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Lyman County Pioneers' photos

Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Lyman County's Early Settlers

Lyman County old settlers' picnic. dated 1930-1950? on the back. If you see this photo and know the date and reason for  the photo,  contact me  and I will  make the correction. Pictured back row, l-r: Arthur L. and Mrs. Jessie Dinehart, Chamberlain; Jobe Small Jumper, Hastings, Neb; Betsey Dice, Presho; Joseph Fott, Hamill;  Mrs. Clara D. and William Williamson, Rapid City; M.Q. Sharpe, Kennebec; Mrs. Edith G. and Henry A. Boe, Kennebec;  Harry E. Caslin, Kennebec; Matilda L. Dorman, Kennebec; second row: John Fott, Hamill; Mrs. Veva and Waldo Stewart, Reliance; Mrs. Kate and Thomas W. Murphy, Reliance; Arthur J. Lein; Kennebec;  Carmen (Mrs. Art)  and Art Hodgin, Reliance; Lillian Rockafellow and Nina Rockafellow, Reliance; Mrs. Joseph Stanley, Presho; Ray Heston, Kennebec; Mr. Sander Sletto, Presho; third row: John P. Spielmann, Kennebec; Earl W. Roberts, Presho; Lena Mae and Keith Winchell, Vivian;  Mrs. M.R. Williamson, Plankinton; Anna Lien Walters and Harvey E. Walters, Presho;  Marcus H. Lien, Kennebec; Mrs. and Mr.  Oscar Authier, Vivian; Mrs. George (Edna) Christensen, Kennebec; Mrs. Bertha Werner, Oacoma; John Manger, Kennebec, Joseph E. Stanley, Presho; front row: Mrs. and Mr. A.E. "Al" Gregory, Presho; Mrs. and Mrs. Ray Staininger, Chamberlain;  Louise Strand, Woodhull, Ill.; Lulu Peterson, Mrs. Susie Moulton and Herman A, Gaede, all of Reliance; Mrs. and Mr. Archie Ambur, Presho; William Lindley, Chamberlain; Andrew Halvardsgaard, Presho; Herbert S. Ashcraft, Kennebec, and Ether Rosencrance, Kennebec.

Page 2 photos:  Black, Creasey, Donelan, Foran, Hatting,  Hickey,  Iseminger,  Lund, McManus, Meinen,  Rohrbach, Schaefer, Walker. Also includes three unidentified photos taken at Reliance, SD

Page 3 photos:     Bukacek, Camel, Card, Cleland, Coates, Dwyer, Erickson, Fletcher, Frame, Hickey, Hodgin, Huntsman, Lund, McKeever, McManus, Murphy,  Parkening, Pease, Peterson, RHS '52,'53 initiation, Recoy, Rockafellow, Roeser, Schaefer, Schelle, Schindler, Smith, Stallman, Stewart,  Swanson, Sweeney,  Tagtow, Templin,  Truman, Washburn, Werner, Woster.

Page 4 photos:  Boschee, Bunker, Grabinski,  Peterson, Post, Serr,  Sundall, Van Auken,

Page 5 photos:   Photos of the Mesnard/Manore/Howard family

Page 6 photos:  Banks, Blanchard, Cullen, Hodgin, Juelfs, Kentch, McNeill,  Larsen

Page 7 photos:   Hall, Slinde family photos. Includes Tripp, Smith, Gibbs, Deuel

Page 8 photos:  Langdeau/Hart family. Includes: Arcoren, Ayers, Bement, Bossingham, Cicco, Copps, Cross,  deSheuquette, Demarche, Dion, Dolotoski, Donovan, Ducharme, Durfee, Emery, Fallis, Gandt, Giroux, Glasford, Graham, Hohrman, Intorn, Kilborn, Kirkpatrick, Kirwan, Krueger, LaCroix, Langdeau, Lalone, LaRoche, Letourneau, Lunn, Moulton, Mullen, Pexa, Purviance, Riley, Rudd,  Sellars, Smith, Stickle, Stillwagon, Trombley, Tuffile, Turgeon, Trudell, Whaley, Wright   There are seven more pages attached to Page 8.

Page 9:   Schooler, Stutsman, Waterbury

Page 10:   Murphy, Muldoon

Page 11:  Authier, Brown, Hahn, Garnos, Gerard, Giford,faber, Houchin, Jensen, Kercher, Larson,Mertens, Nuttall, Leichtnam, Opp, Schoenfelder, Post, Reumann, Reuer, Stockenbroker, Sweeney, Watson, Zastrow.

Page 12:   All from Bill and Hazel Gray collection -   Bunce, Cole, Ebbinga, Ecklund, Gray, Haffenga,Holback, Hunsley, Mortenson, Palmer, Parknson, Rose, Thompson, Towler, Walker, Zeluff
Page 12a:   Besaw, Cothem, DuVall, Everett, Fast, Hayes (Hoyer?), Hunsley, Lilly, McBeth, Miller, Satterlee, Smith, Schroeder,  Wilbur, Woodraska
Page 12b:  Bunce,  Gray, Hendrickson, Hoyer, Krogman, McCormick-Miller, Smith, Tagtow, Thompson, Tompkins,    Derby Cafe, Boat landing at Chamberlain



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