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The present town of Eden got its start when the railroad extended its lines in 1914 to Grenville, and the town was incorporated that year.

By 1919, The Eden Weekly Times was established, along with a drugstore, print shop, two garages, two hardware stores, two banks, barbershop, pool halls, two lumber companies, a veterinarian, doctor, pharmacist, a millinery shop, hotel, and a little later the North American Creamery.

But the Eden area first began to be settled in the 1890's. John Kotschavor lived in what is now know as Section one in Eden Township and had a small store in his house on the farm. About 1895 he put a store on the northeast corner of his land and donated 10 acres of land for a church, cemetary, and town. This was the beginning of Eden (named Eden Park in 1909).

When the railroad came through business places from Eden Park or Old Eden were moved to new Eden.

Today Eden has a population of 97, and still has several flourishing business.



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