Ghost Yowns of Marshall County

  Ghost Towns of Marshall County
South Dakota

Below you will find a table of Communities, Towns, Villages, and Post Offices that once existed
in Marshall County. As the need for them arose, they came into existence, as the need declined
they faded away. Some existed for many years, some for only a brief time. Many were Post Offices,
so if you have an old letter or postcard from an ancestor, with a postmark from a town you cannot
find on a map of today, you may find it here.

The information here is certainly not complete, so if you have information or photos of these
or know of other towns, please let me know.
Bud Halverson,Volunteer Marshall County GenWeb Coordinator


Burch Frank Hillhead
Luffman (Southeast) Marlow Newark Ross's Grove
Spain "Old" Veblen Eden Park   Storm

Dayton (Northwest)

Airmont (Became Hillhead)

Alta (North Central)

Haupt (Southwest)

Rockwell (North Central)


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