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Langford was surveyed and a plat of 190 acres completed on July 1, 1886, on the same day the railroad reached there.

By July 10 quite a number of buildings were rapidly approaching completion. John A. Edmonds of Andover had a large shanty hauled to Langford and put in a stock of hardware to become Langford's first business. In the early 1900's there were three general stores, a flour mill, creamery, seven elevators, two lumber yards, a livery stable, a race track, two blacksmith shops, two banks, two drug stores, two undertakers, a jewelry store, millinery store, barber shop, meat market, two restaurants, hotel, a doctor and a dentist.

Langford was booming in the mid-1920's, but when the depression hit in the 30's many citizens moved away and Langford reverted to the town system of government when her population dropped below 500.

Today Langford's population stands at 298.

Langford is situated on a gentle rise of ground commanding a good view of the surrounding country, and is located on section 29 and 32. J.N. Lindley, from Fox Lake, Wis., located on NW1/4 Section, 32 in 1883, and last June gave the railroad company a divided half of his claim to locate the town site there. Geo. Cole, from Minnesota, settled on SW1/4 Sec. 29 in 1883, and sold his claim to the railroad company.

Langford was surveyed by Sam Denton, and a plat of 190 acres completed July 1, 1886, on the same day that the railroad track reached there.

Up to the present date, July 10, quite a number of buildings are rapidly approaching completion. John. A Edmands, of Andover, had a large shanty hauled here June 20, and put in a stock of hardware; is the first business place established in Langford. Daniel W. Farquhar, the blacksmith, came here from Groton and put up his shop the next day after Edmands's shanty arrived. Mr. Farquhar is one of the old veterans of the rebellion.

The railroad-company built a section house and had it shingled July 8. The Depot is well underway and will be completed in a short time. Hamiltion and Shepard from Winona, Minn., under the firm name of Dakota Lumber Co., have their large lumber office nearly completed. W.N. Daniels, from Groton, erected a temporary hotel. J.N. Lindley, real estate and insurance agent, has his office completed. Mr. Lindley dug the first well in town, near the depot; it is 23 feet deep, with an abundance of good water.

A. Folsom, from New Hampshire, came to the Sisseton Agency in 1876, where he clerked several years, and can talk "Injun" like a Sioux. Later clerked in Webster and Andover. May 1, 1886, put in a stock of groceries in the Babcock-Brown store at Haupt. Mr. Folsom built a large store, and has the first general merchandise store in the village.

G.G Grenn and P.O. Melland, from Groton, have about completed their pioneer restaurant. Labord and Langhorn put up a shanty at Haupt last June and opened a Saloon; on the 7th inst. moved to Langford. McCord and Newland will shortly erect a paint and sign writing shop. Several elevators and business places will be completed after harvest. Langford possesses every advantage to become a first-class railroad town.



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