harry and Rachel JACKMAN. They were living in Lake City, SD inn March 1920. Rachel was born abt. 1838 in New York State to Joseph C. Sibley, Sr. and Phoebe Covey. -- Bernie Schwindt


Aug. 9, 2000 - I'd like to submit the following surname and request any info you may know of to help my search in the history of my grandfather. Submitted name: FREEMAN. -- Thank you, Heather Ott

Coppock, Sanstead

Aug. 12, 2000 - I am interested in any information available regarding Nathan W. COPPOCK and Charles COPPOCK. (Possible cousins) They lived in Marshall County in 1885. Nathan's wife was Anna SANSTEAD, and they had one daughter, Amanda. Later may have moved onto Iowa. Any information is appreciated. Tim COPPOCK Email me at

Gunderson, Udenberg

Aug. 22, 2000 - Please add my Surnames to your list. GUNDERSON, UDENBERG. -- Thank you, Todd Ronning, Two Harbors, MN

Sept. 29, 2000 - I am researching my wife's great-great-grandfather who was a Marshall County pioneer. Name is Ole GUNDERSON. Ole came to Marshall County from Mankato, MN in about 1880. Made the trip by ox team and covered wagon. Christina Gierdina Gunderson was Oles daughter and was 4 years old at the time. Christina was born on 2-14-1876. She married John Gustaf UDENBERG on March 20 1894, in Britton. John and Christina had 14 children and lived in Britton till 1929, when they lost the farm in the depression. I seek more info about Ole such as his birthdate, spouses name, where he came from in Norway. Thank you. Todd Ronning Two Harbors, Minnesota


Aug. 22, 2000 - Looking for info on Harvey DUGDALE and his family. His parents were William and Caspara (Maggie NELSON) DUGDALE. He was born around 1904. He lived in Britton, Marshall co, SD. Some of his brothers: Clarence, Thomas, and Kenneth. There may have been more siblings. Would like to know Harvey's wife and children. Thanks, Tanya.

Bergson, Hanson, Johnson

Aug. 30, 2000 - Andrew (Anders) HANSON, born Jan. 9, 1850?, Lovastad, Sweden; died Jan. 19, 1917 at Aberdeen, S.D. Hospital from operation; married February 1, 1899. Lived 1 1/2 miles into Marshall County--address was Claremont, S.D. Spouse: Rebecca Bing (may have been Bong or Bang) Johnson. His parents were Hans & Bola Bengson. Andrew and Rebecca's children: Nobel, baby Gladys, Glen, Chester, Gladys (Moerke, Britton,S.D.), Ruth (Aberdeen,S.D.), and George. Am searching for information about Andrew, his parents and siblings, Rebecca, her parents and siblings, or any other relatives. --

Marlow, Mueller

Sept. 16, 2000 - Looking for MARLOW, specifically Louis born around 1848. He and his brothers Solomon and Joseph supposedly were adopted by a Mueller family. Also any info on Louis, their father born around 1823. I have found Sol and Joe, but not the Louis' . Their mother was either full or half Dakota Sioux Indian and I would like to clarify which and what her name was. Thank you for any help. --


Sept. 16, 2000 - Looking for BONNER, any information on Mary Frances born around 1857 and her parents Peter and Margaret. Thank you. --


Oct. 4, 2000 - BEHNKE --


Oct. 10, 2000 - I am looking for information on John A Loberg with a son Hjalmer, John, Gunder, Christian Loberg. --

Didreckson, Slaight

Oct. 13, 2000 - I am researching my family for a college course in family history at the University of MN - Morris. My grandfather, Didrek Alfred Didreckson, Sr. was born in Marshall county, January 14, 1914. He died January 1, 1994 at the Britton Hospital. He was a resident of the nursing home there when he died. He was married to Esther Marie Slaight on St. Patricks Day 1932??. She was one of 9 children. I don't know which church or where they were married. There is a family story that they were married at the courthouse because she was Irish catholic and he was Norwegian lutheran. I am interested in locating the marriage application and record of license. I am also wondering if there are any of my grandmothers brothers or sisters, nieces or nephews I can find. Could you help? Thank you for all your help. -- Tina Marie Didreckson

Hinman, Kadoun

Oct. 16, 2000 - I would like to enter the surnames - Kadoun,and Hinman. Anyone with any information on ancestors of these surnames,contact


Oct. 22, 2000 - I am trying to trace a Rosalie Sykora who died in Britton SD in 1931. -- Lauretta Ann Gasner

Joslin, Smith

Oct. 25, 2000 - [The following letter is edited to omit the names and personal information of living individuals.] Looking for information on biological father's parents: His Mother was Bessie Edith (Smith)Joslin, born July 4, 1885 and his father was Roy Joslin who died there in 1929(?). If you have any information on this family it would be so greatfully appreciated. -- Sincerely, Mary Ann Jarrell

Coppock, True

Oct. 28, 2000 - Since my query I have obtained additional information on my Nathan W. Coppock. Nathan was my Great Grandfathers (Oliver D. Coppock) brother. I found Nathan in the 1885 territorial census. A little more seach found Charles living with his Sister Amanda Coppock True in that same census. I have now found the True family, but have no idea where Charles ended up. -- Tim Coppock

Beardslee, Bearsley, Dunn, Phillips

Oct. 28, 2000 - I am looking for a photo/portrait of Edward Phillips. born ca. 1827 in Wayne Co., NY, son of Elhanon & Sarah (maiden unknown) Phillips, died 9 Sep 1898 in SD Soldier's home in Hot Springs, SD, and buried in the Soldier's Home Cemetary. Edward moved to Marshall Co. to homestead sometime in the 1880's along with his daughter- Theadora, born 1866, her husband- a Mr. Dunn, and his sister Roxia, born 1837 in OH, her husband- Roswell Dunn. Edward md. Margaret Ann Beardsley/slee, born 30 Jan 1836 in Newfield, Tompkins, NY, died Jan 1880 of consumption (TB) in Kent Co., MI, daughter of Noah & Catherine (Osman) Beardslee/sley. If anyone knows of this family and/or descendants please contact me. Steven E. Flowers, P.O. Box 1, Pinto, MD 21556-0001, (301) 729-2362,

Hanson, Herron, Joslin, Smith

Nov. 2, 2000 - JOSLIN/HERRON/HANSON -Update and correction My birth father ROBERT RICHARD JOSLIN was raised in AMHERST, SD. His name at birth was JACK HERRON, he was placed in an orphanage or children's home in or near Sioux Falls, SD shortly after birth on JANUARY 23, 1920. He was adopted by ROBERT 'ROY' AND BESSIE (SMITH) JOSLIN, of Amherst. His brother DONALD JOSLIN was also adopted. His birth name was ROBERT GEORGE HANSON/HANSEN. He was born in 1918. They lived in AMHERST until 1934 when they moved to MICHIGAN. Bessie ran a "boarding house" after Roy died in/around 1929. Would love to know there is family out there looking for any of these people. Also, would love to know the "nationality" of the name HERRON. -- Mary Jarrell

Hanson, Haugen

Dec. 6, 2000 - Hans (Vaet Norway name)Hanson. B.Nov 1-??Sor-Fron Kommune(Municipality)in Oppland Norway. Died Abt May ??-1929 in Minnesota.Burial Kidder S Dakota Pleasant Valley Church. Spouse Anna Haugen of Norway B.Dec 15-?? Died Jan ??-1962 in Portland, Mult Co.Oregon. Burial Kidder S Dakota Pleasant Valley Church. Children Agnes-Halvor of norway. Left Norway April 14-1905 Olso Harbour-Ship Angelo-Destination New York then to Kidder Marshall Co. S Dakota. Probably when they got to New York US could not say their Norway name so it was changed to (Hanson). Had 8 more Children in Kidder S Dakota Elmer-Melvin-Mable-Eline AKA Ella-Oluf AKA Ollie-Albert-Lilah Myrtle-Henry AKA Hank. Need help for look ups In the Pleasant Valley Church for Hans & Anna Hanson-Mable Hanson-Bredrick not sure on this spelling. These dates I have are some what of guess the person that gave them to me doesn't remember. Thanks in advance -- Patty

Morris, Pulfrey

Dec. 27, 2000 - MORRIS, PULFREY --


Dec. 31, 2000 - My grandmothers brother Jørgen Fagerland moved to the U.S probably just after the 1 world war.He came from Valestrand kommune Hordaland county Norway.I believe he died in the 1970- ies. Any Info? -- egil Haugland




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