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Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

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Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Family histories

Submitted by people with family ties in Lyman County

 New data added  Tuesday, February 09, 2010

  • Anderson, J.Q. ... Index to surnames found in this book.

  • Andersson  (Nils Petter)    Pioneers of Presho. As found online               

  • Arnel, George W.   Includes Swengen, Bunk, Rutan, Jones, Lorenz

  • Austin 

  • Barnett  Includes Mathias, Webb, Clark, Whitcomb, Thomas, Thompson, Rittenhouse, Bender, Fetterley, Johnson, Wilkinson, Sorenson, Husted, Ihrke. Link
    submitted by Andrew Barnett

  • Black/Creasey Family   Includes Long, Fletcher, Stallman, Cordry, Beaudin, Swanson   This takes awhile to open

  • Borstad   Shepard, Bailey, Clemons

  • Boudrou/Dent    See Dent below

  •  Brackett, Bertha ... Notes from her 1898 diary in her 14th year. Later married Ross Swope. 

  • Bruntlett, Bruce

  • Cullen, Edw. B. and Margaret Connor. Includes  McDonald, Grady, Magnusen

  • Davis family       Also see Lillie.   Rose, Lillie, Prescott, Brighthouse,

  • Dent, Wilson and Laura (Bailey)  Includes Bodrot, Boudreau, Boudreaux, Emme, Sisom, Emerson, McGibbon, Ryberg

  • Erickson, Pete and Neva (Fletcher)

  • Fallis/  Boyd    Includes  LaRoche and Butler

  • Gardner, Julia Anna

  • Gilman - Includes Gilman, Miller, Halverson, Hoeffert, Garnos, Wverett, Shanholtz, Arnsburg, Weber

  • Hall family from Vivian. Includes Knap, Summers, Lyon, Gibbs, Guldbranddsdatter

  • Hilmoe, Peter J. 

  • Holmes/Wait    Includes Holmes, Wait, Elliott

  • Horsfall -

  • Howard, Grace

  • Howard, Eli   Includes Winch, Place, Slade

  • Howland family     Howland, Kennedy, DeLosh, Burner, Foley, Shirk, Shoop      online

  • Hubbard   Doris and Herold

  • Isburg   Includes Dusseau, Peterson, Brubaker, Snodgrass, Mailey, Harless, Schaefer, Flaws,
    Byre and Christensen     for starters

  • Kenobbie/Krause  Includes Anderson, Martin

  • Kinsey    Hull, Boone, Phelps, Gillette, Perry, Pickrel, Bickford, Connell, Kellenbarger, Humphrey

  • Langdeau - Descendants of Morris/Maurice Langdeau  Very large file. May take a while to open. Includes Hart, Unknown Woman, Landeaux, Langdeaux, Emery,
    Durfee, Turgeon, Dion, Gireau, Fallis and many more.  Family chart submitted by Jimmy Sweet
    Photos submitted by Diane Dolatoski      Photo section  

  • Lillie/Davis Family   Line:  Prescott, Felton, Zaugg,  Bowar, Rose, Lillie, Davis

  •  Magistad/Fudske family  Am including only the Lyman/Brule County connection until I get permission to publish this in its entirety.   New contact persons added Sep. 13, 2009

  •  McCormick-Henke history   Submitted by Kay Masterson for Lynda McCormick-Henke

  •  Ménard_Mesnard Ancestry  -   Compiled by Duane Mesnard. Includes Anderson, Belair, Belerose, Bolon,  Bourdon, Brazeau, Brunet, Chauvin, Clement, Coiffes, Corisino, Couc, Demers, Dulude, Dumay,  Etienne, Forrest,  Forestier, Gode, Howard, Jacob, Jeanne,  LaFleur, LaFontainne,  Lanctot, Lavoy,  Lenfant, Levry, Lien. Manore, Martin, Mesnard,  Miteouamigoukoue, Motter, Quenneville, Riviere, Rodidoux, Rose, Rowe,  Savinell, Sicard,  St. Aubin, Taylor,  Tessier,  Valiquet.  See MÉNARD Photo Page.     Note added to bottom of Duane's page Aug 20 2009

  • Molash pedigree chart   Includes Rearick      New Molash data added 29 Apr 2009      Molash/Bisel data added Aug 20 2009

  •  Murphy, William and Beatrice   Includes Duffy, Muldoon  Submitted by Bill Murphy. 

  • Neyt-Dupree- As found in the 24 May, 1962 issue of the Chamberlain Register.

  • Parkening, Amil and Bertha Carlson.  Includes Sattler, Marsden, Wolcott
  • Peterson, J.P. & P.C. histories  Submitted by Butch Peterson. Includes Christianson, Hansen, Hulteen, Johnson, Larsen, Magnuson, Mowery, Nelson, Peterson and Taylor.
  • Additional P.C. Peterson history added by Jim Peterson   
  • Rutan-Arnel/Arnold  Includes: Becker, Eatherton, Gangard, Geditz, Jones, Lorenz, Nordby,  Olson, Swengen, Swearingen, Zacek.
  • Sanford, J.W.    Includes Carroll, Metcalf
  • Schooler, Ed and Naomi   Story on triplets, Billy Mae, Betty and Bernard as found in the Chamberlain-Oacoma Sun    Feb 2010
  • Sedgwick    biography
  • Seeley  Bits of information found on a scrap of paper.
  • Serr, Charles family
  • Stallman family  Includes Berning, Black, Froehle, Hatting,  Nanneman, Roeder, Schelle, Stallman, Voss  families
  • Sund family genealogy  Compiled by: Eddie Clark, Gail Buxcel and Ellie Mechels who acknowledge Harry Sund, Jr. for initiating this project by giving them
    information to begin the family history.
  • Swinson-Lillebo     Includes Bodker, Christiansdatter, Christiansen, Clapper, Cross, Hilmoe, Lillebo, Lubean, Mikkelsdatter, Neilsdatter, Schmidt   Submitted by
    Sharon Cross-Schmidt  
  • Tagtow, Carl and George   Includes Ellerton, Ellsworth, Kropenske, Tagtow.  Submitted by Rita Tagtow-Ellsworth  
  • VanMetre Family      By Winona (VanMetre) Redden


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