York Co. SC Wills 1700-1812

York County, South Carolina Wills (1770-1812)
Micro-film #C1689 & C1695
Abstracted by Paulette Haynes, Anderson, IN, 1992


In some cases I could not find a probate date for these wills. They are probably arranged by case & file in the state archives which will include more information and the probate dates. The micro-films I have are not arranged that way, but rather by number and book. There are also a few estates, but not all,  from Bk. B (1800-1811)  


BIRK (Burke), FRANCES of York County, 2 Sep 1795
Wife:  Francis after her death any estate remaining use and benefit of George Riddle and heirs.
Executors:  Wife, Francis and George Riddle
Witnesses:  Jos. McKinzie, Henry Craig, John Fearis
Inventory presented, 29 Sep 1796, Crt. Proceedings Bk. A #115, p. 165

BLAND, EDWARD of York County, 12 Oct 1797
Wife:  Franky
Son:  William Bland
Daughters:  Dasha and Elizabeth
Executors:  Wife, Franky and son-in-law, George Plasco
Witnesses:  William Bland, James Plaxco
Proven:  9 Jun 1800

BROWN, WILLIAM of York County, n.d.
Son:  Charles Brown
Wife:  Jean Brown
Son:  Archibald Brown
Son-in-law:  William Torn
Witnesses:  Robert Lusk, Hugh Drinar
Proven:  10 Aug 1801

BRYSON, WILLIAM (estate) administrators are John Bryson and Martha Bryson, January 1809; Bk. B-539

BUCKHOUSE, JOHN (estate) administrators are James Buckhouse, William Buckhouse and William --- illegible, 17 Feb 1807; Bk. B-511

CAIN, SAMUEL (estate) Agnes Cain settlement for the year 1804.  Bk. B-366

CALLY, WILLIAM of York County, 7 Sep 1797
Wife:  Mary
Youngest son:  Patrick
Sons:  James, John, William, Jacob
Executors:  Mary Calley, Capt. James ---illegible
Witnesses:  John Martin, David Gordan, Reuben McConnell
Inventory presented 19 Apr 1798, Crt Proceedings Bk. A #144, p. 190

CARRELL, ESTHER (estate) administrator is Thomas Carol, 30 Aug 1802; Bk. B-144

CARRAL (Carol) JOSEPH, of York District, 7 Feb 1803
Three oldest children:  Samuel, Elizabeth, Jennet
Daughter: Sarah
Son:  Joseph
Son:  John, the land lying on the Beaver Dam
Daughter:  Hannah
Son:  Henry
Three youngest children:  Elias, Martha, Isabell
Wife:  Martha Carol
Executors:  Wife and son, Samuel Carol, William Love
Witnesses:  Robert Love, Robert Faris, Samuel Hemphill

CARREL, JEANETTE (widow) of York County, 2 Jan 1796
Wife of Joseph Carrel Sr., deceased.
Five surviving children:  Mary Ratchford, Ann Alexander, Thomas Carrol, Joseph Carrol, Hannah Venable.
Granddaughter:  Elizabeth Carrol, daughter of Thomas
Grandson:  Joseph Carrol
Executors:  Son, Thomas Carrol
Witnesses:  Moses Carrel, Moses McWhorter, David Gordon
Inventory presented, 1 Jul 1796, Crt. Proceedings Bk. A #114, p. 163
Case 54 file # 2383 & #2401; Case 55 file #2443

CARREL, JOSEPH of Allison's Creek, Craven County, 17 May 1777
Wife:  Jane
Sons:  Thomas, John, Joseph and Samuel (to take care of his mother); Elizabeth, wife of William Rachford; Elizabeth, wife Nathaniel Henderson; Jane wife of David Neel; Ann, wife of James Alexander; Hannah, wife of Richard Venable.
My bound boy, Matthew Carral
Executors:  Samuel Young and Samuel Young of Rowan County
Witnesses:  Samuel Young, William Young, Janet Young
Proven: Case 54 file # 2383 & #2401; Case 55 file #2443 

CARREL, JOSEPH of Camden District, York County, 2 Jan 1784
Wife:  Jannet Caryl
Son:  Joseph Caryl
Son:  Thomas Caryl, a tract of 470 acres on the North side of Little Catawba River joining Robert Leeper's land.  Also another tract in the Indian land on which he now lives.
Grandsons:  Joseph & Samuel Caryl, sons of my deceased son Samuel Caryl.
Daughter:  Mary, wife of William Ratchford.
Daughter:  Ann, now married to James Alexander
Son:  Joseph Caryl, land bought of William William McNaught in the Indian land.
Daughter:  Hannah, married to Richard Veneable
Grandsons:  Joseph & Samuel, two tracts situated on Allison Creek on which I now live.
Granddaughters:  Mary and Elizabeth, of Samuel Caryl now deceased.
Granddaughter:  Jennet Ratchford
Each of my children to receive one of Henry's Volumes, Vol. 1 to Thomas, second to Joseph, third to Hannah, fourth to Mary and fifth to Ann.
Executors:  David Dickson, James Ramsey and John Wilson
Witnesses:  Margaret Caryl and John Wilson
Inventory presented, 25 Jul 1795, Crt. Proceedings Bk. A #96, p. 126
Case 54 file # 2383 & #2401; Case 55 file #2443 

DENTON, SAMUEL of York District, 12 Apr 1786
Wife:  Elizabeth
Sons: John, Benjamin and Joshua
Executors:  Wife Elizabeth and son, Joshua
Witnesses:  Peter Aiken, George Hoge, James Bailey
Recorded:  9 Apr 1789

DRENAN, HUGH (estate) administrators are William Drenan and Hugh Drenan, Bk. B-405

DRENNAN, MARY of York District, n.d
To:  James --- illegible, five shillings
To:  George Camble, five shillings
To:  Joseph Strain, five shillings
Remainder of property to Synthy Simril
Witnesses:  James Simril, Samuel Carrothers, John --- illegible
Proven: 9 May 1809

DRENNAN, THOMAS of York District, 21 May 1807
Son:  Thomas Drennan, otherwise called, Thomas Faris, son of Isbil Faris
Son:  William Drennan, otherwise called, William Harrison, son of Mary Harrison
Mary Drennan
Brother:  John Drennan
Nephew:  David Drennan
Executors:  Charles --- illegible, David --- illegible
Witnesses:  John Brumfield, James Lewis, Daniel Jones
Proven:  21 May 1807

FEEMSTER (Femster), JOSEPH of York District, 27 Oct 1804
Wife:  Elizabeth
Daughter:  Martha
Son:  James
Son:  John
To daughter Martha's daughter, Clarinda
Granddaughter:  Jenney Femster
Granddaughter:  Agnes Femster, daughter of John Femster
Wife and three children
Executors:  Sons, John and James
Witnesses:  Richard Ingram, Archibald --- illegible, Jas Love
Proven:  6 May 1805

GIBSON, JAMES of York County 2 Dec 1803
Wife:  Martha Gibson
Son:  James, land joining John Davis and my son, William Gibson.
Son:  Joseph Gibson
Son:  Thomas
Daughters:  Margaret, Jean, Martha
Executors:  Wife, Martha and friend, Col. William Bratton
Proven:  9 Mar 1807

GIBSON, MATTHEW of York District, 4 May 1805
Wife:  Elizabeth
Son:  Thomas (oldest son and underage)
Son:  William
Daughter:  Catherine
Schooling of the children
Sons:  Mathew, Ramsey, John
Executors:  Wife, Elizabeth and my son, Hugh Cain
Witnesses:   John Cain, Margaret Gibson, Joseph Kerr
Proven:  September 1805;

GILLHAM, THOMAS of York District, 25 Aug 1801
Wife:  Jane Gilham
Sons:  William, Charles (underage)
Daughters (but not named)
Executors:  Wife, Jane and Ezekial Gilham
Witnesses:  Ralph Rodgers, Chas. Gilham, Adam Meek
Proven:  10 Nov 1801

GILLHAM, CHARLES of York District, 25 Aug 1800
Wife (but not named) five shillings
Daughter:  Elizabeth Gilham, 150 acres on west side of Bullocks Creek
Daughter:  Sarah Gilham, 100 acres on west side of Bullocks Creek known as Duckpon plantation.
Son:  John Gilham, remainder of estate
To John Montgomery, 15 pounds
To Hampton Wade, 10 pounds
Remainder of estate equally divided between my three youngest children.
Executors:  Eldest son, Thomas Gilham, Ralph Rodgers, Adam Meek
Witnesses:  James Wilson, Jones Boyles, Sarah Davidson
Proven:  1 Mar 1802

MANION, THOMAS of York County, 29 Jul 1802
Wife:  Elizabeth
Daughter:  Catey Manion, tract of land in Union District.
Son:  William
Daughter:  Elizabeth Davis
Daughter:  Polly Davis
Sons:  Thomas, Robert
Executors:  Randolph Landaland and son, Robert Manion
Witnesses:  John Ramsey, ---illegible Landaland, Randolph --- illegible
Proven:  4 Mar 1805; Case 60 file #2740

MOORE, JAMES (estate) inventory and appraisement, 17 Oct 1787; administrators are Alexander Moore and Mary Moore.

MOORE, JANE of York County 21 May 1791
Daughters:  Margaret and Rosannah Bell
Sons:  Robert, Jesse, John, Samuel (and his daughter Jane), William (and his son Joseph)
Executors:  James Hemphill, Samuel Moore
Witnesses:  Joseph Sadler, Mary Black
Proven:  n.d.

PATRICK, ROBERT (blacksmith) of York District, 5 Jun 1812
Wife:  Rosannah
Son:  Robert Patrick
Daughter:  Sarah Patrick
Daughter:  Esther Patrick, alias Esther Bigger
Daughter:  Mary Patrick
Equally divided the land whereon my daughter Esther now lives, 200 acres lying on Mill Creek.
Daughter:  Isabel Patrick
Daughter:  Margaret
Executors:  Wife, Rosannah and son, Robert Patrick
N.B. words alias Sarah Bigger in the 19th line from beginning dated before assignment.
Witnesses:  Samuel Henderson, Christian Henderson, Wm. McClean
Proven:  5 Jun 1812; Case 61 file #2810

STURGIS, DANIEL of York County, 22 Oct 1787
Wife:  Jane
Oldest son:  Laban Sturgis
Sons:  Daniel, Joshua and James Armstrong Sturgis
Third son:  John
Fourth son: Joshua
Daughter:  Mary
Witnesses: Abraham McCorkle, Andrew Ferguson, Jno. Drennan
Recorded: Case 62 file #2851

STURGIS, JANE (alias Bratton) of the Indian Land, York County, 18 Jun 1798
Daughter:  Mary Wilson, alias Sturges and his son, my grandson Daniel Sturges Wilson, if said daughter should have any more children, then they are equal.
Son:  Daniel Sturges
Sons:  John, Joshua, Daniel
Executors:  Sons, Joshua and Daniel Sturges
Witnesses:  William Blackstock, James Turner Jr., James Turner Sr.
Produced:  9 Jan 1802; Case 62 file #2851

STURGIS, LABAN of York County, 17 Oct 1793
Sister:  Mary Sturgis
Nieces:  Jean Sturgis, daughter of James Sturgis; Jean Bratton Sturgis, daughter of John Strugis; Nancy Sturgis, daughter of Joshua Sturgis.
Nephew:  George Sturgis
Brother:  Daniel Sturgis
Executor:  Brother, Daniel Sturgis
Witnesses:  Joseph Moore, Frederick Reeves and Allen Reeves
Inventory presented, 19 Feb 1796, Bk. A #110, p. 147

WRIGHT, WILLIAM of York District, 11 Oct 1812
Wife (but not named)
My children:  John, William, Polly, Sally
Allow heirs of Allen P---illegible deceased, one third share equally divided among them.
Allow Wm. Lyttle to keep what property he has already got and the note I have upon him to be gave up to him.
Two sons:  John and Willam
Executors:  Son, John and William Wright
Witnesses:  Jos. Moore, Nathaniel Thomasson, Dudley Bishop
Proven:  29 Nov 1813

WRIGHT, WILLIAM of York District, 8 Sep 1810
Daughters:  Rachel Talbert, five shillings
To:  Robert Ferguson, five shillings
Son:  John Wright, five shillings
Daughter:  Mary McAdory, five shillings
Son:  George Wright, five shillings
Daughter:  Martha Thompson, five shillings
Son:  William Wright, five shillings
Daughter:  Margaret Murphey, five shillings
Daughter:  Catherine Wilson, five shillings
Granddaughter:  Betsy B..W. Porter, five shillings
Granddaughter:  Jane Ferguson
Daughter:  Elizabeth Porter, deceased
Son:  Andrew Wright
Executors:  Sons, George and Andrew Wright
Witnesses:  Jno. King, Jno. Blair, Agnes Blair
Proven:  n.d. Case 64 file #2992


York Co.SC Wills 1770-1812