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Chase, Eaton

Dec. 12, 1997 - Is there a death index for South Dakota? If so, would you do a look-up for me regarding Alice Eaton who lived in Marshall county during the late 1800s; she probably died between 1885 and 1910. Would you also check on Nettie Chase who was living in Marshall county in 1945? I am trying to learn deathdates and locations for Alice Eaton and Nettie Chase. I tried visiting Marshall county cemeteries on your homepage, but it would not load on my computer; I'll try again in a few days. ---Fred Cruckson in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


Sept. 26, 1998 - Hilleson
submitted by: John Hilleson

Bekkum, Gilbert

Oct. 15, 1998 - Hans Olson BEKKUM, also known as Hans Olson lived in Langford, Marshall county in 1900. He lived with his daughter and son in law, Mari and Peter H. Gilbert and is listed in the 1900 census. He died on November 21, 1907. I am trying to find the location of his grave. I believe he may be buried in Langford. I have not been able to get a copy of the 1905 state census to see if he was still living in Langford at that time. I would appreciate any information about my great grandfather or the Bekkum family. -- Dale Decker


Nov. 30, 1998 - Luffman, in Marshall County, SD., was named after its first postmaster Marin M. Luffman, who was appointed postmaster in 1900. In 1904 someone else was named postmaster. He is buried in the Lake City Cemetery. That information is from the Marshall County History book published in 1979 by the Marshall County Historical Society. -- Cindy Eikamp


Nov. 14, 1998 - Researching family name - LUFFMAN - when I discovered in a 1909 SD city directory, a postoffice (very small town of about 20) near Sisseton named Luffman. Its not a common name and almost all in the US are linked. Do you have any information on the town? For whom it was named? Does any of it remain? Thanks for any information you can provide. -- Bonnie Fuller


Nov. 25, 1998 - I am looking for any records sadie margaret eastburg foster born 5/1/1909 in britton and poss. marriage 1927? to claude foster same can you help? -- Al Foster


Dec. 6, 1998 - Please post the following surname to the Marshall Co. GenWeb surname list. LADWIG, Gustave and Lydia (nee Mittelstadt) Thank you! -- Bob Mittelstadt

Carr, Karr

Jan. 21, 1999 - I am looking for obituary information on a John Oliver KARR or CARR. Died October 19, 1911 in Britton. Buried in Britton. If there is a newspaper I can write to please let me know. Thank You. -- Doug Karr

Berglund, Sandhaaland, Wickre

Feb. 1, 1999 - Looking for any info about the brothers and sister of my great grandmother (Anna Katherine Wickre). Anna was born in Skudesnes, Norway on June 3, 1869. She was 7 years old when she and her parents (Jens Wickre and Eliassina) and presumably her siblings, came to the U.S. They lived in Benton County, IA for six years (about 1876 - 1882) before settling in Milan, MN (1882). Anna married Andrew Berglund in Milan on March 30, 1895. She died Feb. 19, 1929 at her farm home near Milan. I have a copy of her obit, which says she was survived by three brothers and one sister: 1) brother Rev. H. J. Wickre (Henry) - of Beloit, IA 2) brother Elias Wickre, of Langford, S.D. 3) brother Alfred Wickre, of Langford, S.D. 4) sister Janna Wickre, of Webster, S.D. I am also looking for information about their father, Jens Wickre (born June 19, 1842 - m. Eliassina Sandhaaland in Skudesnes, Norway; died Nov. 25, 1922 in Langford, S.D.) Will appreciate any info! -Cindy Coffin


Feb. 2, 1999 - Pelikan --


Feb. 7, 1999 - Trying to find information about HAUGEN, Andrew who lived in the Veblin area about 1910-1920. Do not know what happened to him. Whether he stayed in area and raised a family? If so interested in anything I could find about Haugens living in the Marshall Co. area. He came from Norway was the son of Halvor Haugen (the father stayed in Norway). Andrew Haugen would have been my great grandfather's brother. C. Aaberg E-Mail


Feb. 8, 1999 - I'm looking for the name Hibner ,William Ora Hibner . We know he had one daughter named Vera . She married Arthur Baker and they farmed in Minnesota and in 1928 moved to Alberta Canada . If you have any info on these names please contact Vera-Lynn Smella


Feb. 8, 1999 - I'm looking for Family of Richard Baker . He was my ggrandfather He was married to Charlotte (Catt) . They had 10 children , some of the kids names were Arthur , Walter , Hatti , Jenny , Harry .They farmed around SD. Iv been told that there are still family in that area . Walter had a large family and many could still be in SD . If you have any info that could help me please contact Vera-Lynn Smella


Feb. 16, 1999 - I' m looking for information with regard to my grandmother and grandfather, George and Abigail Louise WHITE, who lived in Britton, S.D., in the early 1900's until Abigail's death in 1937. They had three children: Arthur (who was my father), Charles and Angela, all born in approximately 1880's. Arthur died in May, 1943, in Britton. Abigail died in summer of 1937. George was a blacksmith in Britton for many years. Arthur was a restauranteur and operated White's Restaurant in the 1920's. Arthur was married to Evelyn SANKEY in 1920, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thank you. Any help you can send will be greatly appreciated. James R.White


Feb. 19, 1999 - LANGEBERG, Albert and Mary raised their family just north of Britton, SD. Albert was a butcher by trade. I grew up hearing many storys about Britton and it would be interesting for mother's 85th to locate some local history, or maybe she could provide some! Thanks for your assistance, Judy Card

Hanson, Hoines

Feb. 19, 1999 - I was delighted to find this information on the internet. Elias's brother Olaus was my grandfather. My Dad was Andrew Hoines. I have been doing some very sporatic research on our family tree. Do you have any information about our ancestors before they came to this country? Have you been to Norway to do any research.? I was surprised to find that the Lutheran Church in Skudesnes was Falnes and that many of our ancestors are buried there. Who's son are you. Are you one of Ole's boys? Would like to hear from you. My e-mail address is Thanks for putting the info on the Marshall County records. I couldn't access anything from Marshall county last year when I was looking. Bye for now, Marlys (Hoines) Guse

Feb. 20, 1999 - Reply from Lowell Hanson If my memory is correct, we probably met as children. As I remember, your dad had a farm in the Veblen area, or was that another cousin. As I was growing up we thought going to Roy or 4-Mile Lake was a long trip, so we did not make it all the way to Veblen very often. My mother was Katherine Hoines - Ole's brother and my Dad was Hans Hanson. My Dad was born in Norway and came over for a 3 month stay in about 1920. In 1969, after my mother died, he decided to return to Norway and is buried in the Kopervik cemetery along with his parents. I was in Norway for the first time in June of 1956 and unfortunately my Grandmother died in March or April of that year at the age of around 95. I had one visit with some Hoines cousins on that trip, but at 20 I did not think about keeping track of what was going on. On subsequent trips to Norway, we spent most of our time with the Kopervik relatives - my Dad's brother Lars had spent a few years in the US and spoke English better than the Hoines relatives. As I was growing up in Langford the opposite was true, we spent most of our time with the Hoines relatives. In the last couple of years, I have been getting to know some of the younger Hanson relatives via the Internet, but have found no Hoines relatives on the Net.

Dopperphul, Otto, Stolle

Feb. 24, 1999 - I am searching for additional information on my OTTO and STOLLE ancestors who lived in Marshall and Day County. My grandparents on my mother's side were: Herman and Anna STOLLE OTTO. I believe Anna STOLLE was the daughter of Mr and Mrs. August STOLLE. Anna's mother apparently remarried at some point and I believe she married a DOPPERPHUL. I would be interested in any formation on these ancestors as well as any descendents in the area. Virgil Smeins

Cargo, Freeman, Philbrook

Mar. 3, 1999 - I am interested in finding descendants of our Cargo family. Etta Cargo was married to James John Freeman and lived near Four Mile Lake. They later lived around Canova and spent time in Britton, SD. An article in the Marshall County History Book states that sons, Harry and Fred Freeman were farmers and lived in Britton, SD. Mrs. Etta Freeman died in a prairie fire in April of 1908. They also had daughters Ruby (married a Roberts), Pearl married (Locke) Etta married (Hamilton) Grace married (Davis) Other Facts known, but at this time have no specific dates with me. Warnie Cargo and Ethel Philbrook were married in Webster, SD approximately 1910. Warnie and Ethel lived in Britton, SD from approximately 1910 through 1915. Their first three children were born in Britton, SD, (Myrtle, Gertrude and Miva.) -- Keirsten Eklie

Mar. 5, 1999 - Cargo: Several Cargo families lived in the Britton, Canova, etc. Married names of some of the girls were Knapp(Leonoria), Freeman (Ettie), Ettie Freeman died in a Prairie fire in 1908 leaving 7 children for husband, James John Freeman to raise. Early 1900's, John and Hannah Cargo came to SD along with twin brother, Samuel. John and family remained in SD but brother Samuel left for CO and was reported to have served in the Union Army. Nothing is known of Samuel and his family after that point. Warnie Cargo and Ethel Philbrook were married in Webster, SD around 1910. -- Keirsten Eklie


Mar. 5, 1999 - We are trying to locate family Of Pearl freeman Locke. Pearl was the daughter of James and Etta Freeman. Etta Freeman was the daughter of John and Hannah Cargo. Pearl was mentioned in the 1986 Marshall County History Book as living in the Manor, which we assume is a home for the aged in Marshall County. We would appreciate any information you could give us. Thank you Rodney & Julie Cargo -- Keirsten Eklie

DeLapp, Scheilf

Mar. 8, 1999 - I am looking for information on a family named DeLapp (possibly DeLap) - that lived in or around Marshall County in the early 1900's. My grandmother was born in Lake City in 5 May 1909; her name was Myrtle Lucinda DeLapp. Her parents were Elijah and Mary Magdeline [Scheilf]. My grandmother is dead and we do not have any further information on Elijah and Mary at all. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cindy J. Ireland

Hanon, Hayes, Hoglund

Mar. 26, 1999 - I am looking specifically for information on my grandmother Jenny Pearl (Hayes) Hoglund but would appreciate any information on the names listed in this email. She died in 1965 in Britton. Her father is listed as Grant Hayes. Her mother is listed as Alice (hanon) Hayes. She (Jenny) was born in Springfield, IL in 1890 and as a child immigrated to Marshall County. My grandfather John Hoglund rented a farm near Langford (as that was their address) sometime around 1915 to approximately 1931-32 when they moved to the "hills" close-by and another farm. Family lore indicates significant hardship on the farm during the depression. John Hoglund had a brother Gus who farmed in Marshall County as well. They both came from Sweden and I have significant information dating their family back to 1673. My father Carl G. Hoglund was born on the farm near Langford on May 5, 1916. He went into the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1934 near Hill City, South Dakota. He had three sisters (Fern, Bertha, and Marion) and one bother (Jack). Jenny Pearl (Hayes) Hoglund had a grandfather by the name of Joseph Hanon. Wondering if he is the same Joseph Hanon listed as an original landowner in Marshall County? I have no records placing him in this area at that time. Any help would be much appreciated Michael R. Hoglund Mead, CO.

Hill, Mortenson, Olson

Apr. 9, 1999 - I had two Aunts and Uncles and Great Grandparents who lived in Veblen. There names are Dan and Ovida Hill , Norman and Gerda Hills. Ole and Lovista (Jacobson) Mortenson. Lovista was a Olson too. I need some information on there birth, death, parents names. They are buried in the Palestine Lutheran Church Cemetery north of Veblen. would you let me know where to find this information. Thank You Dennis R Bergstad

Barnett, Ramsdill

Apr. 20, 1999 - BARNETT, Earnest Earl Married Ethel Irene Ramsdill After 1905 ? He was born Oct 1 1888 Brownsville, Minn She was born May 1896 Minn Dixie Mock


Apr. 29, 1999 - I am searching for information on my mother's first cousin, Frieda Louise Plagmann Tischer, her husband William and their three children, Harold, Donald(Bus) and Mildred. They lived near Amherst, SD in the early 1900's and later on also. I would like to find obituaries also on any of these people. Frieda died in Oct, 1956. I am looking for birth and death dates on all of the others mentioned. William had been married prior to marrying Frieda and he had 2 sons from that marriage. I have no knowledge of his first wife or those 2 children. Any help will be most appreciated. Carole

Schmidt, Weyer

May 8, 1999 - SCHMIDT/WEYER Michael SCHMIDT m. Eva Unknown. Michael came to U.S. from Austria. Michael and Eva had Eva Leopoldina Schmidt b. 3/22/1902 in Eden SD, d. 5/4/1982 in Anaheim CA. Eva Schmidt married Matthias WEYER in SD, their children were Henry Julius Weyer b. 7/26/1919 in Roslyn SD d. 7/26/1982 in Anaheim CA, and Raymond Weyer b. unknown d. unknown. Henry Julius Weyer married Wilda Darlene Norman 7/20/1943 in CA. Children of Henry and Wilda are Treva Irene Weyer and Norman Lee Weyer. Any further info on Michael and Eva SCHMIDT and Matthias and Eva WEYER would be appreciated. Thank you, Treva Weyer

Ellefson, Hanson

June 1, 1999 - Hello, I am looking for the descendents of Hedor A. Hanson and Kari (Ellefson) who homesteaded on the Sisseton-Wahpeton Reserve in 1892. They had four sons at the time: Ellert, Helmer, Wilhem and Lloyd (who was born in 1892). Do you know of this family? Silvia Vilches

Downey, Stewart, Wyatt

June 1, 1999 - Looking for information about these families who lived in Newark between 1921-1926. The Stewart ch were Ruby, Ruth, and Lowell. Father's name was Charles. Fred WYATT (wife, Bessie) worked for the railroad. They adopted Anna Katherine Downey:dau of John DOWNEY and Ellen STEWART. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Arline (Taylor) Larson


June 13, 1999 - Would you have probate records from the year 1889? I am looking for the probate of Zachariah Lyons, died 1889 near Langford, Marshall County, South Dakota. I am researching my great-great-grandfather as part of our family history. Could you tell me the cost for copies to be mailed to me? Thank you, Linda Patterson

Sherburn, White

July 17, 1999 - SHERBURN, Alphonso William and WHITE, Sarah These people are my great-grandparents. They lived in or near Britton, Marshall CO., SD., in the 1880's and afterwards. Family lore says they (or their parents?) came from England to SD. I am looking for birthplaces, birthdates, marriage date, death dates, and place of death and/or burial for these two. Also any information on their parents, siblings and children. My grandfather was Louis Alphonso SHERBURN, one of the children of Sarah and Alphonso. He was born on18 April 1885, and grew up in Britton. He moved to Hastings NE in about 1918 after serving in World War I. His wife was Cora Anna LING, who came to Britton from Nebraska to teach music in the Britton school. They married in 1917. Louis SHERBURN died in 1966, and Cora SHERBURN died in 1994, both in Fort Collins CO. I will be glad to share any information I have about their descendants, and hope to learn something about my grandfather's family in Britton.

Mitchell, Tracy

July 29, 1999 - I am looking for information on Lester Mitchell and Bertha Mitchell from Britton, SD. Lester married Jennie Tracy(DOB 12-1894) and Bertha married Sanford Tracy(DOB 9-22-1892). Any information of the Mitchells or Tracys while they lived in Marshall County would be appreciated.

Bakkum, Beckum, Bekkum, Decker, Gilbert, Haines

July 30, 1999 - Peter H. GILBERT, Wife Mari, ran a store in Langford for many years from about 1890 through 1912. Served in various community positions. He also owned land in other counties in South Dakota. Osten Adolph BEKKUM, farmer.1890 - 1905 Thorwald O. BEKKUM, grain buyer. 1890 - 1905 Hans Olson BEKKUM, He lived in Langford from about 1890 - 1907, he was the father of Mari GILBERT, Osten A. BEKKUM and Thorwald O. BEKKUM. Hans died 11/21/1907 possibly in Langford. He lived with his daughter Mary and son in law Peter H. GILBERT in Langford. He was a retired farmer and lived in Coon Valley, Wisconsin prior to 1887. We would like very much to find the burial place of g grandfather Hans Olson Bekkum and any other information about the family. We would also like any information available about the surnames of DECKER, and HAINES. Thanks very much for any help you may give us. Dale Decker Herald, CA

Clayton, Ward, Wise

Aug. 1, 1999 - I am seeking information regarding any of the following names: Clayton, Mildred - my Grandmother Ward-Wallace and Mildred - my Grandparents and their children: Miriam Ward, Merrell Una Elizabeth Ward, Wise, Anderson Wise - Not sure of my Grandparents names but my father's name is or was Gerald Edward Wise Any information would be appreciated because my family really has lost all touch with roots in South Dakota. Thanks, Peggy Wise-Di Mattina


Aug. 7, 1999 - Meyer family surname submitted by Bonnie McCue (Meyer)


Aug. 9, 1999 - These families were pioneers of Marshall Cty. Emmons Howe operated a brick yard and farmed. Howe sons and daughters were teachers in the various small rural schools. Son Charles Howe had a beautiful voice and could play several instruments. Charles and wife Maude were evangelists. Myrt I Marler

Denton, Page, Williams

Aug. 13, 1999 -I am looking for any information on wallace a. PAGE who was married to Prudence DENTON. They had 4 sons that I know of: jesse warren PAGE, wallace a. PAGE, lyman PAGE, and jay PAGE. jesse warren is my husbands great grandfather. In my information I have the family moving to Langford, Marshal Co. SD aprox 1882. Jesse warren PAGE moved to Minneapolis Minn. as a young man (he was born 1872 in Pine Island Minn.) and married glenn WILLIAMS in 1896, but I don't know if the rest of the family still lived in Langford. Jesse Warren is the only one that I have a birthdate on so I do not know if any of his brothers were born in Langford or not. I would appreciate any information available on this family. Thank you! Tami Page at

Anderson, Harding, Thompson

Aug. 14, 1999 - Anderson, Harding, Thompson -- Dennis Kreeber

Currie, Root

Aug. 14, 1999 - Root, Currie/Emily -- Vincent & Paula Bath


Aug. 17, 1999 - I know my grandfather's birthplace was Kidder, Marshall Co., SD. He grew up or lived in Britton, as a young man. I know his parents' names, but have not found them in land records available via SDgenweb. If you have any suggestions of what I could try next, I would greatly appreciate it. My grandfather = Louis Alphonso Sherburn, born April 18, 1885. Served in WWI. Moved to Nebraska in about 1918, did not maintain much contact with his family. His father = william Alphonso Sherburn (Alphonso appears as Alphanso on the birth record for my grandfather, which I just looked at courtesy of the new database of birth records.) His mother= Sarah White Sherburn. I would love to know the death dates for William and Sarah, where they were buried, and the names of their other children. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me. Marilyn

Nygaard, Tollefson

Aug. 22, 1999 -My name is Beverly Tollefson Hawkins. I was born and raised in Pierpont. I am searching for information pertaining to my father Haakon I. Tollefson. He came over from Norway around 1907 and married my mother Anna Marie Nygaard and they farmed in Pierpont until 1955 when they moved to Waubay to live near my sister,Lovilla and myself. Dad never talked about his life in Norway so we are at brick wall. I have some postcards dated 1910 from someone in Norway and a large newspaper clipping about a Carl Halvorsen...but we can't read them as we don't understand Norweigian. I have his naturalization papers, but that doesn't say much. Can you help me find a starting point to uncover my family history? Thank you. Sincerely, Bev Hawkins

Castle, Lamberton, Osness

Aug. 29, 1999 - OSNESS, CASTLE and LAMBERTON --

Ewing, Fisher

Oct. 29, 1999 - EWING - FISHER Elias Ewing married Martha (Margry) Fisher, and were living in Luffman, SD, in 1914. Any information on them or their family would be greatly welcomed. Thanks. ...mkm Maretta Miller

Haagenson, Hagenson, Sander

Nov. 18, 1999 - I am seeking ancestry and other information on the following ancestor: Peter HAAGENSON (surname later changed to HAGENSON), born 15 Oct 1891, Veblen, Marshall Co., SD, died July 1967, Audubon, Becker Co., MN. He married Annie SANDER (born 13 May 1888, Renville, Renville Co., MN, to L.Sander, died Aug 1969, Audubon, Becker Co., MN). -- Rob Muir

Harms, Stokes

Nov. 24, 1999 - I am looking for any information about the Stokes and Harms families, in Britton, South Dakota. Kerry Simonian


Dec. 8, 1999 - Swanson -- Mike Kocabinski


Dec. 15, 1999 - Looking For Brown Surname. Anything anybody can give me would help a lot. Thank You, Kevin Brown Fred Judson Brown was my Grandfather. They farmed in Drywood Township Near Mud Lake!!!





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