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Britton, labeled the "Gateway to the Glacial Lakes", is home to about 1,500 people.

Founded in 1884 and named after Col. Isaac Britton, who was General Manager of the Dakota & Southern Railroad, the town has developed over the years to be considered as a progressive and friendly place to live and raise a family.

The town boasts of one of the top school systems in the state and is at the forefront in the use of technology in education. Last year alone a total of 47 other schools toured the Britton facility to see how the school had integrated technology into its curriculum.

Britton has been a medical town for many years, building its first hospital 71 years ago. Today the town has a top medical facility in the Marshall County Healthcare Center which includes two doctors, a physician's assistent, and Spruce Court, an assisted living center. Wheatcrest Hills just celebrated its 32nd aniversary as the town's nursing home.

Recreational opportunities abound in the area. Located in the glacial lakes area, Britton is near a number of lakes which provide fishing, boating, camping and swimming. The city also built a swimming pool in 1934 that is still in operation, sports a nine-hole golf course with watered fairways, a bowling alley, baseball and softball fields, and lighted tennis courts.

Add a movie theater, a Carnegie library, and Prayer Rock Museum, and three city parks and residents and visitors alike have many things from which to choose in spending leisure time.

Britton has also established a strong business base. A variety of businesses provide necessary services for residents and an industrial base provides employment for numbers of people. The town is also the county seat of Marshall County.

In addition, the town boasts an airport with a hard-surface runway, an instrument landing system, and the capability of handling small jet air traffic.

Many changes have taken place since the first claim shanty was built in 1884. However, one thing that has not changed is the people's spirit and determination to build and maintain a community of which they can be proud, and to preserve this community for future generations.



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